Craigslist on the Big Island Gets Weird… Virgin Mary and Yoda Sighted in Puna

So KHON television noticed something strange on Craigslist and of course it comes from the Big Island’s Puna District.

This rare Natural Art stands seven feet tall each weighs 90 pounds the out line image of the shawl all out of curls berls and swerls of the wood that make up this image in the wood ,,this is one of a kind natural art from Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii ,,,Im asking one million dollars and am open to any offers,,I am also a minister and am excepting donations for the needy mothers and children ,, you can send donations to Reverend Mark S. Nicoll,,, po box *** Volcano Hawaii ,,Zip 96785 ,,,,,or if you really want this rare natural art right away call **********,, aloha and good luck in your life

The picture that accompanied the Craigslist posting

I thought that was pretty strange but then I went onto craigslist and found Yoda for sale today:

Own a one of a kind, unique wooden Yoda chainsaw carving. He originally came from Oregon, but he will remain in Hawaii when we return to Oregon. Carved by one of Oregon’s chainsaw artists he is about three and a half feet tall, carved out of cedar. Asking $500.00 or best offer. If you want to see him email me for house directions. thanks

Use the force Luke!