Worlds Largest Spam Musubi Created Today at the Rice Festival in Honolulu

A world record Spam Musubi was created today by folks that attended the 3rd Annual Hawaii Rice Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii today.

A 628 pound Spam Musubi and the folks that helped build it

Congrats to all those involved including the VH07V Crowd!

Got Musubi?


Video – Woman Brings in 1,000 Pound Marlin off the Big Island

A woman battled a 12-foot, 1,000 lb marlin during a fishing tournament in Hawaii.

She won’t get credit for a world-record catch because she wound up needing help getting it on her boat


But 28-year-old Molly Palmer is missing out on the glory and thousands in tournament prize money for one pesky reason: Her team’s honor code.