Man Taken Away in Ambulance After Causing Disturbance at Woodland Center in Pahoa

A man causing a disturbance was taken away by an ambulance after law enforcement officials were called onto the scene of a man acting erratically.

Employees at the KFC in Woodland center said the man had several cases of water in his shopping cart and then he would open up a bottle, take a few drinks… and then start throwing the water and the bottles at cars that were passing him in the parking lot.

Around 4:30 this afternoon, paramedics and police were able to coax him off the side of the ridge and into the back of the ambulance.

The man was allowed to take a bottle of water with him.

Wordless Wednesday – Woodland Woes Begin

The traffic woes have begun at Woodland Center

First Glimpse: “Longs Fried Whoppers” in Pahoa

From here on out… I’m calling this project the “Longs Fried Whopper Project”.


Everyone has heard by now that Pahoa is getting a Burger King and a KFC as well as a LONG’s Drug Store at the property that sits behind Woodland Center across from the Pahoa Shopping Center.


I got wind that they would be starting on this project pretty soon so I decided to go take pictures of the place before the construction starts.


I’ll keep taking them as they are being built.  It should be interesting watching this little development take place in a community where some would much rather not have it.

Can also reflect on the gas prices throughout the building

I Can also reflect on the gas prices throughout the building of the H-130 "Can I get a Bucket of Whoppers?"

You can click on the pictures below for a much larger version of the pictures above or for the other pictures I took: