Citizen Groups Sue Wespac, NOAA and DCC

A lawsuit seeking basic government documents has been filed in Federal District Court against the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Department of Commerce by the Conservation Council for Hawaii, The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance, KAHEA; and the LOST FISH Coalition.

The lawsuit was filed to gain access to documents requested by the plaintiffs in a Nov. 14, 2007, Freedom of Information Act request submitted to Wespac seeking basic budget, grant, and contract information.

“In addition to shedding light on the long-hidden and most basic internal operations of this controversial federal entity, the documents may also shed light on how Wespac funds may have been used in what appears to be various lobbying campaigns to influence state and federal legislative and executive branch decisions related to marine conservation in Western Pacific waters,” said Tina Owens of the LOST FISH Coalition…

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