Stormy Saturday, Perfect Sunday for UH in DC

The University of Hawaii contingent worked together on July 1 to pick up the pieces and prepare for the re-opening of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival after a severe thunderstorm shut down the festival on June 30.


Senator Akaka Communication Director Yoshimura on Washington DC Earthquake

I just got a Facebook reply to a post I posted on Facebook from Senator Akaka’s Communication Director, Jon Yoshimura, reporting that he evacuated the Senate Building in Washington D.C. following this mornings earthquake.

I’m awaiting a follow up response on whether Senator Akaka was with him and/or is safe now.


Mayor Kenoi in Washington D.C. – Elected to Advisory Board of United States Conference of Mayors

Mayor Billy Kenoi attended the 79th Annual United States Conference of Mayors in Baltimore, Maryland, the last few days where he was elected to the Advisory Board of USCM. (See bottom of press release)

Mayor Kenoi talks policy at the United States Conference of Mayors held in Baltimore the last few days

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I saw a facebook post of him and Senator Inouye and asked the mayors office what he was doing in Washington D.C. and was told that he was attending the USCM conference.

2011 USCM Annual Meeting Baltimore

Here are the most recent releases from the conference:

Mayor Billy Kenoi is apparently in Washington D.C. today meeting with US Senator Daniel K. Inouye.  Senator Inouye just posted the following on his facebook page:

“Senator Inouye is meeting with Hawaii County Mayor William P. Kenoi in the US Capitol”

US Senator Daniel Inouye and Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi

US Senator Daniel Inouye and Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi

Hawaii Newspaper Guild and the Hawaii Tribune Sign Contract After Nearly Six Years of Negotiation

Media Release:

The Hawaii Newspaper Guild and the Hawaii Tribune-Herald have signed a contract after nearly six years of negotiations.

The two-year agreement covers all employees at the Hilo newspaper except pressmen, who are covered by a separate contract, and managers. The pressmen’s negotiations lasted as long as the Guild’s. The contracts are similar.

Both unions have bargained with the newspaper jointly for years, but the negotiations were prolonged this time partly because the company refused joint negotiations.

The contract provides the first wage increases for employees at the newspaper since Jan. 1, 2002.

During the negotiations, the Tribune-Herald was found guilty of 12 unfair labor practice charges by an administrative law judge of the National Labor Relations Board. The charges included the illegal firing of veteran reporters Hunter Bishop and Dave Smith, both of whom were union leaders.

The judge found that the company fired the union leaders because they were engaged in legally protected union activity, not because of any job-related violations. He ordered both Bishop and Smith reinstated to their jobs with full back pay and benefits. The judge also found the company guilty of illegally disciplining employees for participation in union activities and several other violations of employee rights.

Rather than implementing the judge’s order, the company has appealed to the NLRB in Washington, D.C. The appeal is pending.

Guild spokesperson for the talks and former Hawaii Newspaper Guild administrative officer Wayne Cahill said it was his belief the company had no intention of ever reaching an agreement, but that it had second thoughts because of the strong will of the employees, who were planning an island-wide consumer boycott against the newspaper if agreement could not be achieved.

Cahill said, “The employees and the full Big Island Labor Alliance made a strong statement at a rally in front of the newspaper on March 17. It had to be apparent to the company that it would have a hard time doing business in Hilo unless it treated its employees fairly.”

Cahill took over the talks in September 2009 after Guild sector representative Mike Burrell retired. Burrell had led the talks for the Guild for the first five years of bargaining. Cahill retired at the conclusion of the talks.

The Hawaii Newspaper Guild is a local of The Newspaper Guild, a sector of the Communication Workers of America. The Hawaii local also represents employees at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the Maui News and the Maui Bulletin.