Invisible Cows and Snow in Hawaii… I’m Not Losing it Folks!

So this weekend my wife and I took my son and his cousin across the island to the Hilton Waikoloa Resort, but on the way there, we decided to surprise the two boys with a side trip up Mauna Kea to go play in the snow on top of Mauna Kea!

We headed up saddle road around 10:00 in the morning and stopped off at the Mauna Kea Visitors Information Center to acclimate our bodies before climbing higher up in the altitude.

A view from a window inside the visitors information center

We stayed at the visitors center for about 20 minutes where the kids got a chance to view the actual “sun” through a filtered telescope that allows folks to look directly at the sun.

Looking at the sun

Before we headed up the hill… we were warned to watch out for the “Invisible Cows” that can sometimes cross the road.

Invisible Cows

So at this point… I switched my camera over to video… just in case I happened to see an invisible cow… I wanted to make sure I caught it on tape!


We pulled over here at the end of this video clip and I was able to catch the following pictures of the two boys having a great time in the snow.

Snow in Hawaii

Well it was cold up there… so as excited as they initially were… they got cold real quick.

Ok... it's colder then we thought it would be!

I can’t believe my wife actually got down on the ground to take a picture as it was freezing up there!

My wife's got the good camera!

We had our time on the mountain and this was the first time that my son can actually say he saw snow… and remembered it, as I’m sure he doesn’t remember the Colorado trip when he was only two years old.

We can't pack snow in the JEEP!

I just wish that instead of our Jeep… we would have had  a truck so that we could have loaded up some snow and brought it down to the resort with us.

How Local Folks Get Snow in Their Yards in Hawaii

While we only spent about an hour on the mountain all together… it was a great time bringing the kids up their and teaching them about different climates.