US Drought Monitor – The Last Week in Hawaii I Should Have Built an Ark

Well the last few weeks on the Big Island have been extremely wet, however the US Drought Monitor doesn’t seem to reflect that.  I wonder where they take these readings?

I would hardly say that the Big Island is in the middle of any sort of “Drought”.  In fact… I really can’t remember the last time that it did not rain for at least a little portion of the day.

Across Kauai, some rains did fall but had little impact. Lihue Airport only has 0.61 inches so far in December, a significant departure from a normal amount of 1.95 inches. Improvement is indicated across the northern portions of the Big Island with precipitation (0.5-5.4 inches) helping to ease the drought. The FSA indicated that ranchers have received some much needed rainfall from Waimea to Kawaihae to Upolu Pt. Leeward areas remained as depicted last week with drought continuing.