Navy Receives Superferries… Will Be Used in Japan for Troop and Equipment Transport

The Navy has just gotten $210 million worth of high speed cats for $35 million. The U.S. Maritime Administration reports that it has now transferred the former Hawaii super ferries Huakai and Alakai to the U.S. Navy and that the Navy provided $35 million to the Maritime Administration for both vessels.

Back in October 2005 we reported shipbuilder Austal USA as saying that the order for the pair had become unconditional following Maritime Administration approval of a $139,731,000 Title XI loan guarantee, or approximately 78.5 percent of a total shipbuilding project cost of $178 million. That allowed the signing of a $210 million financial closing agreement .

That works out at a ship price of $105 million a copy (at 2005 prices), which compares with the $151.8 million to $185.4 million a copy the Navy is paying for the seven JHSV’s on order at Austal USA.

The Navy plans to use Huakai and Alakai to transport troops and equipment to training areas from Okinawa and other locations. These vessels will help the Navy meet these unique operational requirements without the need to build new vessels. Powered by waterjet engines, the catamarans can each carry 288 cars and 866 passengers.

The Maritime Administration took possession of the two ships after Hawaii Superferry, Inc., defaulted on the loans that the Maritime Administration had guaranteed.

The vessels are currently docked at Lamberts Point in Norfolk, Va.

Four Buyers Interested in Former Hawaii Superferries

The Second Superferry, HuaKai, that never made it to Hawaii, Image via Wikipedia

Well it looks like at least four folks were interested in the Hawaii Superferries that were recently auctioned off:

The U.S. Maritime Administration said it received four bids for the two high-speed ferries built by the defunct Hawaii Superferry company.
 However, MarAd said it would not reveal the name of the bidders or the amounts they offered for the Alakai and Huakai…

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Former Hawaii Superferry’s Now Up for Public Auction

View of the second Hawaii Superferry (currentl...

The Second Superferry, HuaKai, that never made it to Hawaii, Image via Wikipedia

Media Release:

Former Hawaii Superferry’s ALAKAI and HUAKAI have been put up for sale by the U.S. Maritime Administration(MARAD).  Marad had owned the vessels since purchasing them from Hawaii Superferry, LLC in 2010.

Hawaii Superferry operations had been suspended since March 2009 when an exception to a state law allowing the ferry service to operate without a complete environmental impact statement expired.  Plans to reopen were left open, but the company was forced into bankruptcy shortly thereafter and the Maritime Administration stepped in and purchased the vessels.

Interesting in purchasing on of these vessels?  Bids need to be be submitted before 5 p.m. on July 20, 2011. Additional information can be found in the Federal Register notice at