Meet Lava – Hawaii’s Tweeting Two-Colored-Faced Cat

Ok… well every once in a while I come across something pretty strange.  Tonight I think I out did myself.  Meet “Lava” the Tweeting Two-Colored-Face Cat from Honolulu, Hawaii:

Lava's Twitter "Profile" picture

Lava’s Twitter “Profile” picture

Lava tweets about everything a normal cat would… things like the thing she tweeted today:
Lava Tweet 1Lava bills herself as a “Hot Hawaiian Adventure Cat” and seems to live quite the lifestyle:
Lava Tweet 2The owner of the cat said that she named her “Lava” because she looked like lava pouring.  You can check out her entire series of tweets here @ohmylava.

Her first tweets were on Valentines day.

Her first tweets were on Valentines day.

She is only followed by 54 folks at this time… but I expect her to soon beat out Justin Bieber for followers… LOL!

Twitter Owes Me $6,524 for Being a Tweeter

So Time Magazine came out with this unique tool that calculates how much Twitter would owe you.

I entered my twitter name @DamonTucker and it said that Twitter would owe me $6,524.00 for being a tweeter.

Click to find out how much twitter owes you!

Click to find out how much twitter owes you!


In its IPO paperwork filed to regulators last month, Twitter stated its 230 million active users are producing 500 million tweets per day, noting, “We deliver more than 200 billion Tweets per day to our users.”

Twitter appears to define a “delivered tweet” as any tweet seen by a follower of another user. If the 200 billion figure is to be believed, then each of the 500 million daily tweets is delivered to an average of 400 people.

A $24.9 billion value divided by 200 billion tweet deliveries a day comes out to 12.45 cents per daily eyeball on the site.

We know how many times per day a person tweets on average. We also know how large each user’s audience is. That audience may not be the world’s most engaged. At least one study suggests that around three-quarters of tweets are ignored. To estimate a user’s current number of daily readers, we reduce the potential audience by 75%.

The size of this daily audience times 12.45 cents gives you your share of the Twitter largesse.



Hawaii Attorney General Subpoenas Twitter to Get User Information

The Hawaii Attorney General has subpoenaed Twitter to get a user’s information:

Twitter Terroistic Threatening

I’m not real sure about the case myself but snipped this for folks to see more about it:

Click twice to enlarge

Click twice to enlarge

Here is the note that the Twitter user got:

From: Twitter Legal
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 17:25:17 -0700
Subject: Twitter Receipt of Legal Process

Dear Twitter User:

We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received the attached legal process, dated April 23, 2013, regarding your Twitter account, @lzr9. This legal process obligates Twitter to produce information related to your account. One of our core values is to defend and respect the user’s voice. Accordingly, it is our policy to notify users of requests for their account information prior to disclosure unless we’re prohibited from doing so by law. We are notifying you of this legal process in order to allow you to decide whether or not you will oppose the production of the requested information, either by filing a motion with the court where the legal process was issued or contacting the requesting party directly.

Please be advised that Twitter is required to respond to this request by May 1, 2013. If we do not receive notice from you that a motion to quash the legal process will or has been filed, or that this matter has been otherwise resolved, we may produce some or all of the requested information. Please let us know as soon as possible if you intend to file a motion with the court, and send us a copy of what has been filed. If you have resolved the matter with the requesting party, please have them send us confirmation that the legal process is withdrawn. We cannot give you any legal advice, but suggest that you may wish to seek your own legal counsel in this matter. If you need assistance seeking counsel in the United States, you may consider contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation

You can read a bit more into what’s going on here:

Lance Armstrong Rides UP Waipio Valley Road!

I’ve been following Lance Armstrong on Twitter the last few days as he has been on the Big Island training.

The other day he accepted a challenge from another bike rider to ride up Waipio Valley for charity and he made it!



For more information, check out Lance Armstrong Conquers Waipio Valley Road for Charity.

Here are his tweets regarding this:

  • Stats on @slovania‘s #waipio challenge. 9.5 mins, 430 watts, 173 avg hr, and 46 avg cadence! 39 x 27 gearing.
  • Took @slovania‘s challenge of attempting to ride up out of the#waipio valley in exchange for 10k to @LIVESTRONG. Did it but it was tough!!

Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, Blogs and the 2010 Census

I find myself a bit perplexed at times in where the direction of content and things will go at times on my blog.

Obviously newspapers are dying out real quick as my blog gets more page visits then the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I’ve had my blog longer then I’ve been a member of facebook or twitter, and while they are great for meeting new folks and driving folks to your site… do you lose focus on what you really want to do with your own blog by getting wrapped up in so many other social media things.

I’ve never depended on anything but myself to promote my blog, however, there are many tools I could add to this site so folks could send it off to other social media sites.

Does it become a sell out when you start using tools to promote your site other then yourself?  I don’t think so.  I’ve just been behind the scene on things.

We have a lot to offer on the Big Island… for the next few months I will be the supervisor for the East Hawaii section of the Big Island for the 2010 census.

I’ll still be able to blog about everything I’m doing… I just need to keep confidential stuff confidential.

It will be interesting watching the local newspapers print stuff  that might not be true like they have in the past regarding the census.

I’ll cut back my blogging for the time being, and my training doesn’t begin on Oahu for another 8 days still yet.

Look forward to doing my best.

FBI Blogs Gets a New Twitter Home… Simple Poll Question

For the last few months now, I have been tweeting out the FBI Blogs new posts via twitter using my own name @damontucker.

It’s not that hard to do as I simply had it automatically fed to my twitter site.

The problem with that, is that as I tweet that stream to the 3000 + folks following me on twitter, is that often time they mistake that headline for a thought or tweet of my own.

So I’ve set up a new Twitter account @FBIBlogs

Now the problem lies with I need to figure out an Avatar (picture) for the FBI Blogs Twitter profile so I thought I’d set up a poll?

Which Avatar do you like best:




[polldaddy poll=2504366]

Margaret Wille Joins Twitter… And Grandma Florence of Maui

I’m pretty stoked to announce that The Kohala Blog founder Margarette Wille has joined twitter.

She had some difficulty setting up her initial account and removed them and I noticed in her blog posting today she has made the formal announcement:

…As many of you know, lately Damon has been pushing twitter. So with difficulty and problems I have taken that leap. My twitter username is @Himargaretwille – in case you are interested.

This is great news… and I hope she starts using it effectively to find folks from through out the world that are interested in her issues she blogs about.

Some folks think that Twitter is only for younger folks… but believe it or not Florence Hasegawa over on Maui is 101 years old and tweets daily.

101 Year old Maui Tweeter Florence Hasegawa @grandmaflorence

You can check her account at @Grandmaflorence

Her most recent tweet to the world:

My grandsons arriving for Patty’s b’day and bringing food here tomorrow. I need to put on some weight so I’ll just eat like a grandma pig! 8:41 AM Nov 28th from web

Open Challenge to Mayor Kenoi

Dear Mayor Kenoi,

You just got back from a trip to California with some of the other mayors from the neighbor islands and I think you may be learning the importance of Social Media and the Internet.

I challenge you, Mayor Kenoi,  to get with the times and join Twitter.

Mayor Carvalho from Kauai is on Twitter:


  1. view from my office!about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck
  2. @ronwileykong good morning Ron! Mahalo for all that you do! Look forward To seeing you on the marathon course in 2010!about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to ronwileykong
  3. @PhilConsulate got your Tweet! Aloha from Kauai!about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to PhilConsulate
  4. I finished the half Kauai Marathon @ 13.1 miles in 3hrs. 39 min. My goal was 4hrs. or less. Still sore but happy to be back @ work!about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
  5. Just received my new I Phone… Not too familiar with the menu of options8:38 AM Sep 2nd from Twitterrific
  6. Looking forward to going to the Kauai County Farm Burau Fair! Hope to see you there!6:40 PM Aug 28th from web

I do see that Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop has signed up for twitter, but apparently has found no use for it yet.

There is a fairly large growing community of Big Island users now using Twitter…

It’s free, easy to use, and available anywhere you may be located.

I’m a WINNER in Wiki Wiki Mart’s Twitter Tweepstakes

I mentioned on August 5th that I was going to do everything in my power to win Wiki Wiki Mart/SureSave Market’s Twitter Tweepstakes contest.

I’ve just been informed by @wikiwikimart that I won the grand prize of two round trip tickets to a neighbor island by entering their twitter tweepstakes contest!

MAHALO Wiki Wiki Mart and SureSave grocery stores of Hawaii.

Wiki Wiki Mart and SureSave

Whoa… Thanks RJ

I just noticed that Brooklyn Born New York Kanaka AKA: BKNYKANKA AKA: O/S Hawaii AKA: RJ Mendoza, was at the July 22nd County Council meeting and tweeted the following comments from the meeting.

(I was in California and had I known he was going to be at the meeting, I would have just posted his direct feed to my blog at the time)


  1. Naeole: any member who wants to reorganize has that right.11:23 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  2. Goodenow: reccomends a special council meeting.11:17 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  3. Ford: “it would be nice if any reorganization legislation would wait for two weeks. “11:12 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  4. Yoshimoto will draft a resolution that voids the 200 and 201 returning the council structure pre-6/16/09.11:11 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  5. Ashida: “I believe in my heart of hearts that the sunshine law violation was inadvertant.”11:04 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  6. Naeole: ” we’ve been talking to too many people…..”11:01 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  7. So why didn’t Fresh and Ikeda go to Keauhou?10:57 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  8. Ashida: “my job is to advise you on your worst day. “10:54 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  9. Ford : “if we need to do a reversal to clean this up then we should. “10:46 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  10. Brenda Ford asking for Ashida’s opinion on suspending rules.10:41 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  11. (I can’t wait to have Lincoln Ashida this fall!!!!)10:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  12. Ashida: the TRO prevents the council from moving forward as the 6-16 reorganization.10:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  13. Ashida: whatever council member wishes to propose a restoration to the council pre-6/16/09 can do so next meeting.10:28 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  14. is in the house!!10:21 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  15. Naeloe: to Dominic “please don’t use me as an example”10:18 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  16. Yagong: Who initiated the affadavit?10:16 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  17. Yagong calls out Ashida and Hilo cheers!!!10:15 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  18. Yagong: “….flies in the face of preferential treatment. “10:13 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  19. Yagong: I’m only commenting that it’s absurd that mr Hoffman didn’t give an affadavit because it was opposite of Yoshimoto.10:11 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  20. Yagong “I’m sorry Mr. Hoffman I think you’re being too much of a gentleman here!”10:10 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  21. Ashida ” my job is to defend the council. “10:06 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  22. The only sworn statement suitted to OIP was J. Yoshimoto’s.10:03 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  23. Affadavits were filed only if they were corroborated by another council member.10:02 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  24. Hoffman: I have a significantly different recollection of my meeting with J. On 6/10/09. J. Yoshimoto filed an affadavit but Hoffman didn’t10:01 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  25. Now iwill tweet Act 2 of this show via tweetdeck.9:49 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  26. Ikeda needs 15 minutes to read documents from Lincoln Ashida.9:41 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  27. No motion to go into executive session.9:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  28. Most testimony has been in favor of keeping comm 439 in open session.9:33 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  29. Margaret Wille: “…I ask you to rescind the two resolutions and return to the previous leadership. “9:29 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  30. Dr weatherford: ” ….make null and void certain actions that took place or else a court will…”9:26 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  31. Kona: ” I ask that you denounce this alogarthy you’ve created. “9:24 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  32. Y-mea:” moving forward with the council as is jeopardizes the future”9:23 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  33. Hilo testifier is calling them out!!!9:21 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  34. Hilo test: ” we should convince UH polisci dept to hold symposium on sunshine law”9:19 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  35. Hilo test: ” is this communication in fact a privileged communication?”9:17 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  36. Kona test : “…the business of this council cannot be conducted outside the public view. “9:16 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  37. Y-mea testimony: “I feel the action taken by the council was to punish other members..”9:13 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  38. Testimony:”a secret session would only be a second step down the wrong path. “9:11 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  39. Certificate awarded to Kona Visayan Club by Brenda Ford.9:04 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  40. Invocation time.9:00 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  41. At the county council room in Hilo. Donald Ikeda and Fresh are present!!!!!9:00 AM Jul 22nd from txt

Twitter Proves Itself! Not Going Down Tonight

Twitter says it has rescheduled its planned downtime for tonight because the service is used by Iranians to communicate during the crisis.

Mahalo Traci! The Power of Twitter

Holy Cow! I’m now a firm believer in Twitter.

At first I was a bit hesitant about a message board system where you could only use 140 character messages that went away into twitterland after you were pau sending them.

When I first joined, I only added a few people that I knew and then a few names that sounded local.  After I gained a bit more confidence I started adding a few more local sounding names that other people were following.  Slowly but slowly I started adding more and more local people and more and more people began following me.

One of the “local” sounding names I started to follow was somebody by the name “Traci Toguchi“.   The name sounded local and I liked what it said on her “Twitter Bio”

  • Bio Renaissance Chick: singer, actor, marketing strategist, evolving web developer, interested in all things tech, arts, food, green/organic, entrepreneur

I didn’t really think anything of it and I just continued on as I normally do on twitter watching people and seeing what they are doing, and just being niele in general. That’s what Twitter is all about right?

Well I can’t remember exactly what I said to Traci, but I said something and we started tweeting back and forth for a few days. Finally I thought to myself who is this and actually looked at her website on her twitter site.

I was stunned to learn that I was “tweeting” with former “Miss Hawaii” Traci Toguchi.


Well I continued to joke around with her about life and just things in general.  I find out that after the Beauty pageant she has gone on to do many things like become an Actress where she was on Lost.

Here is just a list of some of her entertainment highlights:

• Recording Artist/Songwriter/Publisher, including writing and singing the theme songs for “Better” (U.S. syndication) and “More” national TV shows

• Hoku Award nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year

• Miss Saigon Broadway tour cast member

• Actor in TV and films including Lost, Hawaii, BlackMale, The Karate Kid Part II, CDW Technology national commercials

• National Anthem Singer on ESPN live worldwide broadcasts. Won talent competitions including Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem, New York.

So as I’m continuing to learn twitter, I find out about the So Much More Hawaii Bloggers that are coming here from the mainland.

Well immediately I hit it off with one of them named Aric S. Queen.

Some dude and Aric kicking back on the couch at the Waikoloa

Some dude and Aric kicking back on the couch at the Waikoloa

I’ll be blogging more about Aric in the future as he is about to embark on a cool project himself.  His twitter profile reads:

Original Executive Producer of, The Shanghai Show, The Shanghai Diaires, Rough Sundays and more. I’m about to try a travel + Twitter project…

Well Aric put out a notice on Twitter saying he was looking for local talent while he was here in Hawaii to be on one of  his shows coming up on his online podcast radio show that goes out world wide called “Rough Sundays“.

I did a cyber introduction between the two of them and I can now confirm that Traci will be on an upcoming show.

The next thing you know she tells me if I give her my address she will send my family an autographed picture of her!   I was like no way… for real!!!

I forgot all about it and then just yesterday I got a little package in the mail.  She not only is sending me an autographed picture of her… she sent me a copy of her new CD entitled Traci Toguchi “Feel the Breeze”.

My son is fan already!

My son is a "Traci" fan already!

To make a long story short, I’ve made two really cool friends in the last few days that I’m stoked to have had the chance to assist them with things the way I can. I just noticed Traci even linked my blog to her “Kewl News” section (THANKS TRACI)

As soon as Aric’s Podcast is available I’ll link to that. In the meantime, here is a little message and nice song from Traci:


So you folks are thinking big deal… so what… you got a free autographed CD from someone famous because of Twitter… Well that’s not the only thing that Twitter has brought my way.

Last night, I got a free night at the nicest hotel in all of Hawaii the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel where I got a chance to personally meet and spend time with Aric.

View from front of hotel room

View from front of hotel room

I’ll be posting more about the hotel and my time spent with Aric a little later as he’s about to embark on something big himself.

Here’s a couple pictures from the Hotel and I’ll blog more on that adventure later!

The Cave Pool

The Cave Pool

The stairs where Dog the Bounty Hunter got married

The stairs where Dog the Bounty Hunter got married

A Lighter Response to a Darker View on Twitter

Andrew Cooper recently blogged about his doubts about Twitter, so I’ll give a “Lighter Response to a Darker View on Twitter”

To listen to some netizens of the local blogosphere, Twitter is the greatest thing to ever happen to electronic communications. After some exploration, I am not sure I agree with this assessment.

By deliberate decision I am not an early adopter. I have seen too many technological waves come and go in my life, some catch on, some don’t. A number of experiences have taught me that it is far less painful to give new tech a couple years to mature before I buy in. Anyone want a used BetaMax video machine? As long as the old solutions are working for me, I do not jump aboard without proper consideration. Seriously, I didn’t start to blog until 2007, way behind the curve.

This does not stop me from keeping tabs on new tech. I don’t just ignore these things, but often poke around to see what they are and how to use them. I have investigated Twitter, registered for an account in case I really do find it useful down the road. I enjoy seeing what new comes along, it is endlessly fascinating to consider what effects a new technology might have on our society.

Did I scare you Mr. Cooper by popping up on your account within minutes of you signing up?  My only guess is that you were on my list of people I invited and you didn’t accept the earlier invitation, but then when you signed up later… it still popped me in as a follower.

I agree with the issues involved with the 140 word limit. Much too short to allow anything beyond very brief communication. In a blog posting I am limited only by the amount of typing I wish to undertake and postings of several thousand words can be found on Darker View. I can see the use of short advisory type messages… “the road is closed”, “meet at the usual restaurant”, and similar things. But to constrain regular communications this way? The result becomes a great deal of trivial messages which simply increase the signal to noise ratio of our lives. For some people this may be an ideal communications medium, I just do not see the use in the context of my communications needs. For now I have decided to take a wait and see stance on Twitter and am not actively pursuing this communication medium.

Cmn Drew uno u 1a tweet 4 X per 24/7. huked on fonics wurks 4 me

The options for electronic communications are myriad in our modern world. We have to specifically make decisions about whet we will, and will not, participate in. To simply accept and use everything that comes along risks allowing our lives to degenerate into an endless cacophony of noise… e-mail, cell phones, SMS messaging, IM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, webcasts, podcasts, MP3 players, television, radio, newspapers, etc. Where do you limit the noise? Do you give yourself someplace quiet in the day? Simply spend some time reading a book or playing with the cat? Select which communications are most appropriate for you, decide which you do not need. Find your balance and your save your sanity by making intelligent decisions.

Andrew… It’s STOP THE INSANITY not Save your Sanity.

Seriously… Twitter is the ultimate in Nieleness (Nosiness) You can check out what’s going on with anyone on Twitter who’s registered… well whatever they publish.

Let’s take a look at Susan Powter’s Tweets. I just added her as a person I follow and I’ll send her a message about this post. Let’s see if I can’t get her to comment on my blog?

  1. It’s time to knit….

  2. @GutterOfMyHeart Never try to sort it out, it’s their silence I’m interested in…

  3. @doubleprozac Lengthen, take the energy and lengthen it….

  4. @tkells Wellness is love, self love, the actions of eat, breathe, move and think the most loving….yes

  5. @catawungus Thank you cause, as I said tonight sometimes…’s truly good to know people are waking up…

  6. @seniorchip “Turned you on” to…can’t even tell you how much I love it, are you Patsy?

  7. @peacenlove777 Absolutely loved it, always do….a day behind is fine, it’s yours to hear when it works, archived is thrilling…

  8. Late night mochi, soy cream cheese, jam, frozen raisins and banana…

  9. It’s interesting who follows and why….

  10. @lolpeggy I’m going to figure out how to solve a problem like Maria..

  11. “I’m a little hungry now Momma” time for food…

  12. @suzosusan So very toxic but, not here or anywhere I am…

  13. Hard to believe, the twitter I just got…

Bogus Twitter Person: Internet Police (Sam Sweetman/Shirley Bradbury)

So I get home from a long day… only to find out that someone is posting messages on Twitter to the following people… Who I think I know as Ms. Shirley Bradbury.

This stems from the same person that is doing the $100.00 Essay Scam Houses.

It’s very easy to see why… as I notified some of the people she was talking to on Twitter that the scam house was illegitimate.

  1. @KatKwxx BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  2. @bigislandnews BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  3. @shutupmeg BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  4. @larryczerwonka BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  5. @thebookangel BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  6. @sshawnn BEWARE… damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  7. @NancyLeuer BEWARE… damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  8. @joshontheradio BEWARE, damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  9. @islandtrust BEWARE… damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  10. @hawaii_vacation BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

  11. @Harvestmoon713 BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

  12. @Tina_Sparby BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

  13. @sweetmandarin BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

  14. @ruthperryman BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

  15. @meganpru BEWARE… damontucker is well known for trying to get people to his blog (HACKER) and site (INFECTED BY A VIRUS)

Neil Abercrombie Answers My Question on Encouraging Big Island Officials to Use Twitter

I had to ask Congressman Abercrombie about how he would encourage Big Island Officials to start using twitter and this was his response (sorry about the shaky camera, my arms were getting tired at this point):


Of course you can visit his Twitter Site or his website at

I just noticed on the Neil Abercrombies website…  his aide caught this picture of me!

You just never know when someone is taking a picture of you these days!

You just never know when someone is taking a picture of you these days!

Follow the Hokulea Live on Twitter

Twitter is great!

The crew of the Hokulea is using it to communicate with people throughout the world on their latest voyage.  You can view their Twitter page here.


You can also track the voyaging vessel.

Here is just a sampling of todays Tweets:

  1. Some asking why we couldn’t launch in the winds. We could, but since this is crew has new members, want to ensure their safety

  2. We’re hoping to launch this pm for Palmyra. It’s still a little iffy. Once I get confirmation, I’ll tweet.
  3. Did you see the nice editorial in todayʻs Star Bulletin @ the Hōkūle‘a. Mahalo Star Bulletin

  4. For those who haven’t seen our escort boat, the Kama Hele, she’s beautiful now. Capt. Mike did a great job refitting her after Japan trip

  5. For those outside of HI, winds still high, keeping us from sailing today. Tomorrow looks much better. Taking care of last minute details

Mayor Hanneman Approved Twitter Experiment? The Ongoing Twitter Saga of Civil Defense/Department of Emergency Management

On February 12th, I blogged that Hawaii County had a Twitter Account. Hawaii County Public Information Specialist replied to me in an email the following regarding that Twitter Account:
Civil Defense is unaware of that account. As I discovered now that I just signed on for my own account, apparently anyone could have set up the CD account. However City Watch is more efficient in reaching large numbers of people, many of whom do not have Twitter accounts. Almost everybody has a telephone. At some point it may behoove us to use Twitter as part of emergency notification procedures but at the current time we do not because of the alternatives available. Thanks for your interest.

On February 24th, I blogged that the Honolulu Civil Defense had joined Twitter, which in actuality turned out to be the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management the Oahu version of the Big Island’s Civil Defense.

On February 26th, I ammended the above post to say:

Yesterday, I blogged that the Honolulu County Department of Emergency Management was on Twitter.

I have reason to believe, that once again… Twitter users have been duped into “following” a fake twitter account. :evil:

A Twitter friend that would know whether they are on twitter or not, confirmed it with her friend that works there today that it is not a legit twitter account.

Today I find out the following:

OK, clearing things up, my contact @ DEM says @HonAlert was an I.T. experiment OKed by the mayor. DEM was not involved, though.

See my latest tweet about @HonAlert. Sounds messed up. Anyway, the DEM stuff is supposed to be removed from that profile, per my contact.

I just have to wonder if the initial post I reported on the Big Island Civil Defense Twitter Account was also an experiment.

I did say on February 13th:

Very STRANGE that someone would hijack the Hawaii Civil Defense Twitter Name and then post VOG warnings the day that Pahoa got vogged out, on that account.

Australia: All Big Government Media Announcments to Go Out On Twitter First

RT @SteveCase Interesting news from So Australia RT @PremierMikeRann: From now on all big govt media announcements will go on twitter first!

Follow the Hokulea and Other New Twitter Users

If you haven’t signed up for a free Twitter Account, you can here.

Polynesian Voyaging Meets 2009 Technology. I know it’s becoming a Twitter world when you can follow the Hokulea on Twitter now.

Some other people that have joined Twitter recently, Stevens Media Columnist from Las Vegas Geoff Schumacher

Big Island Writer Leslie Lang

Honolulu WEEKly Editor Ragnar Carlson

And if you just feel like lurking around my tweets you visit me here, but I’m not nearly as exciting as Aaron over at The Kona Blog.

Hawaii Legislative Tweets (Leg. Tweets)

With the advance of technology, we can now eavesdrop on the Legislators in action as they work towards hammering out bills in the Hearing rooms.

There are a couple people in general that I’m following.

Hawaii House Blogger:  Twitter – @georgettedeemer (Communications Director Hawaii House of Reps; former state film commissioner.)

Honolulu Advertiser Capitol Blogger: Twitter – @ddepledge (The state government and politics reporter for the Honolulu Advertiser)

All News Hawaii Blogger: Twitter – @nancylauer (Hawaii Capitol researcher, reporter)

I’ll post some of their tweets up top… along with other folks who happen to drop by the legislature from time to time.

These tweets provide interesting insight to the legislature that you will very rarely read in the newspapers, and they are happening on the floor of the legislature live while they are happening… not an edited version a few hours later.