Former County Council Candidate Edwards Hunt Responds to Voter Fraud Allegation

Former Hawaii County Council Candidate Tiffany Edwards Hunt went before a grand jury yesterday and according to her Twitter feed she says “I was denied the opportunity to testify before a grand jury today, to address these false voter fraud allegations.  I am innocent”.

Tiff Tweet 1She then went on to comment on the way the Prosecuting Attorneys Office is handling her case:
Tiff Tweet2Then ends her twitter rant with a “… bright side…”  tweet:
Tiff Tweet3I can say that if she read the Hawaii Tribune… she would know already who filed the allegations against her… as that has been made public.  I can tell you that my name won’t be showing up in any of those papers… despite what some folks may think.

Candidate Accused of Fraud States Surf Shop Has Living Quarters

The following was posted by Hawaii County Council Candidate Tiffany Edwards Hunt regarding allegations of voter fraud that have been posted in the Hawaii Tribune Herald and other places such as Puna Web in a few different forums.

I can’t imagine living in a surf shop when you have two other places to live… but if this is your excuse that you want to publish publicly to attempt to avoid prosecution then so be it.

Lately, there have been press reports calling into question my voter registration history and suggesting that I might be guilty of some sort of voter crime. It is becoming increasingly obvious that these reports and the source(s) of them are politically motivated.

I am a resident of Puna Council District 5, and have been for over 90 days before the primary election. Under the Hawaii County Charter, any voter and candidate for office must be a resident of the district for at least ninety (90) days before the primary election.

I am currently registered to vote in Puna Council District 5, residing with my husband at our family home in Hawaiian Acres.

In 2012 I was registered to vote in what is now Puna Council District 4, and listed my residence at my husband’s Pahoa home and surf shop, which has a living quarters.

Shortly after the 2012 election I was nominated to serve on the Windward Planning Commission. After being nominated to the commission for District 4, I learned that I should be registered in District 5 in Mountain View. I declined the nomination and updated my voter registration residency address for the next election.

I welcome any legitimate investigation regarding this issue.

After I learned of a potential pending investigation by police, I immediately contacted the responsible officer but I have not yet received a response.

I am properly registered as a voter and candidate in District 5.  I look forward to serving the people of this Puna district, if elected.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Holy Crap… Drama at the District 5 Forum

A forum was held at Pahoa High School and fireworks happened.  I’ll just let the two videos speak for themselves (video by Big Island Video News).

Candidate Hampton:
Candidate Edwards Hunt:


Big Island Chronicle’s Complaint Against County Clerk to Be Held Tomorrow

According to the Honolulu Civil Beat, Big Island Blogger and Journalist, Tiffany Edwards Hunt of The Big Island Chronicle, will be going before the ethics board tomorrow to have her complaint against the Hawaii County Elections Office and in particular Jamae Kawauchi heard by the ethics board.

Council Chairman Dominic Yagong testifies while Edwards-Hunt tends to her child and pecks away on her phone during a recent hearing.

Big Island Video News posted this video that gives a pretty good vibe to what’s going on in the case:


The Civil Beat reports:

“The Hawaii County Ethics Board on Wednesday is scheduled to hear a complaint against Jamae Kawauchi, the Big Island’s embattled clerk, alleging she violated county code in her handling of the island’s elections.

The complaint is another in a series of varied — and mostly unsuccessful — attempts to hold Kawauchi accountable for the ongoing elections saga that many say have jeopardized the democratic process on the Big Island.

But what sets this complaint apart is the person behind it: Big Island reporter Tiffany Edwards Hunt. Journalists don’t usually file complaints about the people they cover.

Kawauchi has stirred quite a fuss among members of the media statewide, many of whom say she’s been less than forthcoming with them about why elections operations went so awry and what she was doing to remedy the problems. Patchy communication has become a major theme in recent conversations about the county clerk. Indeed, stories about the county clerk and the Big Island’s botched primary usually include a line saying she didn’t respond.

In fact, Kawauchi did not return calls from Civil Beat seeking comment for this story…”

You can read the extensive write up done by the Civil Beat here: Big Island Reporter Files Ethics Complaint Against Hawaii County Clerk.

Mayoral and Prosecutor Debates to Headline UH Hilo Media Symposium

Hawaii County Mayoral and Prosecutor debates will headline the a media symposium slated for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, Sept. 21 at UH Hilo Campus Center.

From Left to Right at table – Ian Lind, Andy Parx and John Temple discuss blogging while Sherry Bracken moderates at the 2011 Media Symposium. Photo credit: Baron Sekiya |

The debates between Mayor Billy Kenoi and Harry Kim and Deputy Prosecutor Mitch Roth and Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida will take place at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., respectively in the plaza area of campus center.

UH Hilo political science professor Todd Belt and Sherry Bracken, a reporter for Lava 105 and Hawaii Public Radio, will serve as moderators.

A panel discussion on the state of media in Hawaii will follow the candidates debates, and include a cross section of reporters from print, radio and new media.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr. talks about the Sunshine Law at the 2011 UH-Hilo Media Symposium as Cheryl Kakazu Park, Director of the Office of Information Practices looks on. Photo credit: Baron Sekiya |

The symposium will commence at 9 a.m. Friday in Campus Center Room 301, with a libel, defamation, and copyright workshop headed by Hilo attorney Steve Strauss.

Attorney Steven Strauss holds a Libel and Defamation workshop at the 2011 UH-Hilo Media Symposium. Photo credit: Baron Sekiya |

Marty Orlando, of Tropic Mac, will offer an iPad workshop, and Simon Kaliko Trapp, of Hale Kuamo’o, UH Hilo’s Hawaiian Language Center, will speak on technology and the Hawaiian language.  Patsy Iwasaki, of UH-Hilo’s communication department, will offer a workshop on reporting and news writing. Nancy Cook Lauer, a West Hawaii Today reporter and blogger, will give a presentation on ethics.  Steve Petranik, of Hawaii Business Magazine, will share details on global media trends.  Sen. Les Ihara will speak on the state’s Sunshine Law.

Lunch and refreshments will be served. $10 for students/$20 for general public. Call 974-7504 for more information or to register.

Congrats Tiffany and Best of Luck!

So Mike Hale came through with a live audio post of Tiffany Edwards Hunt announcing that she will be the new “Part Time Media Advisor at UH Hilo”.

Tiffany’s announcement

I wish the best for her as I spent nearly two years working in that office back in 96/97 as first a writer and then the lay-out editor.

I hope you give the administrators as much grief as we did when I was at the paper!

Tiffany Edwards-Hunt Fires Off at Her Former Supervisors: Reed Flickinger – “…his mental, emotional and verbal abuse” Publisher Rick Asbach: “It’s like he is in La-La land or something”

Kudos to Big Island Chronicle Blogger Tiffany Edwards-Hunt for telling off her former boss West Hawaii Today Editor, Reed Flickinger, in her blog today!

Edwards-Hunt blogs:

…Looks like West Hawaii Today editor Reed Flickinger has chased off yet another talented reporter with — It’s about time someone said this publicly —  his mental, emotional and verbal abuse…
… (Flickinger) is mentally trying and, yes, abusive…

She also fires away at Publisher Rick Asbach:

…It’s like he is in La-La land or something…

Damn.. She even continued on in her blog saying “shit”… which I thought she reserved the swear words for me… but obviously she is pissed still at her former employers and I don’t blame her one bit if the workplace environment described in her blog is the way it is.

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