The Ledge: Mina

The latest episode of the “The Ledge” is out and as usual, you can view past episodes up on the top of the blog:

Chair of the Hawaii Energy and Environmental Protection Committee Hermina Morita talks about energy in the world and how Hawaii will play a huge part in ending our addiction to fossil fuel.


The Ledge (Episode 9): Big Island Rep. Denny Coffman on HB 366 Protecting Manta Rays

Once again Rep.  Morita’s office has come out with another excellent segment of “The Ledge“:

HB366 HD2
Manta Rays; Poaching and Commercial Fishing Prohibited
Establishes fines and penalties for any person who knowingly captures or kills a manta ray within state marine waters. Provides an exception for special permits granted for scientific, education, management, or propagation purposes. (HB366 HD2)


“The Ledge” Part VI: HB 763 Relating to Gray Water Recycling

Wastewater; Gray Water Recycling
Requires the department of health to establish a gray water recycling program for premises not served by a county wastewater system. Permits counties to establish gray water recycling programs in areas served by a county wastewater system.

HB763 is an important part in water conservation. Please send testimony to support Rep Jessica Wooly in her efforts through HB763


“The Ledge, Pt. 4” HB1667 on Ceded Lands

This weeks installment of  “The Ledge” is out.

Its focus this week is on HB1667 relating to the Ceded Lands.

You can view the past weeks editions of “The Ledge”  at the link up top or by clicking here:

BLNR; Ceded Lands; Public Land Trust; Prohibition on Disposition
Prohibits the board of land and natural resources from selling, exchanging, or otherwise alienating ceded lands in the public land trust


“The Ledge” Pt. 3: Relating to Taro Security and GMO

My father-in-law is one of the people spearheading this Taro Bill.  I’m not going to get into the debate here about GMO, but I just thought I’d pass along the information about the bill.

“Uncle (dad) shares a little about his life and connection with Kalo.
This video was made to encourage input from the public on House Bill 1663
prohibiting genetically modified taro.”


Genetically Modified Taro; Prohibition
Prohibits the development, testing, propagation, release, importation, planting, or growing of genetically modified taro in the State of Hawaii.

“The Ledge” Hawaii Legislature Video Show

I just noticed that House Rep. Morita’s Office is putting out a weekly show on youtube called “The Ledge”

Episode 1:

The Ledge is a weekly video series about the 09 Hawaii state legislative session. Bills live and die every day at the state Legislature. We will report on the past weeks actions as well as let you know about whats coming up next week. Stay tuned every Friday for a new episode of … “the Ledge”


Episode II:

This week on the Ledge, we look at opening day at the 25th Hawaii State Legislative session.