SCAM Alert: 866-925-2651

The Hawaii County Police Department issued a media release warning of a text messaging scam that is going on and I received that text message 2/1/09 @ 10:19 in the morning (see bottom):

The Hawaii Police Department is warning the public about a possible scam involving text messages.

A 59-year-old Hilo man reported that he received two consecutive text messages on Sunday claiming to be from different credit unions. The messages asked the man to call a telephone number about his credit union account. The man didn’t have accounts with either credit union.

The first phone number was out of service. The second one had a recorded message asking the caller to leave his name and personal information.

Police advise the public not to provide personal information over the phone, by text message or by e-mail.”

Here is what the text message said to me:

“Aloha Pacific FCU.  Please call us immediately at 1-866-925-2651 regarding recent restriction placed on your account.”

Of course my wife and I have never had an account with this bank so we knew automatically that it was a scam.  But had we ever had an account… that little “Aloha” sure is a ruthless trick to island residents.

Unfortunately, a quick look at the website does direct you to the Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union and it is a legitimate business and they have put a SCAM NOTICE on their website:

Phony text, email and phone messages are being sent asking for personal information. THESE ARE FAKE MESSAGES. We NEVER request updated information through unsecured communication channels. When in doubt, always call us directly at 531-3711 or toll free at 877-531-3711 .

Assistance is available for members that have accidentally provided personal information. Please contact our call center during normal business hours.

Should you have a question about official Aloha Pacific FCU communications, always visit our website ( or contact us directly.