Lost Star Daniel Dae Kim to Become “The King of Siam”


LOST star DANIEL DAE KIM will swap Hawaii for London this summer to star in a new production of musical THE KING & I. The 40-year-old actor, who plays Jin in the hit TV show, will take on the role of the King of Siam in the Rodgers and Hammerstein play…

Yule Brenner in the classic King & I

Yule Brenner in the classic King & I

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Richard Ha Goes National… And a Few Rebroadcasts From the Past

Big Island farmer Richard Ha, of Hamakua Farms, is going to be on the season opener for PBS’s national show  “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie” which will be aired Saturday, February 7th, at noon on PBS Hawaii.

Leslie Wilcox reminds us that tonight, Richard will be on a re-broadcast of Hawaii’s Long Story Short w/ Leslie Wilcox tonight at 11:00 pm as well as on Sunday, February 8th at 4:00 pm on PBS Hawaii.

…Richard Ha isn’t your average farmer. He’s been called a visionary farmer. An innovative small business owner, Ha offers his employees profit sharing, has found a way to generate electricity on his property outside of Hilo, initiated an adopt-a-class program at Keaukaha Elementary School, advocates native Hawaiian practices of ahupua‘a and writes a blog on his website

For more on Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, click here.

You may have seen this commercial on TV before:


Legislature Gets TV Facilities… Cooking Show on Agenda?

I think it’s pretty cool that Olelo has opened up a place for legislators and their staff to produce videos and use equipment right at the capital building.

From the Senate Majority Caucus Blog:

It’s finally here! After much collaboration and anticipation,`Olelo Community Television unveiled their new video production studio today, Monday February 2, 2009, right here at the Capitol.

Studio@Capitol is a full in-house video production facility complete with video production equipment available for rent, two editing stations, and a DVD duplicating center. It is available to all members of the Hawai`i State Legislature, State Administration and staff to create, shoot and edit their own productions…”


Now here is what is blowing me away… A senator has already mentioned the following:

…There is great interest and excitement about what this could mean in terms of new ways to reach out to the public and connect with constituents. You can bet each Senator has their own ideas on how to do that. Among them, there has been mention of hosting a cooking show, an end-of-session wrap up, weekly video podcasting, and much more!…

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So I’m throwing around names of cooking shows that could be possible with some of our current Senators and this is what I’ve come up with… Feel free to add your own:

I know I’m missing a few… but I figured too many cooks would spoil the broth.

I just love when our tax money is spent on a good cooking show.

UFC 94 Replay Now Being Broadcast for Free… BJ Penn Loses to St. Pierre

The entire broadcast is being replayed online for free at the same site that was broadcasting it live earlier.

In case you missed the fights… it is being rebroadcast now here.

Watch UFC 94 LIVE for Free Now… BJ Penn vs. George St. Pierre Coming Up

Hat tip to Island Trust

It appears that you can watch the fights live for free now at the following site (note a plug-in maybe required).

I’m not sure if the BJ fight will be shown for free though… Can only wait and see:

Click here to view now:


UPDATED (See Below): Miss Hawaii Contestant Nicole Fox’s Dress Falls Off After Performance at Miss USA Pageant

Tonight at 8PM on TLC Channel 331:

Tune-in SATURDAY JANUARY 24th @ 8pm E/P to watch the 2009 Miss America Pageant LIVE – only on TLC.

I just read the following:

…Miss Hawaii Nicole Fox drew cheers as she performed a traditional Tahitian dance, wearing a huge white feathered headdress and skirt to match. After she exited, part of her skirt remained on the stage

Here is her promo for the pageant:


The following video is from her crowning of the 2008 Miss Hawaii Contest:



Here is the actual performance of the dance. Of course TLC cut’s off the part where she loses her dress:


BJ Penn Ends TV Taping and is Unhappy About Portrayal

I was just at the BJ Penn Academy today and I didn’t hear anything about this and only now reading about it.

…A source close to the show on Tuesday told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) B.J. Penn recently shut down a taping and interview session for the series and no longer wants involved in the project.

Penn was apparently unhappy with how he was portrayed in last week’s debut of the series, which hypes a Jan. 31 UFC 94 main event fight between the Hawaiian fighter and UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre…

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ABC News on Kalaupapa

Just noticed that ABC did a online feature on Kalaupapa.

Anyone know if this was on television?

*Update (See Below)* KGMB Asks Me to Remove Their Logo From a Blog Posting

The other day, I posted a blog about a smuck that was scamming people.

I sent off a twitter message to the @KGMB Twitter account and informed them of the broadcast that they showed on the air promoting the scam.

I received a few “Tweets” back from them, which I copied and pasted into my blog.  Part of that copy and paste included the KGMB Logo.

I just received the following email:


Aloha Damon,

KGMB9 kindly requests that you remove our logo from your blog.  While you are free to post whatever you like, we are asking that you remove our image.

Thank you,


CANDACE HIRLEMAN | Marketing Director | KGMB9 – Hawaii ’s Severe Weather Station

LOGO DELETED Phone: 808.973.4255 Fax: 808.941.8153 E-mail: chirleman@kgmb9.com

Address: 1534 Kapiolani Boulevard; Honolulu , HI   96814

Website: www.kgmb9.com


So of course now I have the following question… can a news station ask me to remove the LOGO from a private blog such as mine?

Wonder if I would have got in trouble if I copied and pasted my own email message from them with the logo in it?


I sent the following email off to KGMB:

Aloha Candace,

I just received this email.

I’m curious why are you asking me to remove the KGMB9 Logo?

This is my personal blog and I did not know of any laws or rules that would forbid me from using it.  I’m not using your image to make money so there isn’t any copyright laws that I know of that would forbid me from using it.

Have you asked all of the other bloggers that have posted your logo in the past to also remove them?

I have no problem removing it if you can please cite a law or rule that states that I can not use it on my personal blog.

P.S. if you look around… you will find your logo on a few other blogs.


Damon Tucker

And got the following reply:

I appreciate your response.  Our brand is important to us, and apparently to you, too.  Thanks for considering our request.



Some Hawaii Island PBS Viewers Affected By Shipping Delay

Media Release

Some Hawaii Island PBS Viewers Affected By Shipping Delay:

Impacts Over-the-Air Reception of  PBS Hawaii Broadcast Signal from Hilo to South Point

Today PBS Hawaii learned an error by a shipping company on the mainland will delay construction of the station’s relay site on Hawaii Island.   This particular site receives the broadcast signal from the station’s new Maui transmitter and relays the signal to the Hilo translator which impacts other translators all the way to South Point.

According to Steve Komori, VP of Content Delivery, “This new relay site is positioned for our new Maui transmitter at Ulupalakula Ranch.  Our analog transmitter on Haleakala will power down at Noon on Thursday, January 15th as part of the DTV transition.”

Unfortunately, this means there will be no PBS Hawaii over-the-air signal for viewers from Hilo to South Point until construction and installation for the new relay site is completed. Komori said, “Depending on how quickly the shipping company corrects this situation, we hope to be back on the air in Hilo sometime within the next 2 weeks.”

PBS Hawaii programming will still be seen by most viewers who subscribe to cable or satellite services.

For More Information:

Linda Brock – 973-1383 – lbrock@pbshawaii.org,

RIP Fishing TV Show Icon Mike Sakamoto

Hilo resident and TV fishing show icon Mike Sakamoto passed away Tuesday night on Oahu where he was being treated for cancer…

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Here is the first Fishing Island episode from 1990  on Fishtales that ever aired:

Part 1:


Part 2:


More Classic Hawaiian Sesame Street

Yesterday I found some old classic episodes of when Sesame Street was filming in Hawaii. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with these old clips of Sesame Street other then the fact that I probably watched them when I was younger and never thought anything about them. But now watching them as an adult I realize just how advanced Sesame Street truly was even back in the days!

Big Bird and Snuffleafugus do the hula:

And more with the Beamer Family:


For a complete look at all of these clips you can check out the guys youtube site here

(From the Archive) Keola Beamer on Sesame Street… Oscar the Grouch on Hot Lava

Someone is digging out some old Sesame Street Clips from the past.  I don’t know who it is, but they are a big fan of Sesame Street.

This clip has Keola Beamer playing the nose flute:


And this clip has Oscar the Grouch complaining as usual… this time about hot lava:


Hawaii 5-0 Co-Star Harry Endo Passes Away at 87

Harry Endo, the actor who played a forensic scientist on the long-running TV show ”Hawaii Five-0,” has died at the age of 87.

Family members say he suffered a stroke and died at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Endo played the character ”Che Fong” on the popular show. He was one of the original cast members on the crime drama that began in 1968…

Jack Lord, Harry Endo and Kam Fong

Jack Lord, Harry Endo and Kam Fong

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I previously blogged about my wifes uncles role on Hawaii 5-0 here.

Backstage at Tonights Andy Bumatai Show

If you missed tonights Andy Bumatai show, it was one of the better ones that I have seen in a long time.

It featured local news anchors Diane Ako, Ron Mizutani and Dan Meisenzahl.

Bumatai is a big time fan of Twitter. His twitter address is @Andy_Bumatai and he actually answered a few twitter questions on his show tonight. I didn’t send any in… but I sure thought about it.

After the show I twitted him that it was a great show and he replied with a photo album of the show. It’s a great little photo album and it gives you a great insight to the making of the show.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the album:

Ron Mizutani, Diane Ako, Dan Meisenzahl talk to Andy Bumatai

Ron Mizutani, Diane Ako, Dan Meisenzahl talk to Andy Bumatai

You can check out the Andy Bumatai Show website, but if you want a direct link to tonights pictures, you can view them here.

Andy Bumatai is hilarious and if you haven’t checked out his show, I recommend you do.

“FCC in the House”

I urge all of you who are interested in the digital tv switchover to check out Leslie Wilcox’s Blog today.

… Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and other FCC staffers will visit PBS Hawaii in Honolulu this afternoon, to tape a television program about Hawaii’s digital transition January 15…

…Under the direction of PBS Hawaii’s  VP/Creative Services Robert Pennybacker, we’ll tape and produce a digital TV informational program which will be aired multiple times by most if not all full-power broadcasters in the state.

There’s basic information to convey and there are important points to make…

I’m looking forward to viewing these upcoming specials.  I’m not sure why I’m so interested in it now, as I’m no longer working in a TV studio.

Richard Ha on KHON News Tonight

Anyone catch Big Island farmer Richard Ha on KHON’s news tonight?

He was on Oahu along with other farmers across the State talking about how the economy has really messed with local farmers.

You can view it here.

PBS Hawaii Buys KHNL Property

PBS Hawaii is buying the soon-to-be-former studios of television station KHNL and will move its broadcasting operations to the new site over the next several years…

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“Hilo: Betrayal on the Big Island” Today on TV… Hawaii Police Officer Mathison Murder Case Against His Wife

When I first moved to Hilo, I was taking classes at Hawaii Community College.

I was stunned to learn that one of my classmates was a police officer that was accused of killing his wife.

Booking Picture of Officer Kenneth Mathison

Booking Picture of Officer Kenneth Mathison

Today on the Biography Channel: City Confidential at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Oceanic Channel 548

“When Hawaii police officer Kenneth Mathison is suspected of killing his wife, authorities let him off with only a slap on the wrist. But after outraged citizens demand a thorough investigation, Mathison ends up facing kidnapping and murder charges. Narrated by Paul Winfield.”

More Info Here

More on the actual case here

On Thanksgiving evening, November 27, 1992, Sergeant Kenneth Mathison and his wife Yvonne drive their 1988 tan Ford van along Route 131 in Hilo, Hawaii. The rain is pouring down and before he knows it, Kenneth Mathison is awaiting police assistance as he cradles his wife’s dead body in the back of their van. Mathison, a sergeant of 25 years with the Hilo Police Department was allegedly informing his wife, a maternity nursing professional at the Hilo Medical Center, that he was being investigated in his second paternity suit. According to Mathison, when Yvonne heard the news, she jumped from the passenger side of the van. While he was looking for her in the blinding rain, Mathison purportedly ran over his wife. He then carried the body into the van and secured it with yellow rope in the back before attempting to find help…

…Police Sergeant Kenneth Mathison is a Haole. Young-faced and small-framed, Mathison got his start in law enforcement working undercover, catching youngsters dealing in marijuana. Martins was attracted to Mathison’s youthful looks.

Though her relatives disapproved, Martins decided to bring the Haole into her family. At first, Yvonne’s marriage to Kenneth came together as beautifully as an orchid lei. However, it was not long before Yvonne found herself at the center of a domestic typhoon…

The Time I Lost the Keys to the State Capital Chambers

One of my jobs I held, was being the Production Assistant for “Capital Television” during the 2000 Legislative Session.

It was an interesting job where my main responsibility was writing Press Releases for media outlets throughout the state that explained when, what channel and what hearing would be broadcast and rebroadcast on the public access channels throughout the State.  Other responsibilities included working the cameras and switchboards as well as setting up the cameras and editing boards for the meetings, but primarily I had a crew that did most of this work for me.

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

I got to meet many of our Legislatures that year that still to this day, I can call them a friend of mine.  This was before 9-11 and security was pretty lame at the capital at the time.

I could bring anyone and anybody in and out of the chambers anytime I wanted and actually had the keys to the edit control rooms of both the House and Senate Floor Control Rooms.

One day, I decided to bring one of my friends, Matt Lum, into the Capitol for a quick tour since he was really into politics at the time.

I picked him up from his place and drove into the parking structure of the capital as I normally did.  The walk from the garage on vineyard street to the actual capital is about a 1/4 mile walk.  By the time we had reached the capital control room, I went to unlock the door, and I couldn’t find my keys!  Matt and I back tracked back and forth for nearly an hour looking for the keys.  It also had my car key on it, so this was my transportation as well as the keys to the STATE CAPITAL CHAMBER were on it.

I was literally shitting bricks.  Not only were the State Capital Chamber Keys on it, but the keys to my night job were also on it which was a media outlet on Oahu.  I was stressing so bad.  I put up signs along the walk way from where my car was parked all the way to the capital mentioning a Reward for the Keys and to call me at the number listed.

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Well it was just my luck that I had my “Foodland” Discount shopping card on my keychain and someone turned my keys into foodland.  Within 72 hours I had my keys back and only a few people at the State Capital knew that the keys to the Capital were missing!

I have never misplaced my keys since then!  (knock on wood)

Moral of this story:

“Don’t ever go into politics if you can’t even hold onto your own keys” Or “Never try and represent… If you can’t represent yourself”

P.S. Interesting note, those that work inside the capital as like runners and people who are new to the building, because it’s literally a maze in the building… often times people refer to the two sides as the Blue Chamber and the Red Chamber… and all politics are out the door when it’s running around the capital building like a chicken with it’s head cut off.