Two Skydiving Records Set at Skydive Hawaii on Saturday – Tandem HALO Jumps Available to Public

Yesterday, on the North Shore of Oahu at Dillingham Airfield, KITV News Reporter Andrew Pereira and I participated in setting two Hawaii State skydiving records at Skydive Hawaii.

Andrew and I get ready for the jump of our lives

Andrew and I get ready for the jump of our lives

The first record was for the “highest altitude tandem “HALO” jump” leaping from the plane at over 4 miles in space at 22,000 feet.  HALO stands  for “High Altitude Low Opening” and one of the more famous HALO jumps took place recently when RedBull Skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles from space or approximately 128,000 in altitude.

Some folks may remember the first time I set the Hawaii Tandem Halo Jump when I jumped from 21,000 feet back on December 11th of 2011, as Frank T.K. Hinshaw stated the first time I jumped… every extra 1,000 feet in altitude makes the risks and the danger just that much more.

The second record set yesterday was for the “altitude and wingsuit flight time record for Hawaii of 22,000ft & 4 minutes 37 seconds in flight time,” set by Hinshaw himself.

Frank T.K. Hinshaw on the far right in his winsuit

Frank T.K. Hinshaw on the far right in his wing suit

Here is a short video of me interviewing Andrew Pereira shortly before we went up and as you can tell… he was pretty nervous about what he was about to do as this was his first time skydiving, less yet doing a HALO jump.


After we were instructed on what we were to do and equipped with oxygen tanks, we traversed out to the airplane where we would have no chance of turning back once we got on that plane.

Ignacio "Nacho" Martinez, Damon Tucker, Andrew Pereira and "Papa Dop" get ready to board the plane.  Photo Skydive Hawaii

Ignacio “Nacho” Martinez, Damon Tucker, Andrew Pereira and “Papa Dop” get ready to board the plane. Photo Skydive Hawaii

When we were close to 22,000 feet in altitude, “Nacho” Martinez posted the following picture to Facebook and said “Took off on load one and saw a huge school of dolphins. Then went up on the next load and saw 6 whales. Now breathing pure oxygen while climbing to 22,000 ft. How could you not love Skydive Hawaii!?”

At 12,000 feet we donned oxygen masks as the air get's thinner the higher you go.

At 12,000 feet we donned oxygen masks as the air gets thinner the higher you go.

Here is a quick clip of the freefall part of my jump from 22,000 feet:


I free falled for about a minute until my tandem instructor Martinez pulled the chute at about 5,000 feet from the ground and then glided smoothly in for a stand-up landing.  I even got to steer the parachute myself for about 30 seconds and that was super cool!

I spy VH07V

I spy VH07V

Once again I can say it was cold… but it wasn’t near as cold as the first time I did the HALO.  Ever since I did the first HALO jump, they have offered this experience to the public as well… of course it costs a lot more then the regularly advertised jumps and I suggest you contact Skydive Hawaii directly at (808) 637-9700 or (808) 945-0222 if you or a group of folks are interested in doing this.

My view from 22,000 feet as we were about to jump from the plane

My view from 22,000 feet as we were about to jump from the plane

Here is the video of the second record that was broken… as T.K. said though “Set a new altitude and wingsuit flight time record for Hawaii today: 22,000ft & 4 minutes 37 seconds. . . not bad for not knowing I was going to go for the attempt until this morning. If I had inflight oxygen & gloves, I think I could get 6 minutes easy.”


I’d like to say thanks to Skydive Hawaii for giving Andrew and I this opportunity and to T.K.’s father Frank (Sr.) and the Hinshaw family for running such a great operation out on the North Shore.  They bring in a lot of tax dollars from the tourism industry and you know how much our islands depend on tourists having a good time and wanting to come back to Hawaii.

Skydiving Again on the North Shore of Oahu with Skydive Hawaii – First Skydiving Company in the World to Go Digital

On Saturday I had an opportunity to skydiving again with Skydive Hawaii.

The first thing that I noticed when I got to the dropzone, was that Skydive Hawaii has gone digital with their check-in process which allows for literally no waste of paper during the check in process.

Electronic signatures required… and yes… you may die skydiving, however, I say it’s safer then driving on Oahu!

The first time I went skydiving… I have to be honest in that I was totally nervous.  Now after skydiving a few times… the nerves are still there… but at least the butterflies have left!

The last time I went skydiving, I set a Hawaii Tandem RECORD for the highest tandem jump where we jumped from 21,000 feet (4 miles ups) and had to use oxygen tanks.  The temperature at that altitude was said to be negative 57 degrees below zero!

Tuck and roll baby here we go!

This latest jump was said to be at about 12,000 – 13,000 feet so it wasn’t nearly as scary as the last one.

See the “Aloha”?

Here is a video of me getting my groove on again!


I’d like to thank the friendly staff at Skydive Hawaii for hooking me up with the pictures and DVD of my jump.  I’d also like to thank Sonny, T.K., Frank, Bryan and Nelson for taking care of me while I was out there!

I still can’t wait to skydive on the Big Island with Hawaii Island Skydiving!

Handicapable Tandem Skydiver Jumps From Plane and Lands in Wheelchair

As most readers of my site know… I’m a bit crazy and love to go skydiving every now and then.

Today out at Dillingham Airfield, Skydive Hawaii did a tandem jump with a former Big Island resident named Damon Boiser who is “handicapable“.

Damon Boiser about to take a jump of a lifetime!

There are no laws or rules that prevent someone in Boiser’s condition from skydiving and the folks at Skydive Hawaii were well prepared to take him up.

Getting some assistance into the plane

Boiser wrote on his Facebook account:

Insanity!!! Richard saw my chair in the field from way up in the sky and said, “Lets land you right in your chair.” And did!! Perfectly!! You guys are absolute pro’s and nothing but first class all the way! Mahalo loa! Aloha :)


Boiser let me know that he broke his neck when he lived in Kona on the Big Island diving at Magic Sands beach.  He is still active in Akido and Shotokan Karate where he is working to become a Sensei to instruct other disabled folks.

Richard (the person he jumped with) was incredible and so was photographer Knox. I sat right next to the door and was the very first to jump. (It was for my friends birthday, Keoki Copeland.) Any ways we rolled out backwards did a double back flip into free fall. The air was so wonderful and crisp. Surprisingly i didn’t have the slightest sensation of fear. It felt like boyhood dreams of being Superman, (I wrote a letter to Christopher Reeves back when I broke my neck in 2003). Then Knox the photographer flew over to us and we horsed around in air. I actually played Karate and sparred with him. We play fully blew a kiss as we separated to deploy our shoot. The flight down was gorgeous. As it turned out Richards god mother or childs godmother was my Hawaiian teacher up at Kamehameha. Small world. Then he landed me in my chair. Absolutely amazing. He did it all bare feet too.

A perfect landing!

I’m definitely going back. I used to be a surfer, then I played music semi professionally. Now that I no longer can, maybe I’ll be a skydiver.

Commercial and Tandem Skydiving to Open in Kona on the Big Island – “Island Skydiving”

A few months ago I mentioned that the folks from Skydive Hawaii did some exploratory jumps to see about the the feasibility of starting up  a commercial and tandem skydiving business on the Big Island.

Today, the Hinshaw family, from Skydive Hawaii, is pleased to announce that Island Skydiving, LLC., a family owned partnership, will begin skydiving operations at Upolu Airport on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 6:00AM.

Frank T.K. and his Father Frank Hinshaw at the Upolu Airport

Skydiving operations will be conducted from a Cessna 182 or 206 with Airvan support, all with a 10,000’ target exit altitude.

Skydiving operations will be conducted from a Cessna 182 or 206 with Airvan support

The memorable view from the aircraft and in freefall can be spectacular at Upolu Airport as Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa loom behind Kohala volcano. Waipio Valley and the Hamakua Coast are on the East side of Upolu Airport and often in clear view. With blue skies on Maui, the sacred volcano on Haleakala can be also be seen reaching up from Hana. Mo’okini Heiau and Kamehameha Akahi Aina Hanau, the birthplace of Kamehameha the Great are also visible within the Upolu Airport area.

The view from 10,000' is breath taking to say the least

Tandem skydiving will be offered with hourly arrival times between 6:00AM and 9:00AM. Due to the strong winds conditions at Upolu Airport reservations are limited within these hours. The tandem skydive is priced at $329 per person and included photos and video taken by the tandem instructor. Customers should plan on spending 2 hours at Upolu Airport.

Tandem skydiving will be limited to those over the age of 18 and under 200 pounds. The customer will be required to sign the company’s standard liability release. Upolu Airport is in a remote part of Hawaii island and emergency medical services may take time to respond.

Sport skydivers are required to hold a USPA class C or D license with 250 jumps and jump with their own gear

Sport skydivers are required to hold a USPA class C or D license with 250 jumps and jump with their own gear. A wing loading of more than 1 to 1 is required.

Reservations can be taken at this time or more information obtained at 808 949-4852 for reservation dates beginning May 5, 2012. is expected to be operational soon. You can “Like Us” on Facebook at

More Incredible Footage From Last Weeks Record Breaking Tandem Skydiving Jump… Mike Zagorski’s Clip

Last weekend my friend Mike Zagorski and I had the opportunity of a lifetime as we were invited to set a tandem altitude skydiving jump with SkyDive Hawaii. While the video that was taken of me was cool… I really like the footage that was taken of Mike using a GoPro camera attached to a couple of the skydivers.

Mike Zagorski and I set a Skydiving Tandem Altitude Record in Hawaii

You can check it out here:


I asked Mike about his experience and he said:

While on the ground I met with my instructor; Tandem Master – Shaun Dunn, who asked me if I wanted to do some “flips”… I responded with “Hell yeah!”. Surely enough, as soon as we left the plane we were backflipping into the blue skies over O’ahu’s North Shore. The first few seconds felt a little weird… “Goodbye perfectly good plane!”… but then I got used to the feeling of falling and forgetting the fact that I was 21,000ft above terra firma with my life in the hands of the guy (and parachute) strapped to his back.

After almost 2 minutes of freefall, we hit some cloud cover and the chute was deployed…. The next few minutes were spent swooping around the sky. I guess this is what it feels like to be a bird!

The skin-rippling speed of the freefall was amazing, but it was still cool to float around and admire the view for the final 5 minutes of the ride!

Skydive Hawaii were very friendly and put great attention into the details of our jump and I can’t wait to return and do it all over again!… and again

Mahlalo once again to SkyDive Hawaii for this once in a life time opportunity.

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Setting a Tandem Skydiving Altitude Record With Skydive Hawaii… Pictures and Video

On Saturday, December 10th at 11:30 in the morning, my friend Mike Zagorski and I were invited to break a Hawaii State tandem skydiving record with Skydive Hawaii on Oahu’s North Shore at the Dillingham Airfield dropzone.

Setting a Hawaii Tandem Skydiving Altitude Record on December 10, 2011 at Skydive Hawaii

This was the third time that I have jumped with Skydive Hawaii, but this experience was definitely unique!  There were eight of us that actually jumped, we had four people filming and taking pictures of the jump and of course the two skydivers that we were attached to.

Participants in this record setting jump were, Diver Dunn, Papa Dopp, Ignacio Martinez, Amberly Brown, Rod Boden, Randy StamperMike Zagorski and myself.

Normally folks tandem jump from about 12,000 – 13,000 feet depending on the conditions, on this day we headed up to the 21,000 foot elevation, nearly 4 miles in the sky, where we were had to wear oxygen masks because the air was so thin.

Gaining altitude we put on the oxygen masks at 8,000 feet and then continued to climb to 21,000 feet

I was a bit worried about the weather and on Skydive Hawaii’s facebook page they posted the following a few hours before our scheduled jump:

Today’s State record high altitude tandem skydive will be well above the clouds: Isolated showers. The rain could be heavy at times. Mostly sunny, with a high near 79. Breezy, with a east wind between 8 and 16 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Well the weather on the ground was perfect for the jump at the Dillingham drop zone however in the air it was much colder and we were required to wear gloves and even carry emergency oxygen tanks in case the parachutes deployed early in the jump where there might not be much oxygen in the air.

Looking up in the sky in anticipation of this record breaking attempt

The temperature at 21,000 feet on this day was 27 degrees BELOW ZERO and I was quoted on KHON2 News saying:

“The Skydive Hawaii people said this is the first time they’ve ever took a tandem people up to this elevation, 21,000 feet. Normally the tandem jumps in Hawaii are done between 12,000-13,000 feet, so they brought us almost twice as high as they normally do,” said Damon Tucker, a Big Island resident.

21,000 feet equals about 4 miles.

The temperature up here — 27 degrees below zero!

“I was so cold I thought I was going to freeze I was literally frozen,” said Tucker.

And before he knew it, it was time.

“And next thing you knew I was jumping out and doing somersaults outside the back of the airplane. It was crazy I mean it was crazy,” said Tucker. “What’s going through your mind is you hope that chute is going to open. You’re dropping so fast and realize you’re in a really dangerous predicament.”

“We dropped out about a minute and a half of free fall, then they pulled the chute and then we floated about five minutes down,” said Tucker. “Between being nervous and between being scared I was making sure I was having a good time and that was the really important thing.

What I didn’t tell the news station… is that for the first 10 to 15 seconds of that jump… I literally thought I was going to pass out!

I'm holding my nose and attempting to blow through it to clear out the air pressure that was building in my ears

A lot of folks were saying your crazy or your nuts to do something like this… but I think skydiving is safer then driving a car on our local highway here in Puna and I bet the statistics could actually prove that!  The scariest thing for me about the jump… was when we were leaving the plane and just holding onto the outside of the plane!

Here goes nothing!

Here is the raw video footage of the freefall part of my jump:


I’d like to thank Skydive Hawaii President Frank Hinshaw for offering National Bicycling Champion Mike Zagorski and I up on this record setting jump!  It was definitely a thrill of a lifetime and I look forward to jumping again sometime soon!

Skydive Hawaii President Frank Hinshaw and Mike Zagorski and I pose for a picture after the record jump

Island Skydiving Completes Exploratory Jumps at Upolu Airport on the Big Island

Island Skydiving, LLC has successfully completed exploratory skydives at Upolu Airport over the prior two weekends. A request has been sent to Mr. Wong Yuen, Manager, Kona International Airport, State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Airport’s Division for permission to begin daily skydiving operations at Upolu Airport beginning September 1, 2011.

Jujmping over the Upolu Airport

Island Skydiving, LLC is managed by Mr. Frank Hinshaw, who has extensive experience in operating skydiving activities at Skydive Hawaii. Tandem skydiving is the safest and easiest method to experience skydiving, and has become a favorite among both tourists and the local residents on Oahu. Tandem instructors are licensed by the United States Parachute Association and the parachute equipment is manufactured and maintained according to FAA regulations.

Frank T.K. Hinshaw and Frank Hinshaw

The company plans are to begin tandem skydiving at Upolu Airport when permission is granted. Operational hours will be limited due to the wind and other weather conditions. Tandem skydiving reservations are being planned for the hours of 6:00AM to 10:00AM daily, as wind conditions are most favorable for tandem skydiving during that period.

Due to the limited hours of operation the price for a tandem skydive is tentatively priced around $325 per person. The company has set a goal of 1,000 tandem customers in the first year of operation.

The company plans to have 2 full-time tandem staff when operations are started. At least two additional local jobs are expected to also be created by the company directly from these planned operations. Tandem skydiving should be a good compliment to the other outdoor recreational activities presently available and another opportunity for tourists to shop at other existing businesses in the greater Kohala community.

A successful landing at Upolu Airport

For more information, contact Frank Hinshaw at 808 637-4121.