Essential Skills for World-Class Leaders Distilled from the Japanese Martial Arts: Two Workshops in Honolulu to Develop Exemplary Leadership Skills

Media Release:

The SugaiLabo LLC officially announced today its first Leadership Training programs to be held in the United States, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort from July 12th – 15th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“As the challenges facing today’s business leaders become more complex and the overall pace of business accelerates, the need for senior executives with exemplary leadership skills has become a top priority in organizations around the world,” says Yoshie Sugai, President of the SugaiLabo. “Our programs have been designed to provide these skills in a way that allow senior leaders to physically experience their effects in action, and gain entirely new perspectives on how to develop and apply these skills over the long term.”

The SugaiLabo will offer its first two training programs in its five-step series this July. Its Introduction Workshop, held on July 12th, 2010 will use two Aikido techniques to help executives develop new skills to analyze and solve difficult leadership challenges. And its Tanren course, held from July 13th – 15th, will focus on enabling Leaders and their companies to develop their “Center of Balance,” a critical first step in creating outstanding business and leadership results. This program will help senior executives to clearly re-examine the elements that create this foundation for themselves as individual leaders, as well as for their company or organization. “We will use a series of techniques to enable each participant to reassess the strengths and weaknesses of their exiting leadership capabilities, and to cultivate those skills that may be hidden or underutilized,” continues SugaiLabo President Yoshie Sugai.

Over the past decade, the SugaiLabo team has developed its 5-step series of Leadership Training programs which integrate the techniques and philosophy of the Japanese martial arts and culture to teach the skills required for Exemplary Leadership. Each workshop uses basic Aikido techniques that anyone, irrespective of gender, age or physical capabilities can apply. And after each technique is practiced workshop participants physically experience how the underlying physics work, and then immediately apply these lessons to business and leadership challenges using Business School case studies and interactive break-out sessions. “By working in this way,” Yoshie Sugai explains, “we have found that each skill that we teach becomes unforgettable.”

Attendance for each workshop is limited to 16 people, and the final registration deadline is June 23, 2010. To register for these workshops, or to learn more about them, detailed information is available on the SugaiLabo website

About the SugaiLabo, LLC

Officially incorporated in Niigata Japan in 2009 with a mission to provide executives with the skills and capabilities to be exemplary Leaders, the Sugai Laboratory continues to work with a number of Japanese and global companies to realize this mission. The SugaiLabo programs offer a unique approach to leadership skill development, basing all lessons on the actual techniques and philosophies of Aikido and related Japanese martial arts. For more information, please visit