Google Street View – The Bike and The Car on the Big Island

I was driving down near the Hilo soccer fields today when I noticed the Google Street View Car pull into Wailoa State Park by the King Kamehameha Statue.

The Google Street View Car inside Wailoa State Park

I knew the car was on the island, but this was my first opportunity to trap it at a dead end and get a good picture of it before it moved away from me!

I was surprised when the car slowed down and then I noticed this huge “GOOGLE BIKE” with all these cameras attached to it!

The Google Street View Bike inside Wailoa State Park

I didn’t even know that Google used an actual man powered bike for this street view system.  Can you imagine what an awesome job that would be!  Literally riding your bike around the world and getting paid big bucks to do it!

the bike and the car met up and talked for a few minutes.  It didn’t seem like they wanted to talk to me too much even though I identified myself as a local blogger who uses street view quite a bit.  They did tell me that they were going to be on the island until at least the end of the year.

Wanna Street View Race?

I knew that they were at a dead end and would eventually have to turn around and come back out so I staked out my position and then caught this short video of the biker leaving the park: