Whatever Happened to the Fly that Eats Coqui Eggs?

So what ever happened to these flies that were supposed to save the Big Island from these coqui frogs more then six years ago?  I think there is an “Old Lady” to be held responsible.

In a July 2003 Honolulu Weekly article by Patricia Tummons, she reports:

…A fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, that has devastated vulnerable frog populations across the world is a possible biocontrol agent for coqui. Another might be a type of fly that eats coqui eggs in Puerto Rico. The species is already in Hawai‘i, said Arnold Hara of the University of Hawai‘i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, “and may only need some time to begin infesting coqui eggs…”

Is there some lady around that’s swallowing flies?

I Don’t know why she swallowed the fly… perhaps she’ll die.

Washington State Legislatures Introduce “Memorial” Asking Obama for State Sovereignty

Washington State has now become the ninth State to introduce legislation that would make their State a Sovereign state.


House Joint Memorial 4009:
Claiming state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment.

…That the State of Washington hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government 3 by the Constitution of the United States; and

(2) That this serve as a Notice and Demand to the federal government to maintain the balance of powers where the Constitution of the United States established it and to cease and desist, effective immediately, any and all mandates that are beyond the scope of its constitutionally delegated powers.

BE IT RESOLVED, That copies of this Memorial be immediately transmitted to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of each state’s legislature of the United States of America, and each member of Congress from the State of  Washington.

Full Bill

The Real Reason Sumo Wrestlers Get So Big

I knew there had to be a way these guys got “Hungry”:

Sumo wrestlers with pot bellies, yes. Sumo wrestlers with pot? Now that’s harder to grapple with.

In the past six months, four wrestlers have been kicked out of the ancient sport for allegedly smoking marijuana, creating the biggest drugs-in-sports scandal that Japan has ever seen…

…Sumo aficionados like to note that former grand champion Musashimaru, of Hawaii, had a 10 p.m. curfew…



…But that is changing…

More here

Kamehameha School Student “…Detention for What We Believe In.”

I’m wondering about this recent tweet I just got.

It’s from a purported Kamehameha Schools “Student” who recently started a Twitter account.

There has been controversy about the use of KSBE on Twitter and people Hi-jacking the name and logo, so I can not necessarily believe this purported Tweet.

Capsun posted this the other day:

“Yesterday, Kamehameha Schools had a problem on Twitter.  It wasn’t that they have only a couple dozen followers….”

Ian Lind blogged:

“Check out the war of words (or Tweets) that flared this month on Twitter.com between the official Kamehameha Schools persona (@KSNews) and a cyber squater that has grabbed onto a related name (@KSBE)…”

I just got a “Follower” on my Twitter account from someone using the Twitter Account: @KSBEstudent.

In this tweet he says:

No longer allowed to bring homelunch, dentetion for defending what we believe in.

Lost Star Daniel Dae Kim to Become “The King of Siam”


LOST star DANIEL DAE KIM will swap Hawaii for London this summer to star in a new production of musical THE KING & I. The 40-year-old actor, who plays Jin in the hit TV show, will take on the role of the King of Siam in the Rodgers and Hammerstein play…

Yule Brenner in the classic King & I

Yule Brenner in the classic King & I

More here

Transexual Who Won the Right to Compete as Women in Hawaii Now Facing More Discrimination in Chicago

In 2001, Tammy Wronski won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Tammy Wronski

Tammy Wronski

…A canoe racing group has reversed itself and no longer will demand that transsexuals who want to compete in paddling clubs submit to DNA tests to determine their sex.

The decision, recorded in the minutes of a May meeting of the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, comes after two transsexual women filed complaints with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission over the racing association’s decision that they would have to submit to DNA testing before being allowed to compete on women’s paddling teams…

Here is the new case revolving around Mr./Mrs. Wronski:

A Chicago Ridge resident – born a man but now a woman – says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.

You can’t put it any simpler than Tammy Wronski, 49, herself does.

“I do have a vagina downstairs,” she said.

In 2001, she won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Another member, Janice Mazany, says she is traumatized every time she sees Wronski in the women’s locker room…

More Here

SCAM Alert: 866-925-2651 Kalanet.com

The Hawaii County Police Department issued a media release warning of a text messaging scam that is going on and I received that text message 2/1/09 @ 10:19 in the morning (see bottom):

The Hawaii Police Department is warning the public about a possible scam involving text messages.

A 59-year-old Hilo man reported that he received two consecutive text messages on Sunday claiming to be from different credit unions. The messages asked the man to call a telephone number about his credit union account. The man didn’t have accounts with either credit union.

The first phone number was out of service. The second one had a recorded message asking the caller to leave his name and personal information.

Police advise the public not to provide personal information over the phone, by text message or by e-mail.”

Here is what the text message said to me:

“Aloha Pacific FCU.  Please call us immediately at 1-866-925-2651 regarding recent restriction placed on your account.”

Of course my wife and I have never had an account with this bank so we knew automatically that it was a scam.  But had we ever had an account… that little “Aloha” sure is a ruthless trick to island residents.

Unfortunately, a quick look at the Kalanet.com website does direct you to the Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union and it is a legitimate business and they have put a SCAM NOTICE on their website:

Phony text, email and phone messages are being sent asking for personal information. THESE ARE FAKE MESSAGES. We NEVER request updated information through unsecured communication channels. When in doubt, always call us directly at 531-3711 or toll free at 877-531-3711 .

Assistance is available for members that have accidentally provided personal information. Please contact our call center during normal business hours.

Should you have a question about official Aloha Pacific FCU communications, always visit our website (www.kalanet.com) or contact us directly.


Why Do They Call “Black People” Colored or For That Matter… Black?

Disclosure: I’m half “Black”

I’m thinking about this a little bit over. Why do they call black people colored? I myself have never in my life seen a “Black” person.

I’ve seen dark-skinned people… but never “Black”.

A common joke that’s been played out in many different ways is this:

When I was born I was Black. When I grow up I am black. When I am sick I am black. When I go in the sun I am black. When I am cold I am black. When I die I am black.

But You. When you are born you are pink. When you grow up you are white. When you are sick you turn green. When you go in the sun you get red. When you are cold you turn blue. When you die you turn purple. And you have the fucking nerve to call me COLORED!

And people complain about being called a “pot smoking dopehead” ;)

Trial Footage from Puna Residents Murder in Thailand

Earlier, I posted the video of the confession of the murderer that killed Puna Resident Gary Poretsky.

Here is footage of him getting lead into court there in Thailand as well as a few other things:


Sixty one year old former Perth resident William Thomas Douglas was sentenced to four years jail for the murder of 46-year-old Hawaiian resident Gary Bruce Poretsky in the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai in March 2008

However the former Australian Army Vietnam War veteran will serve just two years after having his sentence cut in half for pleading guilty.

Douglas claimed to have been working as a police informer during the 28-years he has lived in Chiang Mai and is reported to have boasted of having killed two drug traffickers while working with the police.

A witness told the court Douglas “pulled out the gun and shot Gary two times in the chest. Gary fell to the ground and then Douglas fired a third shot into his head.”

Douglas claimed that Mr Poretsky had antagonised him by criticising the Vietnam War and had said “Australia should not have followed the US into the Vietnam War and that Australia and Thailand were dictated to by the US.”

This is field edited news footage.

A full report on the trial can be found here: http://photojourn.wordpress.com/2008/…

Orgasm Mushroom Featured in Tribune Herald… ‘Shroom Meeting at Lyman Museum

For those of you that have followed my blog, you know about the “Stinkhorn Mushroom” that I featured on my blog here and here that Hawaii researchers allegedly say give women orgasms if smelled.

The Hawaii Tribune shows a picture of one with it’s scientific name here.

They give the name of the mushroom as  Dictyophora mushroom… But in truth, it’s just another stinkhorn.

Here is a time elapsed clip of one growing.  I think this might have something to do with the womens arousal.


The Tribune also mentions that On Monday, Jan. 26, from 7-8:30 p.m., The Lyman Museum will host Don Hemmes, Ph.D., who will give a PowerPoint presentation on, “The Strange and Fascinating Mushrooms from the Hawaiian Islands.”

More here with the picture.

Complaint Lodged Against My Blog

I just found out someone was unhappy with an image of Linda Lingle that I posted on my “Smuck Hall of Fame” page.

While I’m sorry the image may have offended someone, I honestly just googled the image “Linda Lingle” and was looking for funny images of her and placed that image below the “smuck award”.

I honestly meant no harm in the picture and I won’t take it down because one person may find it offensive.

It’s a freaking parody people… get a grip.  I didn’t design it.  I found it on the internet and posted the picture next to my award.

While I understand that the intention of this person was to get an “Advertiser” to pull their ad from my site… People must understand that anything that is on my site is strictly my thoughts and not of anyone else.

If you have a problem with my site, feel free to contact me at damontucker@yahoo.com and we can discuss the issue that you might be having…  Until then… Remember, if you don’t like reading my blog… quit coming to view it!

And if you have something wrong with a post that I write… at least have the cajones to make a comment on my blog or email instead of crying to someone who has no control over the content of my blog.

*Update (See Below)* KGMB Asks Me to Remove Their Logo From a Blog Posting

The other day, I posted a blog about a smuck that was scamming people.

I sent off a twitter message to the @KGMB Twitter account and informed them of the broadcast that they showed on the air promoting the scam.

I received a few “Tweets” back from them, which I copied and pasted into my blog.  Part of that copy and paste included the KGMB Logo.

I just received the following email:


Aloha Damon,

KGMB9 kindly requests that you remove our logo from your blog.  While you are free to post whatever you like, we are asking that you remove our image.

Thank you,


CANDACE HIRLEMAN | Marketing Director | KGMB9 – Hawaii ’s Severe Weather Station

LOGO DELETED Phone: 808.973.4255 Fax: 808.941.8153 E-mail: chirleman@kgmb9.com

Address: 1534 Kapiolani Boulevard; Honolulu , HI   96814

Website: www.kgmb9.com


So of course now I have the following question… can a news station ask me to remove the LOGO from a private blog such as mine?

Wonder if I would have got in trouble if I copied and pasted my own email message from them with the logo in it?


I sent the following email off to KGMB:

Aloha Candace,

I just received this email.

I’m curious why are you asking me to remove the KGMB9 Logo?

This is my personal blog and I did not know of any laws or rules that would forbid me from using it.  I’m not using your image to make money so there isn’t any copyright laws that I know of that would forbid me from using it.

Have you asked all of the other bloggers that have posted your logo in the past to also remove them?

I have no problem removing it if you can please cite a law or rule that states that I can not use it on my personal blog.

P.S. if you look around… you will find your logo on a few other blogs.


Damon Tucker

And got the following reply:

I appreciate your response.  Our brand is important to us, and apparently to you, too.  Thanks for considering our request.



So Cold the Coquis are Quiet

I just got an interesting tweet from a fellow Big Island resident.

I didn’t really notice it until now.

But it’s so cold… the coquis are quiet!  Too cold to chirp?

I’ll tell you one thing though… I got this damn cricket in my house that’s still driving me nuts and the only reason why I probably can hear it… is because the coquis are being quiet.

More on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest

Big Island Weekly has published more this week on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest that I don’t think is very legit.

They seem to have removed the previous article that was in this edition.

Some interesting things that I’m learning more about this webmistress named Shirley Bradbury the BIW reported about.

Smith and webmistress Shirley Bradbury of AlphaWeb Design and Marketing LLC, developed a computer program that organizes the identifying information of the entrants and e-mails, and e-mails Smith the essay identifying it by number…

Just a little poking around and I found this picture of Mrs. Bradbury from 2007:


I also found this posted on a forum just 9 days ago:

We are running a skills contest where the entrant writes a short essay (101 words or fewer) about the word “Aloha” or “Mahalo”. The grand prize is a custom built home in Hawaii; there are 2 cash prizes also. Part of the proceeds will go to 3 schools in the builder’s area.”

Why is this the first I’ve heard of a cash prize?

Something else I hadn’t heard of before:

…To make it more fun, if you refer your friends to the site and they enter the contest, you will get 1 entry into a separate drawing for a free weekend stay at the Castle Bed and Breakfast. So be sure your friends put your name in their “Referred by:” box!…

A quick look at Mrs. Bradbury’s 2005 Profile tells this:


Web design, search engine marketing, web conferencing professional

50-something learning to reinvent myself after several hardships (death of my dear husband, lost job after 17 years, you know – the usual bad stuff.) Now I’m building my own business – AlphaWeb Design & Marketing – and living the entrepreneurial life.

All things internet.

Colorado, USA

Signature Shirley Bradbury, Owner
AlphaWeb Design & Marketing,LLC
Web design & redesign/ search engine marketing / web conferencing

Current project:

$101 Wins a Custom Home in Hawaii

And just digging a bit deeper into this Mrs. Bradbury… she is very internet savvy:

This from a 2005 Forum:


…Up through October, my site was seeing maybe a couple of hundred content network impressions per month. In November, the numbers jumped into thousands; mid-December it was still thousands of impressions per day…”

I’ll let you folks make up your own mind on whether it’s a scam or not.  There is lot’s of information out there… I’m not gonna nit pick this thing to death.

I blogged about it long before another blogger blogged about it or the BIW had it in their paper.

I have always been skeptical about it!

Heck… I blogged about the Maui House in September long before I even blogged about this Big Island House on Dec. 3rd.

I just don’t understand how some people are so gullible to actually believe this!

But one thing I did find… was another angle of the house:


Heck… I got one for everyone… send me an essay on a post it note stuck to a dollar.  Winning essay get’s their essay printed on my site.


You can also win this North Carolina house for only a $500 dollar Essay! :roll:

Oh… and then we also have this Hawaii home essay contest.  :roll:

And don’t forget the Danville, Illinois home.

And this Oregon house:

Two thousand, two hundred people from 46 states and nine countries have written Ray Sinclair in the past five months. They’ve sent him checks for $200 each, penned thoughtful essays, woven tapestries, painted paintings and sealed messages in a bottle.
And it’s not enough. So far, the contest takings amount to $440,000. But Sinclair wants to hear from a total of 3,000 people before he closes the contest that will determine who wins his 1,967-square-foot beachfront home. That’s why he’s extended the deadline for the unusual competition a second — and final — time, he says.
Entrants now have until the end of June to submit an essay at http://www.win-this-home.com/ for a chance at a half-million dollar house.
Sinclair’s contest, whereby three judges will determine whose 100-word essay on “I should win this home in Yachats because,” came about after a frustrating attempt to sell the place through traditional means in a crashed housing market.
When the contest began in January there was a 27-month supply of homes in Yachats, nearly triple that of Lane County’s.
Sinclair had dropped his asking price from $600,000 to $539,000, without getting
any bites.
With raffles and lotteries prohibited by laws against games of chance in Oregon, Sinclair was allowed to run a skill-based contest, attorneys told him. So he formed a nonprofit corporation and wrote some rules. If 3,000 people submitted essays, he could earn $600,000 — and the winner would get a 10,000-square-foot lot (plus the house, of course).
The first contest deadline was in April but Sinclair extended it a month due to a lack of entries, a prospect he’d warned about in the rules. For the same reason, the deadline is now the end of this month, but that’ll be the last extension, Sinclair
Financially, I don’t think we can run the contest anymore,” he said.
“It costs $5,000 a month, with all the expenses I have, the people I’m paying to run the contest
and the cost of the house, too.”

Pesticides From Mac Nut Farm Believed to be Linked to Two-Headed Fish

I’ll file this under the strange and weird.  Let’s hope the Mac Nut farms in Hawaii are not using the same pesticides!

Toxic chemical contamination was the likely cause of fatal fish mutations in northern Australia in which thousands of bass larvae spawned with two heads, an expert said Wednesday…

…Tests had excluded the presence of a virus or bacteria, leading Landos to suspect that pesticides from a neighbouring macadamia nut farm were to blame…

More Here

Hawaii Cop to Get His Ring Back After 20 Year Old Burglary

A few months after he graduated from a California police academy, someone broke into David Reyes’ home and stole his class ring.

David Reyes' 1988 Police Academy ring, which was lost or stolen years ago and turned up this week at the Leon Jewelry store in Hialeah.

David Reyes' 1988 Police Academy ring, which was lost or stolen years ago and turned up this week at the Leon Jewelry store in Hialeah, Florida.

That was in 1988. Reyes, now 47, long ago gave up on seeing the ring again.

But now, thanks to two Hialeah (Florida) detectives, Reyes will soon get back his gold ring inset with a blue stone.

Reyes spoke to a detective who ”told me he had my ring. I couldn’t even believe it,” Reyes said by telephone Tuesday from his home in Mililani, Hawaii, more than 4,800 miles from Hialeah. “I don’t know how it got all the way across the country….

More Here

Legislative Aide RJ Hampton… The Next American Idol? Singing to US House Rep. Dennis Kucinich… The Video

I was just sent a message from someone giving me a heads up to this video that was posted on youtube on October 1st, 2007.

This is  Councilwoman Naeole’s Legislative Aide RJ Hampton, singing a campaign song to US House Representative Dennis Kucinich.

The words are also very interesting if I can say the least:


(I understand that she was involved in the Kehena rescue… so don’t jump all over me please)

Today’s Other Idiot

I don’t normally follow things like this… but this second idiot today kind of cracks me up and especially the way the report was written.  I’m pretty sure I know this exact location of the pier and I can just picture this happening in my head.

“…Women Survives Crash, Says She Was Sober

A car plunged into Honolulu Harbor early Monday morning near Pier 36……Witnesses told police it looked like a James Bond movie……The woman driving the car was OK and said she was sober. However, she did not explain why she drove into the water…

Full article here

Are “Close-Up” Photos of Police Wrong or Illegal?

This quote is from the new Big Island  Police Chief…

…When police arrived, the blogger took a “close-up photo” of Officer Jennifer Lee…”

So we are allowed to take pictures of Police Officers… Just not “Close-ups”?

I don’t understand.  My camera was on Zoom from taking a close up of another picture already.   I was at least 30-50 feet away from the officer when I took the picture of her getting out of her car?

Is using a zoom on your camera now considered “rude”?

Anyone that views the picture can tell it’s a “Close-up” however they can tell the picture is taken from at least 30-40 feet.

Things that make you say hmm?

What’s more scary?

A person taking stealth pictures inside the Post Office because they are mad at a long line… or a person who is taking quite obvious pictures of the outside of the building looking at ADA compliance?

Is Big Island Weekly Also Switching to Online Format? Is it the Big Island “WEAKLY”?

I’m checking out the Big Island Weekly online edition and something jumps out at me:

The first two “News” items CAN’T  be found in full in the Print edition as they have online videos attached to them.

The Win Hawaii House article… I even warned Tiffany ahead of time that it’s under investigation!  YET, the BIW ran the article 3 weeks later as if it’s something real.

It’s bogus!

Even Tiffany herself on her blog on DECEMBER 10th wrote:

“I’m leaving it up for now and calling it a “Puna Feature.” I am trying to get a hold of Sherri Smith and John Williams to ask them their response to allegations that this is a possible scam. Once I receive their response, I will post it on my website and include it in another story I am working on for another publication. Thanks for the heads up, Damon.”

Interesting comments have been left below that article explaining how bogus it is and that BIW should be investigated for running something like that.

Then 2 of the next 3 articles that appeared previously on “The Big Island Chronicle”.

There are only 5 “News” items listed.  2 Videos and 2 blogs (one of which needs to be retracted next week due to mis-information)

I wonder how the BIW advertisers that pay good money to have their ads displayed in the paper feel about the paper running videos and incorrect articles?

This is nothing against the writers of the paper at all.  More against the whole thought process that goes on behind the BIW when they are publishing their paper.

My biggest worry… is that they are just stringing  along reporters by reprinting posts, and then when they find another writer… they just cut ties with that writer.  That does seem to be Stephens Media Method of Operation.

My guess is that the Big Island Weekly will be an Online format within the next 2 years.