Hawaii Chapter of the SPJ Honors Cartoonist Corky Trinidad

Dave Briscoe, president of Hawaii Chapter of the Society of  Professional Journalists (SPJ), gives a tribute to Corky Trinidad during the annual awards banquet June 26, 2009, at the Dole Ballrooms. Then, Briscoe presents a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Trinidad’s son Lorenzo and wife Hana.


Anyone notice that the Star-Bulletin has been putting clips on youtube?  I find it ironic that I’m the first viewer of this clip and readers of this blog can view it before the Star-Bulletin readers can.

The Big Island Weekly was using youtube as well… but as I look at the number of views each clip had… I sure hope they didn’t invest a lot of money into that venture and it doesn’t look like they have been adding much of late at all.

The Honolulu Agonizer – Burl Burlingame

For those of you who know the scoops… you know the scoops on the Newspaper War that happened and is still pretty much happening on Oahu.

For those of you don’t… well I’m not gonna go into it too much because it’s not really my story to tell.

But needless to say long time reporter and writer Burl Burlingame does not like the Honolulu Advertiser.

So much that he dislikes the advertiser, that he now has his own site that parodies the name “The Honolulu Agonizer


I’ve added his “Blog” or to the Oahu section of my blogroll.

He’s got access to much of the pictures that the Star-Bulletin has covered over the years.  Well he had access until Gannett snatched up the majority of the collection, but that’s a whole nother story for him to tell you.

Here’s a picture he posted of Star-Bulletin from 1920’s:

Here’s a promotional ad for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin when the paper was riding high in the 1920s. The irony is that the circulation was far, far less then than it is now… Burl Burlingame on “Better Days at the Star-Bulletin“.


BIVN EXCLUSIVE: Star-Bulletin Reporter Rod Thompson Interview on Todays Neighbor Island News Bureaus Being Closed Down Today… The Video

Today, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin closes its Big Island Bureau, laying off long time bureau chief Rod Thompson.

…In this video filmed on Thursday, Thompson reflects on his decades of Hawaii County journalism as he clears out his Kinoole Street office…

Click Here for Exclusive Video of Rod Thompson’s Reflections on the closure and other past stories of his covering the StarBulletin.

“…Now a days thirty years later, were into a world of blogs and blogs are so much opinion and they start right often with the opinion without getting out the facts…”

Ouch Rod! Just playing… Best of wishes to Rod and I hope you start a blog soon. Let me know if you would like assistance in starting one, because we sure could use someone like you writing a blog.