Renowned Big-Wave Surfer Milton Willis Charged with DUI and Manslaughter

A renowned big-wave surfer who was allegedly speeding and drunk when he crashed a car in Del Mar last year, killing his 24-year-old passenger, has been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and DUI, authorities said Monday.

Michael and Milton Willis

Michael and Milton Willis

A $500,000 arrest warrant has been issued for Milton Willis in connection with the June 6 crash that killed Bradley Dillahunty of Laguna Niguel, said Steve Walker, a spokesman for the San Diego County district attorney’s office…

Willis and his brother, Michael Willis, grew famous in the surfing community for mastering dangerously large waves in Hawaii in the 1970s. The two have written several instructional and inspirational books and currently run a Solana Beach-based surfing school.

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In this video shot 4 months ago, the Willis brothers sing the song “Nothin to Fear”:


You can view more of the brothers clips here.

All the Superbowl Commercials… Just One Place has put all the Superbowl Commercials in one nice easy to find place to look at.  Here is the list of commercial from this years Superbowl 2009:

The Pro Bowl Sucks… It’s All About the Party

This is the first year in many years that I wasn’t able to be in Waikiki for the annual Pro Bowl Block party that they hold in Waikiki the weekend of the Pro Bowl.

It’s even more sad to know that it may not ever come back again.

Here are some videos from the block party that I missed!

“A Touch of Gold” (Keao Low of  “A Touch of Gold” was my neighbor on Oahu for about 7 years):



Miss Hawaii USA Ariana Chew:


NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders:



The funny thing is… the game normally sucks.  It’s all about the party!

“The future of the Pro Bowl: The Pro Bowl Sucks”


Tomorrow: Department of Parks and Recreation Announces Track Meets

Media Release

The Dept. of Parks and Recreation has scheduled its 2009 Track & Field program for
February 7 & 21, 2009, at both East and West Hawaii sites simultaneously. The
Konawaena High School Track Oval will be utilized for the West Hawaii meets, while
the site for the East Hawaii meets will be at the Keaau High School Track Oval.
February 7, 2009, will be for the Age Group Track and Field meet. February 21, 2009, will be the All Comers Track and Field meet. The exponent meet will not be used this year.
1. Participants will be limited to 3 events, one of which shall be a field event. Relays
are included in the events. Be sure chosen events are listed in participants
division. Any participant competing in excess of three events will automatically
be disqualified from those events.
2. Once again only registered coaches and athletes of individual events will be
allowed on the track once the meet begins. Coaches will be given passes to enter
the oval. Passes must be turned in once the meet is over. 5 passes maximum. 2
coaches per event.
Enclosed in packet are:
1. Entry forms for girls and boys for the Age Group and All Comers Meets.
2. Waiver forms, which can be duplicated, for each participant.
3. Reminders.
For more information please call Mason Souza at 961-8735 ext. 25, or email at
Packets can be accessed by going on-line:

The Department of Parks and Recreation will be hosting its annual track and field meets for youngsters 6 through 14 years of age. The schedule is as follows:
Age Group Track & Field meet
Dates: Saturday, February 7, 2009
Sites: West Hawaii – Konawaena High School track oval
East Hawaii – Keaau High School track oval
All Comers Track & Field meet
Dates: Saturday, February 21, 2009
Sites: West Hawaii – Konawaena High School track oval
East Hawaii – Keaau High School track oval
Time for both meets:
9:00 am – Start of field events
10:30 am – Approximate starting time for track events. Track & field
events will run simultaneously.
All students should check with their school first to see if a track program is offered.

For More Information,  Sign Ups and Coaches Meeting information click here.

Pahoa JV Basketball Team Starts Off Season Undefeated

Pahoa High Schools Junior Varsity team has won an impressive 8 games in a row staying unbeaten at the time of this blog.  Tonight is their homecoming game against St. Joseph.


Tonight they are playing the always tough St. Joseph Team:


The game was just tipping off when I got there.


The game was close in the first quarter.


I left at the beginning of the second quarter but there was still lots of basketball to be played.


St. Joseph has always been known as a fairly good basketball team, I wonder what the outcome of this game ended up being.  It did appear the St. Joseph was taking the lead, but anything can happen in basketball and there was a lot of time left on the clock.


Win or lose tonights game, it doesn’t really matter to me.  The kids are all winners and the fact that they have started off the season undefeated should be recognized.  Congratulations Dagger JV Basketball Team.

The Real Reason Sumo Wrestlers Get So Big

I knew there had to be a way these guys got “Hungry”:

Sumo wrestlers with pot bellies, yes. Sumo wrestlers with pot? Now that’s harder to grapple with.

In the past six months, four wrestlers have been kicked out of the ancient sport for allegedly smoking marijuana, creating the biggest drugs-in-sports scandal that Japan has ever seen…

…Sumo aficionados like to note that former grand champion Musashimaru, of Hawaii, had a 10 p.m. curfew…



…But that is changing…

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Transexual Who Won the Right to Compete as Women in Hawaii Now Facing More Discrimination in Chicago

In 2001, Tammy Wronski won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Tammy Wronski

Tammy Wronski

…A canoe racing group has reversed itself and no longer will demand that transsexuals who want to compete in paddling clubs submit to DNA tests to determine their sex.

The decision, recorded in the minutes of a May meeting of the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, comes after two transsexual women filed complaints with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission over the racing association’s decision that they would have to submit to DNA testing before being allowed to compete on women’s paddling teams…

Here is the new case revolving around Mr./Mrs. Wronski:

A Chicago Ridge resident – born a man but now a woman – says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.

You can’t put it any simpler than Tammy Wronski, 49, herself does.

“I do have a vagina downstairs,” she said.

In 2001, she won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Another member, Janice Mazany, says she is traumatized every time she sees Wronski in the women’s locker room…

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Mainland High School Kid Wrestles Under False Name at Iolani Classic

…Crater High School’s Greg Haga, the architect of one of Oregon’s most successful prep wrestling programs, has been barred from coaching by the Oregon School Activities Association for the remainder of this school year and all of the next.

At a holiday tournament in Hawaii, Haga allowed an academically ineligible athlete to compete under a false name, District 6 Superintendent Randy Gravon said by phone Tuesday…

…The athlete in question, who was not identified, was academically ineligible to compete at the time of the incident and was awaiting the beginning of a new term before being allowed back. He is eligible now.

Athletes raised money to compete at the Iolani Invitational, held in Honolulu from Dec. 29-31. The athlete in question traveled with team — not expecting to wrestle but rather to take part in team functions, Gravon said. Once in Hawaii, Gravon said, Haga saw that the tournament was not being run according to strict standards, and he registered the athlete under a false name

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Tad Fujikawa’s Father Pleads Guilty for Meth Trafficking


The father of local teen golf sensation Tadd Fujikawa pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree methamphetamine trafficking Tuesday…
…In a plea agreement worked out with prosecutors, Fujikawa now faces between a year and 10 years in prison….

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Video Proof of George St. Pierre Getting Vaseline Applied

The video of the corner action between rounds 1 and 2 of the recent BJ Penn/George St. Pierre fight:


George St. Pierre Speaks About the Fight… Video


Did George St. Pierre Cheat Against BJ Penn… The Poll

People have been complaining from the time the fight was over that George St. Pierre cheated and used Vaseline to grease up his body.  These pictures certainly are damaging:


Cagewriter blogs:

“…It’s pretty clear by watching the video that Nurse had some Vaseline on his hands when he rubbed St. Pierre’s shoulders, back and chest between the first and second rounds.

Why is that a big deal in mixed martial arts? It’s significant because of all the grappling and maneuvering that takes place on the ground. St. Pierre was on top of Penn in the second round and the Hawaiian tried several times to shift his legs up to work for a triangle choke or an armbar. Grip and some friction is huge in these cases and a slippery fighter would make it more difficult to lock on one of those holds. Above you can see, Nurse apply Vaseline to GSP’s face, then get more Vaseline, then rub his shoulders, arms and back…”

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BJ Penn vs. George St. Pierre: Sports Illustrated Covering Fight

This Saturday will be probably the biggest fight in UFC history as Hilo’s own BJ Penn takes on Canada’s George St. Pierre.


BJ Penn's Academy in Hilo

You know MMA is getting big when Sports Illustrated is covering it.  They just came out with the following article:

Against St. Pierre, Penn eyes second belt, new chapter in history.”

There are thousands of blogs and articles about this, so I won’t blog to much about it.

I hope BJ kicks his ass!

You can see pictures of BJ’s Gym that I took last week here.

BJ Penn's full scale ring in the basement of his academy

BJ Penn's full scale ring in the basement of his academy

“What he’s doing for the youth of Hawaii, he’s trying to send them in the right direction,” Valentino said. “What’s he’s done for the people of Hawaii is to give them hope that you can be champion in anything you do.”

During the 1920s, that distinction belonged to a slender Japanese emigrant, Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki. Combining different arts into an effective form of self-defense and fighting, Okazaki met many challengers along the way who aimed to test their style against his: a mixture of boxing, Japanese jujitsu and the ancient Hawaiian art of bone breaking, the Lua.

A hotbed of jujitsu, thanks to a significant number of Japanese workers toiling on the Big Island’s plantations, Hilo was Okazaki’s fighting epicenter. In 1922, he faced the toughest match of his life. British boxer Carl “Kayo” Morris traveled to the islands in search of mixed-discipline bouts. After roughing up several local fighters, Morris came across Okazaki, whom he battered in the first of six three-minute rounds. However, the Japanese fighter survived a broken nose before putting the boxer out with an injured arm. The victory propelled Okazaki into hallowed ground, and helped establish a new style of martial arts, Danzan-Ryu jujitsu… Sports Illustrated


Inside BJ Penn’s Academy… Pictures

I made it into Hilo for a couple of things today, one of them was a quick stop by the BJ Penn Academy.


If you haven’t been to the location, it’s located at 639 Kinoole in  the Old Hilo Macaroni Factory.


As you enter the facility, there is a gift shop to the right which sells all kinds of BJPenn Merchandise.


On the ground level floor you see lots of modern cardio equipment.


High tech modern equipment and other fitness machines are all part of the BJPenn Academy.


The real magic happens beyond this door:

Door Leading to Basement

Door Leading to Basement

In the basement you will find most of the good stuff.


They have a full size ring where obviously the hard core training takes place.


I found myself climbing into the ring just for the heck of it.


After checking out the ring, I looked at the Muy Thai and Kick Boxking facilities.


He’s fighting one of his biggest fights of his careers next week on the 31st against George St. Pierre.


I hope he wins the fight and becomes a two championship belt holder.

It was a cool experience and the last time I was in there I got to talk with BJ’s brother about possibly enrolling my son when he’s a bit older.

Of course they start the kids on the mats like these:


And work their way up to the real thing:


To check out BJ’s home page, click here.

Surfings Darkside on the North Shore – New York Times NEW Video


Many people still remember this beat down by a famous local surfer that is featured in this NY Times piece:


Here is the movie trailer to “Busting Down the Door”


Hawaii Castaways Disc Club – Big Island Open This Weekend at Mackenzie Park


2009 Big Island Open
Mackenzie State Park – January 23, 24 & 25, 2009

You are invited to Hawai’i for the 2009 Big Island Open starting on Friday January 23, 2009. with Afternoon Doubles to start at 2:00 PM. Last year we had a great turn out. This year we are expecting for it to be even bigger. So register early.

Friday Afternoon Late registration and 18 hole Doubles Round at beautiful Mackenzie State Park on the Puna Coast. Camping is available at MacKenzie State Park.
Friday Evening Party featuring catered food and drink with The Dave Seawater Band performing.

Saturday morning Players Meeting at 8AM sharp. Two 18 hole rounds Saturday the 24th at Mackenzie State Park. Catered Breakfast and Sandwich Lunch are available. Entertainment and catered dinner to follow second round.

Sunday morning Players Meeting at 8AM. 27 holes at Mackenzie State Park. Light breakfast and lunch then Pizza, Mehana beverage, fun games and awards ceremonies.

Entry fees:
Pro open all divisions: $50.00
Amateur all divisions: $35.00
Non PDGA players add $10.00

Late Registration: $10.00 for registrations received after January 12th, 2009. Note: All late registration fees will not be added to the Pro purse. It will go to HCDC.
Food & Beverages: $75 for the entire weekend.. *Price subject to change.

Online Credit Card Registration Link for Big Island Open

Printable Mail-in Registration for Big Island Open


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Hawaiian Ultra Running Team… 100 Miles of Craziness Being Completed Now!


I got to give props to members of the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT).  I could never do a Marathon less yet run 100 miles in the conditions that they are running in right now.

They are currently finishing the race now as I blog this.

The results are being posted here (Click on View Runners Table for current results).

Their name implies exactly what I would be feeling if I tried to do some of the runs these buggahs do.  I would be “Hurtin and Hurling!”.

If anyone has ever driven around Tantalus, they know how extreme this little run could be.

There are three legs to each lap of the course that surrounds Tantalus Mountain on Oahu.  You can see the actual course here.

For more info on HURT check out the blog here.

This video trailer shows a small piece of the 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Trail Race. The H.U.R.T. 100 is conducted each January on the Mauka Trail System above Honolulu, Hawaii. Heather Spencer and Don Fallis captured the race featuring pre and post race interview.


Tad Fujikawa Sony Highlights and Interview from Amazing Day

Tad Fujikawa had an amazing day.

He has fought some incredible odds and his father sure hasn’t helped things.

Here is an excellent video of today’s Tad highlights and an interview that follows.


Wagner Removes Himself as Candidate for UH Hilo Athletic Director

I blogged yesterday that former UH Football coach Bob Wagner was in contention for UH Hilo’s Athletic Director position, well he has pulled out of the race.

Hat tip to Dave Reardons Sports Extra:

I have been honored to be a finalist for the University at Hilo Athletic director position, but I have removed myself as a candidate…

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Today’s KO

It’s not really a KO… but USC player Rey Maualuga might be facing a few team penalites for this little gig at the Rose Bowl yesterday: