Parent Workshop – “Social Media, Media, and Sex: Opportunities, Solutions, and Challenges Facing Kids and Teens and What Parents Can Do”

Hawaii Preparatory Academy welcomes Justine Finn, director of Relation-Shift, for a free parent workshop, Social Media, Media, and Sex: Opportunities, Solutions, and Challenges Facing Kids and Teens and What Parents Can Do.

Justine Finn

The interactive workshop, which runs about 90 minutes, begins at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8, at the schoolʻs Gates Performing Arts Center (Upper Campus). All community members are invited to attend.

“Teens in the United States spend an average of nine hours a day on a screen, not including for school or homework,” says Finn. “Socializing, exploring identity, and dating often occur between texts and social media, raising new challenges and positive opportunities.”

As young people begin engaging in romantic and intimate relationships, many experience violence, abuse, and harassment. How can parents guide, empower and mentor their children to engage in healthy media and relationship behaviors? Finnʻs workshop will reveal what children are learning about sex, gender, and relationships from social and traditional media, and will provide parents with strategies to address common problems (and opportunities) facing their children and communities.

Finn founded Relation-Shift at the Harvard Innovation Lab after receiving the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education Entrepreneurship in Education Award. Relation-Shift works with middle and high schools to address relationship and sexual violence amongst middle and high-school aged youth. For the past 10 years, Finn has worked to advance the equality of women and men, focusing on creating inclusive workplaces and school cultures and developing the capacity of young people to engage in healthy relationships. Finn facilitates classes, workshops, and seminars across the country on gender, media representation, and the prevention of sexual and relationship violence and bullying.

For more information, visit, or call 808-881-4002.

Hawaiian Electric Companies Launch Facebook Page and Social Media Power Sweekstakes

The Hawaiian Electric Companies – Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric, and Hawaii Electric Light – launched their Facebook page:

Hawaiian Electric Companies Facebook page

We will be posting daily, offering safety and clean energy tips, updates on community events, and the latest information on our companies and employees.

Kicking off the launch is our Power Sweepstakes, a social media-based contest open to Hawaii residents 21 years and older. The sweepstakes asks that our customers “Like” the Hawaiian Electric Facebook page, as well as follow its Twitter accounts, for chances to win prize bundles that include an Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad mini , and solar-charging backpacks.

Details and official rules for the Power Sweepstakes rules may be found at

On Feb. 19, 2014, Hawaiian Electric launched twitter accounts for its three companies:

Hawaiian Electric Company (Oahu) @HwnElectric
Maui Electric Company @MauiElectric
Hawaii Electric Light @HIElectricLight

Outage notifications are being tweeted on @HwnElectric using the hashtag #OahuOutage.

The Hawaiian Electric Companies can also be found on the following social networks:


Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim Getting Into Social Media

Well you know times are changing when former Mayor Harry Kim is using social media as a campaign tool as he runs for mayor again.

A few days ago he “friended” me on Facebook through his Facebook page: Harry Kim

And today I noticed that on July 9th he set up a Youtube Channel: Harry Kim

A Google Hangout With the Oceanic Time Warner Social Media Hui

Yesterday, the Greenhouse in Honolulu hosted the Oceanic Time Warner Social Media Hui (OCHui) and its second meeting.  The first meeting was held at Oceanic’s headquarters on February 3, 2012.

Members of the "OCHui" listen to Peter Kay talk about social media and increasing the visibility of Oceanic Time Warner while chowing down lunch at "The Greenhouse".

I wasn’t able to attend yesterday’s meeting in person, however, I was introduced to a new program called Google Hangout which allowed me to attend the meeting virtually using my web camera and internet connection to connect to the meeting remotely from the Big Island of Hawaii.

A brief synopsis of a “hangout” from Googles website:

Bumping into friends while you’re out is one of the best parts of going out and about. With Hangouts, spontaneity hits the web. Whether you’re home in your pajamas or hitting the streets with your mobile phone, video hangouts let you bring up to 9 people into your world. It’s the next best thing to everyone being there.

Most folks have heard of or used programs such as Skype to do free video conferencing, however, I really liked this Google Hangout program for a few reasons of course the number one reason was that it allowed for a free video conference to be done from one island to another without the transportation cost and time that flying to Oahu would have required.

Here is a quick screen shot of what I was looking at most of the time… I could open and close individual windows but I wanted to keep my mug on the screen just to remind me not to do anything socially unacceptable and just to remind me that I was on camera!

My view of the meeting

According to the Google Hangout specifications, you can bring up to nine people in on a video conference.  I can really see this as a great money savings tool here in the State of Hawaii where travel costs and time in general spent on travel is a huge part of each counties budgets.

The “Hangout” that we created was a secured hangout that only folks that were invited by the person creating the Hangout would be allowed to participate in.

Here are the members that attended and a link to their facebook pages:

Mike Sumida, Russ Sumida, Greg Yamane, Tara D. Coomans, Rob Bertholf, Peter Kay, Damon Tucker, Jerome Koehler, Jared I. Kuroiwa, John Garcia, Burt Lum, Doc Rock, Kiman Wong and Yasuo Ogawa

Kirk Izawa talked about Oceanic’s new device which allows your house to basically be an “Intelligent Home” where you can physically set up a few cameras in your house for under a couple $100 bucks and be able to do things like watch the inside of your house from your mobile device.

Click for more information

My immediate thought was about the invasion of privacy issue and who else could possibly access the cameras in my house if I were to get one, however Izawa assured the Hui that only the folks that owned the system would have access to the system.

Greg Yamane over at Pulp Connection writes:

… At the core of this is home security. That’s what really matters. If something’s going down in my home, I don’t necessarily want the ability to watch it in real time. I want someone to react in real time and act on the potential incident/intrusion. If I’m going to dish out monthly for this service, I want to rest assured that safety and security are paramount. The whiz bang tech is secondary… More here “Random ocHui Thoughts

Getting back to the Google “Hangout” there were other benefits of using the program like the fact that as the notes were being taken using the Google Document’s program… I could access them at anytime and print them out at any point during the meeting.

I had no problem seeing or viewing the person who was speaking, but I would suggest that an external mic be brought in to use as I wasn’t able to hear most of the comments that were being said by others simply because the computer that was on that end of the receiving end of things was turned to the speaker and not the audience.

Ed Sugimoto (@WorldWideEd) spoke briefly about a Beta trial of a “Hotspot Loaner” program and there was also talks of a Micro-Sponsoring program where Oceanic would help out certain organizations possibly with internet connectivity during certain activities.  I was able to somehow squeeze in the Pahoa Community Center as a place to be looked at for micro-sponsoring.

While this group is still small and just starting out… we hope to be making a difference in many peoples lives soon enough.

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 18th and unfortunately it is an invite only meeting.

How Cool is This… Damon Tucker: Featured Blogger

I’m not gonna beat around the bush… I’m blushing a bit that Social Media extraordinaire Jasmine Guevara featured me as her first “Featured Blogger” on her site “Community Connect“.

I met Jasmine through Twitter for her love of coffee… as you can tell by her Twitter “Alias” @coffee tweets.

I later bumped into her on Oahu a few weeks later when I was doing some other stuff up on Oahu.

While folks like me just love to blog for fun… folks like her get to use her social media skills for a living!

Mahalo Ms. Guevara for featuring me on your blog!

Maybe some day, someone will see the value in blogs and I’ll get paid for what I do!

Survey Says… Find the Demographics of Your Audience

I noticed that both the Kona Blog and My Hawaiian Home are running surveys right now to figure out their demographics of their audiences.

I posted a survey like these more then a year ago entitled “Survey Says” and I’m not sure how much it really helped me define my audience… But feel free to take it if you haven’t already.

Maybe I should run another one as my blog was fairly new then and I know I have a lot of Oahu readers.

Recently the following was mentioned at the Envision Hawaii Conference about finding the demographics of your audience:


I know first hand what the folks on this panel are talking about in the following clip as I know many PR firms have begun to turn to my blog as way to get out information to the public in a cheaper more timely manner… and when I say cheaper… should I just say FREE!


My Interview With ESPN Talk Radio About the Blackballing Incident


@joshontheradio was kind enough to allow me a few minutes on ESPN Talk Radio the other day on his sports show that is broadcast throughout the Big Island.

On today’s episode, we talk about the USA Amateur Boxing event with Anthony Pagan and his boxers, the DPW/Bis Island Blog controversy with Damon Tucker of Damon Tuckers Blog, our Sport Up! Spotlight with Lyle Crozier, including questions on the future of the BIIF, and we go Running with the Big Dog, Wayne Joseph!

“Never Doubt That A Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change The World” by Margaret Mead


Aaron Stene, of the Kona Blog,  had a pre-recorded interview that was on the following day that you can listen to here 3/12/09.