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Just another day for TK over at Skydive Hawaii:


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s Skydive Hawaii Kid

Check out this skydiving clip uploaded by Skydive Hawaii Kid:


All footage was taken from two skydives made on Saturday morning, the 8th of September 2012.

Skydiving Again on the North Shore of Oahu with Skydive Hawaii – First Skydiving Company in the World to Go Digital

On Saturday I had an opportunity to skydiving again with Skydive Hawaii.

The first thing that I noticed when I got to the dropzone, was that Skydive Hawaii has gone digital with their check-in process which allows for literally no waste of paper during the check in process.

Electronic signatures required… and yes… you may die skydiving, however, I say it’s safer then driving on Oahu!

The first time I went skydiving… I have to be honest in that I was totally nervous.  Now after skydiving a few times… the nerves are still there… but at least the butterflies have left!

The last time I went skydiving, I set a Hawaii Tandem RECORD for the highest tandem jump where we jumped from 21,000 feet (4 miles ups) and had to use oxygen tanks.  The temperature at that altitude was said to be negative 57 degrees below zero!

Tuck and roll baby here we go!

This latest jump was said to be at about 12,000 – 13,000 feet so it wasn’t nearly as scary as the last one.

See the “Aloha”?

Here is a video of me getting my groove on again!


I’d like to thank the friendly staff at Skydive Hawaii for hooking me up with the pictures and DVD of my jump.  I’d also like to thank Sonny, T.K., Frank, Bryan and Nelson for taking care of me while I was out there!

I still can’t wait to skydive on the Big Island with Hawaii Island Skydiving!

Hawaii Island Skydiving

Click for more information


Hawaii Skydivers “Swoop” Into Waimea Bay

I just noticed this video uploaded by Youtube user “hillkdogg” entitled “Waimea Swoop”.

These are trained professionals and the guy that goes in the water at the beginning of the video is the same guy I was strapped to when I set a Hawaii State tandem altitude jump with Skydive Hawaii.


An Update on the Skydiving and Parks and Recreation Situation

I mentioned the other day how skydivers were having difficulty getting permits to jump and threatened with arrest if they were to do so.

It now appears that there was some mix up in communication and that skydivers will be allowed to jump only on one day (JULY 4th) during a thirty minute time interval.

I received the following email this morning from the owner of the company:

…After all the fuss about no insurance, they are going to allow up to 10 skydivers into ballpark 5 between 4:30 and 5:00PM for one skydive, but still no tandem skydiving, as that is commercial activity…

So needless to say… I won’t be jumping this weekend as I’ve only tandem skydived before.

Me freefalling with Skydive Hawaii

So you Kona folks make sure you look up into sky between 4:30 and 5:00 and check-out the skydivers that will be dropping in on your town!

Hawaii County Parks and Recreation Department Threatens Skydivers With Being Arrested

Well I’m a bit bummed!  I was invited to go tandem skydiving with Skydive Hawaii on the Kona side of the island on Friday but it now looks like I won’t be going due to some tight restrictions and a threat of arrest!

I received the following in an email today from the owners of Skydive Hawaii:

…we’re being shut down for tandems and it  looks like sport skydivers will be arrested. It doesn’t seem that the City will allow us to tandem, as there is not any insurance which we can name them as additional insured.  I have told the County Parks Director that all the skydivers have 3rd party liability insurance through their membership in USPA (United States Parachute Association), but it now does not meet their requirements.

Even though DLNR says the skydivers are free to land their parachutes on the beach next to the Old Kona Airport Park, County of Hawaii Department of Parks and Recreation Director, Robert Fitzgerald, has threatened skydivers with arrest if they then attempt to walk onto the Old Kona Airport Park for egress from the beach. He likened me to a drug dealer trying to find a place to operate.  I thought that the skydivers on the Big Island would be able to enjoy one of their favorite sports on their own island, as they invited me to come over to provide air support which would allow the to use the DZ (Drop Zone) which they have used for some 30 years.

We did fly the flag today we intended to fly over for the 4th.  I have attached a couple of photos.  We’ll have to take you up for another skydive another time another place it seems.  Everyone who has jumped with us in the last month from the Big Island has said that they have friends on Hawaii who would love to skydive, but can’t make the trip. Please extend my sincere apologies to all those who read your blog and had interest in skydiving.

*UPDATE* the following email was sent to Mr. Fitzgerald as well as the Mayor’s office from the owner of the company.

Aloha Mr Fitzgerald,

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you last Friday.  During this conversation you likened my legal profession to that of a drug dealer and further threatened to arrest any skydivers leaving from property on which we can lawfully land their parachutes.  Would you please provide me the authority under which you can both threatened to and have citizens arrested for simply walking on public property?

Blue skies,

Frank Hinshaw

Skydive Kona Corp

Skydiving Comes to the Big Island for a Limited Time Only!

I began the year by jumping out of a airplane with Skydive Hawaii.

Now it looks like other Big Island folks will have a limited chance to skydive here on the Big Island in a few weeks.

…Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is skydiving planned at the Old Kona Airport Park and beach, July 2 to 5, 2010.  This will be an opportunity for the skydivers of the Big Island to enjoy the sport they love, close to where they live.  Additionally, many of the skydivers from Oahu and Maui have never made a skydive on Hawaii and are looking forward to the opportunity.  A Big Island RW record (Relative Work is making formations during freefall) jump is planned with 10 skydivers using 2 aircraft flying in formation.  Look for a large US flag flying over Kona on the 4th of July!  There may be opportunity for limited tandem skydiving during this period, if there is a demand.  If people are interested, $165 plus tax for a tandem skydive, $25 for licensed solo skydivers.  Please direct interested people to contact me at, to make reservation or for more information.  All jumpers must be over 18, weigh 200 pounds or less and execute our standard liability release.  Taking off from Kona International, the jumps will be made at 9,000 to 10,000 feet and Old Kona Airport Park is the intended landing area…

Jumping Into 2010 With Skydive Hawaii

So I just got back from another adventure filled trip to Oahu.

Oahu's North Shore

This time I did something that I never thought I would ever do in my entire life… and that is jumping out of an airplane in midair.


I had an opportunity to go Skydiving for free with Skydive Hawaii and I wasn’t gonna let my fears say no to this, despite the fact that I could have died doing this activity… and people have.

I was planning on doing this the very last day of 2009, however, Oahu had a mean storm come in that day and the winds were too much and so we weren’t able to jump on that day.

January 1st, 2010 a Perfect Day for Skydiving

Which when I tweeted it out… that it got canceled, I almost had to laugh when people tweeted me back that I would get to live to see the end of the year.

Part of the Contract

So I celebrated New Years Eve in fear of dieing the next day skydiving. Anyone that knows me… knows that I have a weak stomach when it comes to heights and this really is kind of out my character.

One of Many Skydive Hawaii Vans

The Skydive Hawaii van picked me up from the Waikiki Resort Hotel on  January 1st, 2010 at 10:00 in the morning and we made our way out to the North Shore.

Parachuters on the North Shore

We then watched a short video that was available in both Japanese and English.

Watching a video on what we were about to do

Before signing away our lives.

My Group of Brave Folks

They let us know that we could go outside and that our names would be called when they were ready to gear us up.  In the meantime… I spent my time watching the packers packing the chutes!

Packing a Chute

When I later had the opportunity to ask the owner about the chutes and why the instructors were not packing their own chutes, he let me know that it was because the instructors have confidence in the packers and it allows them more time in the actual air w/ clients.

Professional "Packers"

I was surprised to hear that the Skydive Hawaii folks were giving me a full package which meant that someone else would risk their life just to take pictures and video of me jumping!

It was my turn to jump and we climbed into the plane… my guts saying its still not to late to back out of this.

At the point of no return

Part of the thrill of this whole experience was the plane ride in itself.  I can’t believe I was sitting right next to the door that was wide open the entire flight!

Holding on for dear life!

And we took off…

Taking Off

And we climbed…

View over airfield

Higher and Higher…

Gaining Altitude

I was feeling quite nervous almost like I was gonna get sucked out of the plane as we kept getting higher and higher.

Northern Tip of Oahu

When we reached 13,000 feet, it was time to get strapped in and ready to jump.

Time to go

We rocked once to the left and then back to the right and  just flew out of the plane!

Out the door

We must have done a free fall for at least 20 seconds.

I'm falling!

The whole time I’m sure I was cussing up a storm!

Instructor puts us into a spin!

After the instructor did a few cool tricks with me like spinning me around a few times and doing some other crazy stuff… He finally tapped me on my shoulders and told me to put my arms out.

Whoo Hoo!

Then that’s when it was really cool and felt like I was actually flying!

Oh me... this is too fun! But my face is getting smushed to my brain!

I had pretty much forgotten about the cameraman when all of a sudden out of nowhere in midair he showed up right in my face.

Now I'm flying!

Of course throwing a “Shaka” at 200 mph is not the easiest thing to do.

Hardest "Shaka" I ever through

I was doing my best to hang in there… but I really started having weird thoughts… Like oh crap… I hope the chute actually opens!

Still fun... but praying the chute will open

I don’t know how long we were free falling… but I began to get a bit scared and started calling for the instructor to pull the rip cord already!

I'm actually yelling at the top of my lungs to pull the cord... and if he couldn't hear me... I was also motioning for him to pull the damn cord already! I'm sure he hears that all the time... but the ground started approaching very fast... and that chute still wasn't open!

The instructor had an altimeter watch on so he knew when was the right time… and despite me yelling and begging for him to pull the cord… it still took awhile for him to hear me dangit!

Finally the Rip Cord is Pulled

The instructor pulled the rip cord and the parachute opened up!!!

It's Open!

I was immediately relieved to know that chute was open!

At this point... I know I'm gonna live... Just now worried about the landing!

From here on down… it was just a beautiful glide down.

Smooth Sailing

I didn’t know where the cameraman went that was shooting pictures of me… nor did I care at that point… as I was feeling pretty “high” on life!

What a view!

The instructor did a few loops in the air which really got my stomach churning.


As we got closer to the ground… it really seemed like we were speeding up and I was prepared for the worst!

Preparing for landing

Getting ready to land

But what I feared the most… doing a face plant or something, simply did not happen and we had a clean landing with both of us on our feet running.

A Perfect Landing

I have never been so happy to touch ground after a plane ride in my life… I received the following certificate of proof of my first jump… which by the way could be used as verification if I ever wanted to jump again that I have done it before… because you know what… EVERYTIME you jump out of an airplane… it is marked as an important day… Even if it’s your 17,214th jump!

First Parachute Jump Certificate Courtesy of Skydive Hawaii

I’d like to thank Skydive Hawaii for this opportunity of a lifetime… (as well as my instructor “JC” for keeping me alive).  I’d also like to thank the Cameraman and Videographer (however, I can’t find the video on this disk) that risked his life taking shots of me.

I’d also like to thank Go! Mokulele Airlines for the travel accommodations and the Waikiki Resort Hotel for the room accommodations and gift package upon arrival.

Oh… and case you are wondering what happened to the photographer/videographer mentioned above.

He ended up landing a few blocks away at the Mokuleia Polo Fields!

The Cameraman's landing at Mokuleia Polo Fields a few blocks away from the intended landing spot!

Happy 2010 everyone… Glad I made it back and will begin to blog again soon.

Next Oahu trip… Jan 24th – 29th.

If You Don’t Get Past the Fear… You Won’t Get the Reward – I’m Jumping Out of a Plane!

I was brought up with a belief that if you don’t get past your fears in life that you will pretty much stay in a victim state of mind.

You see you need to push past your fears to accomplish things in life.

I already mentioned earlier that I took the risk of Ziplining as a “First Client” for a Zipline Tour company that had not even installed their brakes in place.

Well on the last day of this year… I will be going Skydiving courtesy of Skydive Hawaii.

I’ll be expanding more on my pending Oahu trip… If I don’t make it back alive and I do die skydiving… I hereby claim everything that I may own  publicly to my wife.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity… I can’t think of a better way of ending the new year by jumping out of a plane!