Wordless Wednesday – A Sig Zane Surfboard!

How cool is this long-board for sale at Sig Zane Designs!

A Sig Zane Long Board!

Click on this picture below to read more information on the history of this board.

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Sig Zane Rolls Out New Lingerie Collection

Media Release:

Just in time for the 2011 Merrie Monarch, fashion designer Sig Zane has done it all now.  Today Sig Zane Designs released their new SZ Lingerie line of clothing to the world.


Chocolate Uluwehi Keaukaha Ululani Body Piece

Company spokesman Kuhao Zane stated, “We had many requests from folks all around the world asking why we didn’t have an underwear line and so today we introduce SZ Lingerie”.

Sig Zane Designs is based on a strong, simple love. Our designs are wedded to a place, nature and culture, and our values are simple. Honor the land and the native culture. Celebrate excellence and beauty. And share what we know.

“We are just starting with a few garments now to try it out the market and if they become popular we will be adding to the collection.” said Zane.

To view the collection click here: Sig Zane Lingerie

About Sig Zane Designs:

In 1985, Sig Zane Designs opened in Hilo and in 1999, his first neighbor-island store opened in Wailuku, Maui. The staff now numbers 13, including Sig’s son, Kuha’o, a graphic artist.

Company spokeswoman Aprel Fuhller contributed to this article.

So I Took My Wife Ziplining for Her Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday so I took her and a couple of her friends Ziplining at the World Botanical Gardens!

This wasn’t the original Ziplining trip that I had planned, as I was going to take them to the much scarier Umauma ones… however those ones recently were closed due to safety reasons!

This clip is the last zipline there a dual track zipline that’s about 1100 feet long.


After we went ziplining… I tried to take her to the Sig Zane Store to give her a new dress… but they were closed so she will get a rain check on that!

Then we went to Cafe Pesto for lunch where I ordered this Classico Pizza.

Wordless Wednesday – Kuhao, Nalani and Sig

Kuhao Zane (left) celebrates his recent Na Hoku Hanohano Award presented by the Na Hoku Festival for Best Graphics with his parents Nalani and Sig Zane,

From the New York Times:

…Mr. Zane opened his first store in 1985. With its emphasis on Hawaiian design elements, this shop on Kamehameha Avenue is, in its way, the cultural epicenter of Hawaii’s retail world. Dramatic new prints of plants important to the Hawaiians appear in pareus, or Polynesian sarongs. They also show up in aloha shirts, dresses, handbags and even baseball caps…

…Mr. Zane’s background reflects his affinity with Hawaiian culture. He is an accomplished hula dancer, known as a kuma hula, as well as designer. His wife, Nalani Kanakaole, is one of the most revered hula masters in the world. And their son, Kuhao, a vital force in the family business, represents the urban-chic element of a family otherwise rooted in tradition…

Free Sig Zane Bag w/ Purchase During Merrie Monarch Week

I stopped by Sig Zane Designs today to pick-up a “crisp” aloha shirt for this function I will be attending soon, and it turns out I showed up at the right time.

I knew that it would probably be busy in there being the Friday before Merrie Monarch, but I was relatively relieved that it wasn’t overwhelmingly packed.

I’ve mentioned long before they became a sponsor of this blog about how much I dig their clothes.

I finally had a chance to take some pictures of the place that I like to share:

Everything about this place is top notch

The second you walk in the door, you know you are in a special place as it’s just got this warm vibe about it.

Even the front door is beautiful

They have lots of different things in stock.

Womens attire and accessories

I wish I had the money to buy something like this little set-up:

Sweet dreams!

I commented to Kuhao Zane that their dressing rooms were so nice… that someone could live in them.

The most beautiful dressing rooms in all of Hawaii

I told Kuhao that I wanted everything in the store… and if you read this Kuhao… I wasn’t joking and if I could afford it… I swear I’d have one of every of your shirts.

I wish this was my closet!

As I was purchasing the shirts for my family, Kuhao mentioned that this week only, while supplies last, they are giving away free bags with the purchase of Aloha Attire due to the fact that it’s Merrie Monarch week in town.

Kuhao packs my clothes and gives me a FREE BAG which was totally cool!

So needless to say, you have to stop by the store and purchase your gear there to get the free bag, but if you want to shop online, they do have an online store located here:  Sig Zane Designs

I’d like to thank Sig Zane and his Ohana for having a great store right here on the Big Island.

Sig Zane 7th Anniversary Sale… 3 Days Only!

Click for more info