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Another Pahoa Town Business Broken Into

A few days ago, I blogged about the town of Pahoa getting ripped off.

I just got word this morning that another Pahoa Town business was broken into.

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

The Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Properties was broken into apparently around 11:30 last night.

Damage to Wall

Damage to Wall

I received an email from the owner of Island Trust and I immediately went over to take pictures.

Inside of Door

Inside of Door

When I arrived at Island Trust this morning, a worker was already working on repairing the damage and getting the door fixed.


“…Apparently a ‘passerby’ contacted the police last night about 11:30 pm and they went out and made a report (but didn’t attempt to contact me or anyone else…)….instead, one of my agents discovered the smashed front door this morning and called me...”  The Owner of Island Trust said.

Damage to Door

Damage to Door

The front door may need to be replaced, but fortunately the nice stained glassed window on the door can be salvaged.

I went inside and talked to one of the agents.  It did not appear that anything was taken at first glance and there was no real sign of any ransacking or anything.

I noticed a slash in the screen on the window, but apparently that happened previously.

Rip in Screen Window

Rip in Screen Window

I’m glad that the business is relatively safe other then some cosmetic damages.

It’s pissing me off that Pahoa Town is getting hit up like this!

*UPDATE* SEE BOTTOM – Interesting Comment Made on Post Office Incident

I read a comment by blogger Tiffany Edwards on her post about the Post Office incident that I feel needs to be addressed further.

Tiff’s Comments:

Damon: I just learned the officer’s name is Jennifer Lee, and her version of the story is that you were right in her face taking a photograph.”….

Hate to break it to you Tiffany,  but that’s not true at all!

I was not in her face taking a photograph… I took  a photograph of her and another officer arriving at the scene at the same time.  My camera just happened to be pointed at her car.  As she got out of her car… I snapped the picture in question.  Both her and the other officer approached me as she began yelling at me about taking a picture of her.

I politely asked if she would like to see the picture… however, she demanded that I delete it.  I took the camera to her (I was about 4 feet away at the time) and I showed her the viewer and showed her that I was indeed deleting the picture as she requested.

At no time, was I ever in her face!  I might be stupid… but I’m not that dumb.

There were two officers there… a male officer and a female officer… what guy in their sane mind would even attempt to get in the face of a female officer with the male officer standing right next to her.

I’m sorry Ms. Edwards… You know I believe every thing you write and even like to tease you now and then.

Unfortunately, you have only been told the officers version to attempt to protect her own actions and this is not the reality or the truth of what happened.

Anyone want to help me with the retrieval software so that I can get this deleted picture off my card…  It is possible you know!  I just have to figure it out. :oops:


I just read a new comment by Ms. Edwards:

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Classic ) I was giving you grief, Damon.
    Clarification: I’ve not yet heard from Jennifer Lee… She told someone who told me. (I repeated HEARSAY! Oh my Gawd! And I speculated you were in her face with halitosis and all! Oh my Gawd!
    I’m trying to make some light of the situation…

  • damon Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Hearsay Is Bullshit Tiff!

    I didn’t appreciate it.

    If you want respect as a blogger… you might want to tell the facts and not hearsay!

How Hawaii Protected Obama During the Power Outage

Just noticed that Time online ran this interesting article:

How Hawaii Protected Obama During the Power Outage

…Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann ordered the Honolulu police department to beef up patrols in the area around Obama’s beachfront compound while the Hawaiian Electric Company sent a portable generator to the home to ensure that Obama’s family and staff were powered up. “We understand he’s okay in his compound,” said Hannemann, speaking Friday night. “Where he is staying has to be one of the most secure spots on the island.” Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle said an undisclosed branch of the military provided communications equipment to Obama’s security detail while state Civil Defense worked to ensure the generator was operating by 11:30 p.m. Friday night. “We stayed until we were certain that he was all taken care of,” said Lingle…

More Here

42 Stranded in Elevators on Oahu

This is one of my biggest fears in life.  Getting stuck in an elevator during a long power outtage.

…From 6:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., the Honolulu Fire Department helped more than 42 people who were stranded in elevators…

Getting Support From Other Bloggers on Police Incident… Mahalo

The other day I blogged about my incident at the Pahoa Post Office.

I have received numerous support through email, comments on my blog, as well as in person about the situation that occurred Christmas Eve.

What is even more interesting, is the way other bloggers have actually blogged about the incident in ways that I could never fathom.

Oahu Blogger Ian Lind says “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Kauai Attorney, Charley Foster, asked the same question I did “Is it illegal to take pictures outside federal buildings.

Editor and Publisher of Parx News Net writes about my situation like it’s a script straight out of  CSI in “Tracking Trouble“.   However, from reading his blog, it does seem that he likes to be hypocritical of the police often.

I really appreciate the support from everyone on this issue.

It was never my intention to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I hope the police understand the rights of us citizens.

I’m still contemplating filing a report with the police commission and Mayor Kenoi’s office.

Thanks once again to the other bloggers who are also sticking their neck out on the line to report about things… It’s not like I was trying to make an issue… I only became an issue and that’s not what my intent was.

Go! Pilot… “Regularly Napped About Once a Week for About 20 Minutes at a Time While in Flight”

The Go! pilot who fell asleep during a routine flight from Honolulu to Hilo made this astonishing admission:

The captain who fell asleep on a go! Airlines flight to Hilo from Honolulu said he regularly napped about once a week for about 20 minutes at a time while in flight prior to a Feb. 13 incident when the plane overshot the Hilo airport, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report…

Still want to Fly Go?

County Issues New Years Fireworks Memo


Fire Chief Darryl Oliveira announced that fireworks permits will be issued beginning Friday, December 26, 2008, at various locations island-wide for the upcoming New Years celebration.  The sites are:

  • Hawaii Fire Department Administration, 2100 Kanoelehua Ave., C-5, Hilo (8:00 am- 8:00pm, December 26th – 31st )
  • Pinky’s 5/Eight, Papaikou
  • Pacific Fireworks Hilo, 319 Kalanikoa Street, Hilo
  • Parker Ranch Shopping Center Food Court, Kamuela (9:00am-8:00pm, December 26th-31st )
  • M. Nakahara Store, Hawi
  • Kona Fire Prevention Office, Kona Service Center, Hanama Place, 75-5706 Kuakini Highway, Suite 109, Kailua-Kona (8:00am-8:00pm, December 26th-31st )
  • Pacific Fireworks Kona, 75-5629 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua Kona
  • Puna Fresh Foods, Keaau
  • TNT Fireworks Tent, Prince Kuhio Plaza, Makaala Street, HIlo
  • Long’s Drugs, Kilauea Avenue, Hilo
  • Rodney Freitas, Pahala
  • Long’s Drugs Puainako
  • Kadota Liquors Hilo

Each permit, which costs $25.00, will entitle the holder to purchase 5,000 count firecrackers.  Permits will be issued to a person 18 years of age or older and are non-transferable.  Setting off of fireworks is allowable only between the hours of 9:00 p.m. on New Years Eve to 1:00 a.m. on New Years Day.  Permits should be visibly displayed at the site of use on the day at the time of the firing.

Persons who fail to follow all rules and regulations may have their permit revoked.Chief Oliveira reminds the public that it is illegal for anyone to:

1.      Remove the powder or pyrotechnic contents from any fireworks;

2.      Throw fireworks from a moving vehicle;

3.      Set off any fireworks:

  • At any time not within the time periods as permitted;
  • Within 1,000 feet of any operating hospital, nursing home, home for the elderly or animal hospital;
  • In any school building or on any school grounds and yards on any occasion; and
  • On any highway, alley, street, sidewalk or other public way; in any park; or within 1,000 feet of a church during the periods when services are held.

4.      It is illegal for any person to offer for sale, sell, or give any fireworks to minors, and for any minor to possess, purchase, or set off, ignite, or otherwise cause to explode any fireworks, except under the immediate supervision of an adult.

The Hawaii Fire Department also asks everyone to do their part to prevent fires and injuries caused by fireworks:

1.      Please use care when setting off fireworks.

2.      Children playing with fireworks must be under adult supervision.  Even the smallest of fireworks can cause serious injuries.

3.      Fireworks should be set off in a safe area away from any dry grass or flammable materials.

4.      Dispose of used fireworks properly, and have water or a fire extinguisher on hand in case of a fire.

Permits are not required for novelties and paperless firecrackers.

Fireworks sales will not begin until December 26, 2008.

For more information on purchasing firecracker permits or the use of fireworks, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 981-8370 (Hilo) or 327-3546 (Kona).

The Email UH Hilo Students Received After Detonations on Campus

Hat tip to Canspice:

Two more “small” explosions occurred early this morning (1 AM) on UH-Hilo’s Main Campus. One was in the dorm area, and another by Life Sciences/PB13-14 area. There were no injuries and no property damage.

A third un-exploded devise was found by Life Sciences/PB13-14. This has been closed off by Hawaii County Police, and NO ONE is allowed to enter this area. Explosive experts have been contacted and expect to be on campus around 8:30 this morning to remove this devise. Once the “All Clear” is given, this area will again be accessible, and the barriades will be taken down.


These devises are dangerous when they explode, and make a loud “bang”. If you see any “suspicious” bottles, DO NOT DISTURB IT, AND CALL CAMPUS SECURITY IMMEDIATELY AT 974-7911. If you have any seen anything or anyone or have any information regarding these devises, please call Campus Security.

Thank you and stay safe.

“Suspect” or “Person of Interest” – Mackenzie Park Clarification

Geez people… Tiffany Edwards thinks I’m gonna feel like an ass for presuming things.

I apologize in advance if I previously stated that Randrup’s father was a “Suspect” in his disapearrance.

Someone else with much more media knowledge then me suggested I change the title to something other then “Suspect” until more facts are given.

Well the Honolulu Advertiser has headlined there article as:

Puna Murder SUSPECT in Honolulu Hospital

So before anyone else jumps on me… let me just say, that all I know at this point is that he is still just a “person of interest”.

I’m just adding a little words from my gut instincts to some of the press releases that have been put out there already.

Father is “Person of Interest” in MacKenzie Killing”

I mentioned yesterday about all the unsolved murders that have happened at MacKenzie park.

This one looks like it might be solved soon, as the father is a person of interest in the slaying.

I hate it when there are family tragedies around holidays.   While the father is only a  “person of interest” at this time, I would hate to think that any father could kill his own son.

Randall K. Randrup

Randall K. Randrup

Hilo Criminal Investigation Section Detectives are looking for the father of a 27-year-old man found dead along the Puna Coastline Friday afternoon. Randal K. Randrup, 60, of Leilani Estates was last seen Friday afternoon in Keaau.

He is described as Caucasian, 6-feet tall, 175 pounds with greyish-brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen operating a 1968 tan Volkswagen van, license plate number HHW 848. Police have not been able to contact Randal Randrup, who resided with his son prior to the discovery of the body. The body of Hans Christian Randrup, 27, was found on the shoreline area of Mackenzie State Park. The body sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are calling Randall Randrup a person of interest in this case. They ask that caution be used should Randrup be seen and that Police be notified immediately.

Police ask that anyone with information about this case call Detective Rio Amon-Wilkins at 961-2386 or the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

“My Chances of Being A Victim in Pahoa”… 1 in 216

The Big Island Chronicle recently wrote a blog about crime in Puna.

Police: Why Are The Thugs Being Left To Rule in response to the recent murders that we have had here in Pahoa and Puna.

Many of us feel safe here in our little corner of paradise, however statistically we are not as safe here in Pahoa, as we would be in other parts of Hawaii according to the the website neighborhood scout.

There was this murder that happened at MacKenzie State park the other day and just a month ago someone was assaulted and later died next to the fire station in downtown Pahoa.

I’ve heard stories of back in the days when Puna was much more violent then it is now.  I take it all for granted, knowing that I very rarely frequent spots where a crime may occur.

According to this site (Which I don’t know how accurate it is), it states that people in Pahoa have a 1 in 216 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

This statistic is much higher then the rest of the State at 1 in 392 chances of being a victim.

More on the site here:

Violent Crime Comparison per 1000 residents.

Blog Devoted to Capturing Puna Scammer Jon Phillip Toriumi

I’m not gonna expand to much on this guys blog that was posted about a year ago.

I’ve only heard stories of this Toriumi character, and from what I can tell, he scammed a lot of people from a Grassroots church here in Puna.

I feel sorry for those that were taken by him.

The only way to get justice would be to finally track him down… Who knows, he may come back to Pahoa!

Have You Seen This Guy Recently?

Have You Seen This Guy Recently?

It’s really a shame that I have to make this blog, but it’s absolutely necessary to warn people about one Jon P. Toriumi, because he wrecked a lot of people’s lives here in our town of Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii

More Here

Another Failed Missile Intercept

I blogged a couple weeks ago about the U.S. Failed attempt at hitting a missile out of midair, the Starbulletin is reporting that Japan has now failed at a missile intercept attempt off Hawaii as well.

A Japanese navy ship failed today to shoot down a mid-range ballistic missile target in a test off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency announced…

In today’s test, a ballistic missile target launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands on Kauai was detected and tracked by the crew of the JS Chokai.

Three minutes later, the Japanese destroyer fired an interceptor missile to shoot down the target in space, but the intercept failed…

JS Chokai

JS Chokai

More Here

Thiefs Hit All Time Low!

I can’t believe this.

My mother-in-law just got back from shopping at KTA on Puainako and she reports that someone stole her canvas bags for her groceries from her shopping cart while still inside the store.  Nothing was in these bags and were to be used at check-out time!

I can only think that a thief must have thought her wallet was in one of the bags.

She reports one of the bags was for freezer items and the thief might have wanted that.

To think that people are ripping off canvas shopping bags from shoppers just boggles my mind!

Pahoa Assault Victim Dies… Murder Suspect Robert Grant on the Run

I mentioned yesterday that Police were looking for Robert Grant for an Assault that happened in Pahoa.

The victim died in the Hospital and the case has now been upgraded to murder and the police are still looking for Grant.

More Here


Police Looking for Pahoa Assault Suspect


Detectives from the Hawaii Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section are asking for the public’s help in locating a person of interest in connection with an assault near the Pahoa Fire Station on Saturday (November 1).

The person of interest is 35-year-old Robert Grant of Nanawale. Grant is described as 6-feet tall, 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He may have died his hair…

More Here

Two Missiles Fired Off Hawaii: 1 Hit… 1 Miss

I would expect better then 50% accuracy when it comes to protecting our lives.

U.S. Navy officials say one of two short-range ballistic missiles shot from a military facility in Hawaii in a defense system test was hit by an interceptor missile fired from a Navy ship…

…An SM-3 fired from the USS Paul Hamilton directly hit the first target missile. Another ship, the USS Hopper, failed to intercept the second target missile that was fired.

More Here

An SM-3 launches from a U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Defense ship

An SM-3 launches from a U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Defense ship

A Call From the Honolulu Prosecutor

About two years ago, I caught a homeless guy trying to break into my neighbors place over on Oahu.

I showed up three times to go to court and be a witness while I lived on Oahu.  For some reason or another, the trial kept getting postponed, delayed, etc.   I eventually forgot about it and have since moved back to the Big Island.

This morning I get a call from the Honolulu Prosecutor telling me they are moving forward on the case.  Now that I’m on a different Island, I sure hope they don’t waste more of my time flying me back and forth for trials that never happened.

Here are two videos that I shot as things were boiling down and my neighbor and I were containing the guy (audio a must) :



Media Invited to Upcoming NASA SCARAB Tests in Hilo

I wonder if This is the SCARAB that I have  been blogging about!


Media are invited to observe tests of NASA equipment and rover concepts that will demonstrate how astronauts might prospect for lunar resources and make their own oxygen for survival on the moon. The tests will take place Thursday, Nov. 13, starting at 9 a.m. HST outside Hilo, Hawaii. (The TESTS will take place on Mauna Kea and a Caravan will take the media to the testing location)

NASA’s In Situ Resource Utilization project focuses on developing methods for astronauts to take advantage of lunar resources at landing sites on the moon. During two weeks of field tests, NASA will demonstrate prototype systems that could enable a sustainable and affordable lunar outpost by minimizing the amount of water and oxygen that must be supplied from Earth. The Pacific International Center for Exploration Systems, or PISCES, headquartered at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, will host the tests.

Reporters will be able to observe and photograph various tests of a prototype moon rover designed to prospect for ice in lunar craters, and two systems to manufacture oxygen from the lunar soil. Engineers involved in the development of these systems will be available for interviews.

Reporters must contact Kimberly Land at 757-746-4749, or Grey Hautaluoma at 202-358-0668 by Friday, Oct. 31, to R.S.V.P. to attend the event. Access to the test site is restricted and requires a letter of assignment on company letterhead for credentials.


Back when I worked on a school paper, I had a “Press Pass” for things like this.  I’m going to give the number a call this morning and see if I can’t somehow get into this showing with just a simple blog? ;)

Hey… Can’t harm anything if they say no … and what an opportunity if they were to say yes!

*edit* I just spoke with Kimberly Land, and they are going to allow me on the site!

For more info visit http://www.nasa.gov/exploration

Hilo Man Gets 10 Years for Rock Throwing Incident that Injures 3 Year Old

I remember this incident last year even though I was on Oahu at the time.  It stunned me as my child was the same age as the victim.

A judge sentenced a Hilo man to 10 years in prison for a rock-throwing incident last year.

Patrick Luk, 28, was convicted of assault, criminal property damage and resisting arrest.Last December, a drunken Luk threw rocks at cars. One shattered a window, seriously injuring a 3-year-old boy.

Luk asked for probation, saying he was so drunk he did not know what he was doing.

Judge Glenn Hara rejected the request and sentenced him to spend a decade behind bars.

From the Hawaii Police report last year:

Hilo detectives have charged a 27-year-old Big Island man with first-degree assault, 17 counts of first-degree criminal property damage and resisting arrest. The charges stem from a report early Sunday evening (December 9) that a man was throwing rocks at vehicles traveling on Puainako Street near the Kilauea Avenue intersection in Hilo.

South Hilo patrol officers responded to the reports while the crimes were in progress and arrested Patrick Luk of Hilo.

Eight drivers reported that they were driving on Puainako Street when a man threw baseball-size rocks at their vehicles for no apparent reason. The rocks struck the bodies of some vehicles and windows of others.

In one case, a rock shattered a vehicle’s side window and hit a 3-year-old boy in the face, leading to serious injuries, including a laceration, fracture and brain injury. The boy was flown by air ambulance to The Queens Medical Center on Oahu, where he remains in stable condition.

None of the other vehicles’ occupants received any physical injuries.

Luk is being held at the Hilo cellblock in lieu of $85,500 bail pending his initial court appearance scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in South Hilo District Court.

Witnesses at the scene told police that additional victims left the scene before police arrived.