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More on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest

Big Island Weekly has published more this week on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest that I don’t think is very legit.

They seem to have removed the previous article that was in this edition.

Some interesting things that I’m learning more about this webmistress named Shirley Bradbury the BIW reported about.

Smith and webmistress Shirley Bradbury of AlphaWeb Design and Marketing LLC, developed a computer program that organizes the identifying information of the entrants and e-mails, and e-mails Smith the essay identifying it by number…

Just a little poking around and I found this picture of Mrs. Bradbury from 2007:


I also found this posted on a forum just 9 days ago:

We are running a skills contest where the entrant writes a short essay (101 words or fewer) about the word “Aloha” or “Mahalo”. The grand prize is a custom built home in Hawaii; there are 2 cash prizes also. Part of the proceeds will go to 3 schools in the builder’s area.”

Why is this the first I’ve heard of a cash prize?

Something else I hadn’t heard of before:

…To make it more fun, if you refer your friends to the site and they enter the contest, you will get 1 entry into a separate drawing for a free weekend stay at the Castle Bed and Breakfast. So be sure your friends put your name in their “Referred by:” box!…

A quick look at Mrs. Bradbury’s 2005 Profile tells this:


Web design, search engine marketing, web conferencing professional

50-something learning to reinvent myself after several hardships (death of my dear husband, lost job after 17 years, you know – the usual bad stuff.) Now I’m building my own business – AlphaWeb Design & Marketing – and living the entrepreneurial life.

All things internet.

Colorado, USA

Signature Shirley Bradbury, Owner
AlphaWeb Design & Marketing,LLC
Web design & redesign/ search engine marketing / web conferencing

Current project:

$101 Wins a Custom Home in Hawaii

And just digging a bit deeper into this Mrs. Bradbury… she is very internet savvy:

This from a 2005 Forum:


…Up through October, my site was seeing maybe a couple of hundred content network impressions per month. In November, the numbers jumped into thousands; mid-December it was still thousands of impressions per day…”

I’ll let you folks make up your own mind on whether it’s a scam or not.  There is lot’s of information out there… I’m not gonna nit pick this thing to death.

I blogged about it long before another blogger blogged about it or the BIW had it in their paper.

I have always been skeptical about it!

Heck… I blogged about the Maui House in September long before I even blogged about this Big Island House on Dec. 3rd.

I just don’t understand how some people are so gullible to actually believe this!

But one thing I did find… was another angle of the house:


Heck… I got one for everyone… send me an essay on a post it note stuck to a dollar.  Winning essay get’s their essay printed on my site.


You can also win this North Carolina house for only a $500 dollar Essay! :roll:

Oh… and then we also have this Hawaii home essay contest.  :roll:

And don’t forget the Danville, Illinois home.

And this Oregon house:

Two thousand, two hundred people from 46 states and nine countries have written Ray Sinclair in the past five months. They’ve sent him checks for $200 each, penned thoughtful essays, woven tapestries, painted paintings and sealed messages in a bottle.
And it’s not enough. So far, the contest takings amount to $440,000. But Sinclair wants to hear from a total of 3,000 people before he closes the contest that will determine who wins his 1,967-square-foot beachfront home. That’s why he’s extended the deadline for the unusual competition a second — and final — time, he says.
Entrants now have until the end of June to submit an essay at http://www.win-this-home.com/ for a chance at a half-million dollar house.
Sinclair’s contest, whereby three judges will determine whose 100-word essay on “I should win this home in Yachats because,” came about after a frustrating attempt to sell the place through traditional means in a crashed housing market.
When the contest began in January there was a 27-month supply of homes in Yachats, nearly triple that of Lane County’s.
Sinclair had dropped his asking price from $600,000 to $539,000, without getting
any bites.
With raffles and lotteries prohibited by laws against games of chance in Oregon, Sinclair was allowed to run a skill-based contest, attorneys told him. So he formed a nonprofit corporation and wrote some rules. If 3,000 people submitted essays, he could earn $600,000 — and the winner would get a 10,000-square-foot lot (plus the house, of course).
The first contest deadline was in April but Sinclair extended it a month due to a lack of entries, a prospect he’d warned about in the rules. For the same reason, the deadline is now the end of this month, but that’ll be the last extension, Sinclair
Financially, I don’t think we can run the contest anymore,” he said.
“It costs $5,000 a month, with all the expenses I have, the people I’m paying to run the contest
and the cost of the house, too.”