Has Another Snake Arrived on the Big Island?

On Friday, January 26, 2007, a snake was found at Hilo Harbor.

“A snake that was found at Hilo Harbor last Friday (1/26) has been identified as a chequered keelback snake, also known as an Asiatic water snake (Xenochrophis piscator).  The non-venomous snake is commonly found in Asia and the East Indies, but not common in the pet trade in the U.S.  It is not known how the snake arrived in Hawaii.

This is the snake that was found in Hilo Harbor back in 2007

This is the snake that was found in Hilo Harbor back in 2007

On Friday, a construction worker working at Pier 2 in Hilo Harbor saw the two-foot-long snake under the pier and was able to kill it. The incident happened at about 9:30 a.m. and inspectors from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture were called to pick up the snake.  The snake was flown to Oahu late Friday afternoon and identified yesterday by a herpetologist at the Bishop Museum….”

More here: Snake found at Hilo Harbor

Someone just sent me the following message TODAY:

“Hi Damon, have you heard anything about brown tree snake sightings at Hilo bay front?…

(I replied that I hadn’t)

Please bring it to light for the public’s sake! Traps have been setup at the Puna Canoe Club. Numerous reports from different people according to an Ag inspector I spoke with this morning. NOT GOOD! And…no mention to the public about the matter. The Public will be the ones to find them, not the damn traps! Fn irraz! Damn inspectors setting our beautiful island up once again. Too many harmful invasive species! Thanks for letting me vent…”

I’ve checked around online and I haven’t heard of anything being confirmed yet.

Ken’s House of Pancakes IS NOT CLOSING

Brad Cavanagh heard a rumor that the Kona Blog picked up on.

There’s a rumour going around that Ken’s House of Pancakes is not going to renew its lease, which ends this October. Rumour also has it that Ken’s is going to be replaced with a Denny’s.

A quick call to Ken’s Restaurant number listed in the phone book and the person answering the phone confirmed that it is a rumor and the restaurant IS NOT CLOSING.

NO NEED CALL THEM TO ASK… They have been getting calls!

Aaron… weren’t you the one talking about responsible blogging? :razz:

Rain to Appear in Hawaii Court for $40 Million Dollar Lawsuit… Conspiracy?

Pop star Rain is scheduled to appear in a Hawaii court for a US$40 million lawsuit against the entertainer for a week in March…

Korean Pop Star "Rain"

Korean Pop Star "Rain"

…Rain and his ex-agency JYP Entertainment were sued by Honolulu promoter Click Entertainment for cancelling their planned concert there in June 2007. If Rain fails to show up, he may be subject to an arrest warrant.


According to Sixofive1982:

…Since top star Rain got sued for canceling his Hawaii concert on July 2007, he will be attending a jury trial in America coming March. However, underneath the surface lies a complex conspiracy.

Click Entertainment, which purchased the right for Hawaii concert and acts as the promoter, claimed that Rain and his agency back then, JYP Entertainment, as well as Rain’s world tour host StarM, one-sidedly cancelled the concert, suing them for 40million dollars in the Hawaiian court.

At the same time, they sued Rain and StarM for fraud charges in the Korean court. When Rain was making agreements for concert, they asked for terms of installing exclusive stages since there are safety issues.

But for some reason, the promoter ignored the condition written on the contract. As a result, the star singer who put priority on his fan’s safety, had no choice but to cancel the concert.

The Korean court has already judged them not guilty since Rain’s side had no intention of making money out of fraud contract and that this was all over the issue of exclusive stage.

Since it is common sense that top star like Rain would not one-sidedly cancel a concert which is a promise with his fans, Click is continuously annoying Rain with lawsuits after lawsuits. Thus, there are voices asking to rid of unverified promoters who do not have the ability to operate the concert, but just rely on the fame of Korean wave stars.

A stage official said that “as Korean wave stars start to act overseas, there are many cases of them being damaged while carrying out a concert plan. In order to make sure there are no more victims like Rain, a list of unverified promoters should be made and shared.”

Whatever Happened to the Fly that Eats Coqui Eggs?

So what ever happened to these flies that were supposed to save the Big Island from these coqui frogs more then six years ago?  I think there is an “Old Lady” to be held responsible.

In a July 2003 Honolulu Weekly article by Patricia Tummons, she reports:

…A fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, that has devastated vulnerable frog populations across the world is a possible biocontrol agent for coqui. Another might be a type of fly that eats coqui eggs in Puerto Rico. The species is already in Hawai‘i, said Arnold Hara of the University of Hawai‘i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, “and may only need some time to begin infesting coqui eggs…”

Is there some lady around that’s swallowing flies?

I Don’t know why she swallowed the fly… perhaps she’ll die.

“When Pigs Fly”… To Hawaii

Looks like PETA is stepping up their war against pork again.

About nine months  ago, before I had a blog,  I reported on another site that PETA was launching a campaign against pork being shipped to Hawaii and some of the inhumane practices that were being done.

In a Press Release released today by The World Society for the Protection of Animals, it states the following:

Misleading labels on pork products are causing Hawaii residents and tourists to unwittingly participate in inhumane practices against animals

Stressed and exhausted from overcrowded and often filthy conditions, thousands of pigs endure a more than week-long journey from the mainland United States only to be slaughtered on arrival in Honolulu. In 2008, a total of 13,082 pigs were imported from California, Iowa, Montana and South Dakota for slaughter. The purpose of this inhumane and costly practice is to produce meat that can be sold to unsuspecting consumers as “Island Produced Pork.

I myself think this is just a re-release of another similar press release that was released earlier this year.

Many local media sources picked up the story after I first reported on it before I started my blog.

Here is just one of the previous articles on it by Honolulu Magazine:

Stephen Schildbach

Illustration: Stephen Schildbach

Next time you buy pork at the supermarket with the label “Island produced” you may want to know what that actually means.

In 1973, the state Department of Agriculture declared that this phrase could only be placed on pork that came from pigs actually raised in Hawaii. But in 2000, the law was repealed due to its unenforceability, which made it legal for supermarkets and retailers to place “Island produced” on pigs that had only been shipped to the Islands and slaughtered here…

More here

Kamehameha School Student “…Detention for What We Believe In.”

I’m wondering about this recent tweet I just got.

It’s from a purported Kamehameha Schools “Student” who recently started a Twitter account.

There has been controversy about the use of KSBE on Twitter and people Hi-jacking the name and logo, so I can not necessarily believe this purported Tweet.

Capsun posted this the other day:

“Yesterday, Kamehameha Schools had a problem on Twitter.  It wasn’t that they have only a couple dozen followers….”

Ian Lind blogged:

“Check out the war of words (or Tweets) that flared this month on Twitter.com between the official Kamehameha Schools persona (@KSNews) and a cyber squater that has grabbed onto a related name (@KSBE)…”

I just got a “Follower” on my Twitter account from someone using the Twitter Account: @KSBEstudent.

In this tweet he says:

No longer allowed to bring homelunch, dentetion for defending what we believe in.

Will Hawaii Based Algae Fuel Primarily Be Used for the Military?

Knowing me… I’m probably reading into this completely wrong.  But it does seem a bit strange for us to be focusing so much on “alternative energy” only to just give it up to the military.

Jet fuel and other fuels made from algae are being developed in San Diego. Some of the research is being funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the Department of Defense.

DARPA has provided $35 million to San Diego-based companies SAIC and General Atomics to pursue the creation of algae-based jet fuel…

Military Jet Fuel Focus:

…The DARPA money for SAIC could total up to $24 million to develop algae based military jet fuel JP-8 that costs $3 per gallon, according to an article on the Web site Earth2Tech.com

…The Web site CleanTechnica.com also noted the interest in algae fuels. It reported, “SAIC says there will be two phases to the project. The first will involve refining the technology and developing lab-scale production capabilities. The second phase will involve the construction of what SAIC calls a pre-pilot scale production facility.”

CleanTechnica.com also stated, “SAIC will do the work at company facilities in Georgia, Florida, Hawaii and Texas. The company will work with a team of industrial and academic partners.”

Here is a recent CleanTechnica article on the Maui Algae Plant.

…While a number of factors still need to be put in place before the first phase of the program can begin, the anticipated start date could be as early as 2011…

However, it appears to me, that it was sold to the State as something else:

This innovative partnership can help move Hawaii one step closer to securing energy independence and achieving our goal of having 70 percent of Hawaiis energy come from clean sources by 2030, said Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle”…

Maui Algae Plant

Maui Algae Plant

“Spitfire Grill” The Movie that “Essay House” Scams are Based Upon

I’ve been writing about the Essay Houses that a mainland scammer named Mark Samwick has been running of late.

Here is the movie that has inspired this whole genre of essay houses (I’m trying to find a copy that has more then just the “Score” from the movie):


“An aging woman wants to put her grill up as a contest with the winner taking the grill.To enter you must spend $100 and you are in the pot.The person with the best reason to want the grill will win it.The woman obtains over $200,000.A tragedy occurs before the winner is picked.”

Tuck’s Smuck Award #2: Mark Samwick Essay House Promoter

This is my second installment of Tuck’s Smuck Awards:





Mark Samwick has been spamming sites trying to get his essay houses promoted across the United States for the last 12 years.


Recently the schemer has entered the Hawaii market and is offering a Hawaii House for one of his “Essay Contests”.  I’m not going to link the site any longer, but you can read some of my previous posts on this here, here, here and here.  Interesting comments have been made on most of those posts.


Samwick has been operating bogus sites for over a decade now.  I’m not even sure if Samwick is his true name.  Above is a collection of various ID’s sent to me of Samwick by an anonymous source.

KGMB even fell for this crap a few days ago: http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/13118/108/ (video clip starts a bit late)


KGMB9 We have to do our own investigation before we take action.

KGMB9 I’ll send you something after we investigate a bit more. The morning executive producer just called me and is looking into it.

KGMB9 I have to pull th

When his essay houses don’t fall through, he has other schemes lined up to get home owners to fall for some BS.


“**Check out this scam where he uses the alias “Sam Wick” (for when the essay BS doesn’t work, he has the “foolproof” backup plan of nutty-religious-idol-worship-voodoo crap) : http://www.saintjosephsellshomes.com/

Samwick runs a bunch of bogus sites and it really pisses me off that people that I know and care about have fallen for his BS!






So if you come across some of these bogus sites in the near future… remember it’s a buyer beware market out there.

If you think something is too good to be true, well then….?

This Smuck is for you Mark Samwick!


Oh yeah… and remember you said it yourself:

“… Why do you think you are on my “ass”? You are merely an individual with a blog and an opinion in Hawaii, and you know what they say about opinions…”

Dog Nappers in Paradise?

At the Weed & Seed meeting the other day, one of the members asked the police in attendance if the police had noticed an increase in dog thefts lately in Puna.

Specifically purebreds were allegedly being targeted.

Anyone hear anything about about some dog nappers in Puna?

There was even talk at this meeting about how valuable some of these dogs can get.

The police said there was nothing that indicated that it was becoming a problem, however, they do suggest people call the police if they suspect their dog was stolen.

More on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest

Big Island Weekly has published more this week on the Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest that I don’t think is very legit.

They seem to have removed the previous article that was in this edition.

Some interesting things that I’m learning more about this webmistress named Shirley Bradbury the BIW reported about.

Smith and webmistress Shirley Bradbury of AlphaWeb Design and Marketing LLC, developed a computer program that organizes the identifying information of the entrants and e-mails, and e-mails Smith the essay identifying it by number…

Just a little poking around and I found this picture of Mrs. Bradbury from 2007:


I also found this posted on a forum just 9 days ago:

We are running a skills contest where the entrant writes a short essay (101 words or fewer) about the word “Aloha” or “Mahalo”. The grand prize is a custom built home in Hawaii; there are 2 cash prizes also. Part of the proceeds will go to 3 schools in the builder’s area.”

Why is this the first I’ve heard of a cash prize?

Something else I hadn’t heard of before:

…To make it more fun, if you refer your friends to the site and they enter the contest, you will get 1 entry into a separate drawing for a free weekend stay at the Castle Bed and Breakfast. So be sure your friends put your name in their “Referred by:” box!…

A quick look at Mrs. Bradbury’s 2005 Profile tells this:


Web design, search engine marketing, web conferencing professional

50-something learning to reinvent myself after several hardships (death of my dear husband, lost job after 17 years, you know – the usual bad stuff.) Now I’m building my own business – AlphaWeb Design & Marketing – and living the entrepreneurial life.

All things internet.

Colorado, USA

Signature Shirley Bradbury, Owner
AlphaWeb Design & Marketing,LLC
Web design & redesign/ search engine marketing / web conferencing

Current project:

$101 Wins a Custom Home in Hawaii

And just digging a bit deeper into this Mrs. Bradbury… she is very internet savvy:

This from a 2005 Forum:


…Up through October, my site was seeing maybe a couple of hundred content network impressions per month. In November, the numbers jumped into thousands; mid-December it was still thousands of impressions per day…”

I’ll let you folks make up your own mind on whether it’s a scam or not.  There is lot’s of information out there… I’m not gonna nit pick this thing to death.

I blogged about it long before another blogger blogged about it or the BIW had it in their paper.

I have always been skeptical about it!

Heck… I blogged about the Maui House in September long before I even blogged about this Big Island House on Dec. 3rd.

I just don’t understand how some people are so gullible to actually believe this!

But one thing I did find… was another angle of the house:


Heck… I got one for everyone… send me an essay on a post it note stuck to a dollar.  Winning essay get’s their essay printed on my site.


You can also win this North Carolina house for only a $500 dollar Essay! :roll:

Oh… and then we also have this Hawaii home essay contest.  :roll:

And don’t forget the Danville, Illinois home.

And this Oregon house:

Two thousand, two hundred people from 46 states and nine countries have written Ray Sinclair in the past five months. They’ve sent him checks for $200 each, penned thoughtful essays, woven tapestries, painted paintings and sealed messages in a bottle.
And it’s not enough. So far, the contest takings amount to $440,000. But Sinclair wants to hear from a total of 3,000 people before he closes the contest that will determine who wins his 1,967-square-foot beachfront home. That’s why he’s extended the deadline for the unusual competition a second — and final — time, he says.
Entrants now have until the end of June to submit an essay at http://www.win-this-home.com/ for a chance at a half-million dollar house.
Sinclair’s contest, whereby three judges will determine whose 100-word essay on “I should win this home in Yachats because,” came about after a frustrating attempt to sell the place through traditional means in a crashed housing market.
When the contest began in January there was a 27-month supply of homes in Yachats, nearly triple that of Lane County’s.
Sinclair had dropped his asking price from $600,000 to $539,000, without getting
any bites.
With raffles and lotteries prohibited by laws against games of chance in Oregon, Sinclair was allowed to run a skill-based contest, attorneys told him. So he formed a nonprofit corporation and wrote some rules. If 3,000 people submitted essays, he could earn $600,000 — and the winner would get a 10,000-square-foot lot (plus the house, of course).
The first contest deadline was in April but Sinclair extended it a month due to a lack of entries, a prospect he’d warned about in the rules. For the same reason, the deadline is now the end of this month, but that’ll be the last extension, Sinclair
Financially, I don’t think we can run the contest anymore,” he said.
“It costs $5,000 a month, with all the expenses I have, the people I’m paying to run the contest
and the cost of the house, too.”

Details on Downtown KTA Remodel Emerging

I just noticed on the Island Trust blog, that details are emerging about the planned remodel of the KTA in downtown Hilo.


…KTA wants to tear down the dilapidated 13,918 sq. ft. 2-story building (built in 1915 on the same L-shaped 26,396 sq. ft. TMK parcel as the existing KTA parking lot) and put in a parking lot in conjunction with a remodel of it’s market. Rumors of this plan have been circulating for several months, and tenants of the building have been slowly moving out…

More Here

Police Looking For Ronsten Andrade


Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Big Island Police are looking for this punk  for various crimes throughout the Puna area.   He may be armed and dangerous.  Call 911 if you see him.

Is Big Island Weekly Also Switching to Online Format? Is it the Big Island “WEAKLY”?

I’m checking out the Big Island Weekly online edition and something jumps out at me:

The first two “News” items CAN’T  be found in full in the Print edition as they have online videos attached to them.

The Win Hawaii House article… I even warned Tiffany ahead of time that it’s under investigation!  YET, the BIW ran the article 3 weeks later as if it’s something real.

It’s bogus!

Even Tiffany herself on her blog on DECEMBER 10th wrote:

“I’m leaving it up for now and calling it a “Puna Feature.” I am trying to get a hold of Sherri Smith and John Williams to ask them their response to allegations that this is a possible scam. Once I receive their response, I will post it on my website and include it in another story I am working on for another publication. Thanks for the heads up, Damon.”

Interesting comments have been left below that article explaining how bogus it is and that BIW should be investigated for running something like that.

Then 2 of the next 3 articles that appeared previously on “The Big Island Chronicle”.

There are only 5 “News” items listed.  2 Videos and 2 blogs (one of which needs to be retracted next week due to mis-information)

I wonder how the BIW advertisers that pay good money to have their ads displayed in the paper feel about the paper running videos and incorrect articles?

This is nothing against the writers of the paper at all.  More against the whole thought process that goes on behind the BIW when they are publishing their paper.

My biggest worry… is that they are just stringing  along reporters by reprinting posts, and then when they find another writer… they just cut ties with that writer.  That does seem to be Stephens Media Method of Operation.

My guess is that the Big Island Weekly will be an Online format within the next 2 years.

Former UH Volleyball Player Victoria Prince Dating K-Fed (Brittany’s Ex)

Now I’ve heard it all.

Former UH Volleyball Player Victoria Prince is dating Kevin Federline (K-Fed).

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince, From People Magazine

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince, From People Magazine


For the last month, Kevin Federline, 30, has been publicly stepping out with a 6-ft.-tall blonde named Victoria Prince…

…Prince, 26, shares a birthday with Federline’s ex-wife Britney Spears, 27 (both were born on Dec. 2), and graduated with a bachelor of arts in speech from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006, where she played volleyball after transferring from the team at Washington State University…

More Here

Naeole vs. Edwards Hunt? Blogging or Losing Friends?

If you haven’t read the Big Island Chronicle today, you might find an interesting read.

I left a lengthy comment:


Just be glad you weren’t blogging during the election cycle!

For me its difficult because Naeole, Hanohano and Kenoi are related to me through my wife.

I wouldn’t even post Marzi’s Blog on my “Blogroll” in fear of family members thinking I supported him politically even though I just wanted to support his blog at the time. (I think Marz understood)

If I don’t catch a whack from one of them for writing about them… it’s my own wife that will whack me for even thinking of writing something about them.

I guess that’s why I pick and choose a bit more carefully about things that will directly effect friends and family.

I believe Friends and Family should come before your blog.

Everyone has something that could be written about them… it’s often said that it’s better not to say anything at all.

You will always have your blog… but it would suck to lose your friends or family over something you wrote about them.

Sucks for the re-traction… but must be done if the information was incorrect.

At least on your blog you can take back things like “The Officer said you were in her face”.


I’d hate to be in her shoes right now, as she does seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I hope she irons out her difficulties with Naeole’s staff.

There are plenty of things to write about here in Puna and while she states “…that I have no malice or ill-will toward Emily…” It sure hasn’t shown in the blogs that she has posted about her or her staff.

I know Tiff’s still finding her groove with her blog… and I know she is not a lady that is trying to intentionally piss people off.

If there is anyone out there to piss people off… leave that one to me.

Oh and Tiff… I wasn’t in the officers face no matter what you heard… at least you don’t have to re-write that somewhere. :mrgreen:

Top 10 “DTW” Post of 2008 (pt. 4)

Continued from here.

#1. So the top read post of 2008 doesn’t really surprise me that much. It was an election year and there was a lot of stuff flying around about the Mayoral Candidates.

I posted the following blog the first week I started this blog:

Is a Billy Kenoi Smear On?

Hunter Bishop then posted another blog the next day that followed up on this story that found out that the alleged “Akonipule” was making this allegation from a school in Hilo.

Ten days later, the Hawaii Tribune posted an article:

Kenoi Smear on Front Page of Tribune Herald

I tried my best to figure out who this Akonipule character was by even sending him an email through the Akamai voter site. The following post was the result of that email:

John Akonipule Responds to Smear Question… My Dog Has Been Killed… and other Paranoia

Of course after Billy Kenoi won the election… there wasn’t much for the smear site to attack anymore. So I followed up with this article:

Smear Site No Longer Exists

Many people were very worried about Mr. Kenoi’s Storied past and whether he would make a good Mayor or not.

From the decisions that he has made so far… I think he’s doing a great job as Mayor.

Hope you folks have a great New Year and I hope you continue to follow my blog in 2009.

Damon Tucker

*UPDATE* SEE BOTTOM – Interesting Comment Made on Post Office Incident

I read a comment by blogger Tiffany Edwards on her post about the Post Office incident that I feel needs to be addressed further.

Tiff’s Comments:

Damon: I just learned the officer’s name is Jennifer Lee, and her version of the story is that you were right in her face taking a photograph.”….

Hate to break it to you Tiffany,  but that’s not true at all!

I was not in her face taking a photograph… I took  a photograph of her and another officer arriving at the scene at the same time.  My camera just happened to be pointed at her car.  As she got out of her car… I snapped the picture in question.  Both her and the other officer approached me as she began yelling at me about taking a picture of her.

I politely asked if she would like to see the picture… however, she demanded that I delete it.  I took the camera to her (I was about 4 feet away at the time) and I showed her the viewer and showed her that I was indeed deleting the picture as she requested.

At no time, was I ever in her face!  I might be stupid… but I’m not that dumb.

There were two officers there… a male officer and a female officer… what guy in their sane mind would even attempt to get in the face of a female officer with the male officer standing right next to her.

I’m sorry Ms. Edwards… You know I believe every thing you write and even like to tease you now and then.

Unfortunately, you have only been told the officers version to attempt to protect her own actions and this is not the reality or the truth of what happened.

Anyone want to help me with the retrieval software so that I can get this deleted picture off my card…  It is possible you know!  I just have to figure it out. :oops:


I just read a new comment by Ms. Edwards:

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Classic ) I was giving you grief, Damon.
    Clarification: I’ve not yet heard from Jennifer Lee… She told someone who told me. (I repeated HEARSAY! Oh my Gawd! And I speculated you were in her face with halitosis and all! Oh my Gawd!
    I’m trying to make some light of the situation…

  • damon Says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Hearsay Is Bullshit Tiff!

    I didn’t appreciate it.

    If you want respect as a blogger… you might want to tell the facts and not hearsay!

Anyone Know About This Blog… If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

Just came across this blog:

The Big Island Reporter:

It sure is a “different type” of site, if I might say.

I’ve always believed if something sounds to good to be true… then it probably isn’t true.  I remember seeing the following craigslist ad… Gee something looks familiar:  “$10,000 Parntership with the Big Island Reporter” sounds good to me!


Snake Reported in Puna… Pictures

Puna resident Tom Lackey recently reported that he called in a snake to the DLNR.  I haven’t been able to find any police reports or other reports, but Tom Lackey doesn’t seem to be one to make up too many stories.

The following is an account he posted on Punaweb and below are some pictures that he sent me:

A very interesting situation happened to me the day after Xmas. One of my neighbor friends [yes, I do have neighbor friends] came thru my back yard to visit and Toast [my devoted dog] announced his visit. He informed me that he just saw a snake slither away from him. I asked, “are you sure?” He said, “hey Lack I lived in Florida for years and I recognize what a snake looks like, it was a brown snake.” He told me that it was coiled up and when he approached it the snake slithered off thru a loose rock wall behind my house. We did what I think any responsible citizen would do and called the police. They said, what ever you do don’t touch it, we’ll have someone out to take a look. Then the operator said that she informed DLNR and they will handle it. DLNR passed it off to the Ag people and we got two calls from them. This all happened within ten minutesMy neighbor and I though Wow, these people are really taking some decisive action here. The Ag guy wanted to babble with my neighbor on the phone and after quizzing him about his ability to recognizing a snake they derivably determined to come to my house and investigate. When these guys showed they were prepared for big game. One was wearing thick rubber boots and heavy leather gloves. Both had snake grabber sticks and an array of snake things to catch a snake. Also within their arsenal they had a video camera. This was too much fun for me so I went into the house and got my camera and documented it all. I informed the Ag guys that I had shot a couple of rats in the last few days and if they wanted when they located the snake I would be glad to dispatch it to a better life. They just laughed and said “stand by with that”

While the four of us were trying to locate the snake, them in snake gear and us in shorts and flip flops my neighbor asked,” if it was a poisonous snake and any of us got bit do they have any anti venom on the island?” There response was “not a drop” it has a short shelf life and they don’t get any snake bites in Hawaii. So I said, ‘so then why all the snake gear if we don’t get snake bites?”

The snake hunt went on for about a hour and the two Ag guys would confer with each other and at one point we heard them say, “ there is a lot of activity here,” when poking thru some dead leafs I asked if they had some snake traps that they could set out and they said, “we have some in Honolulu but none here.”

The snake was about 1 ½ feet long and about 1 ½ inch in diameter, brown in color. It very possibility could be a brown tree snake from areas like Guam and very dangerous. As the Ag guy said, “it most likely is a baby snake and not a big threat.” What I said? Baby snakes come from big mama snakes and we could have a bunch of them here. They laughed and left me their number and said to call if I spotted it again. The Hunt was over and the snake is at large behind my house. I don’t care how many people call the police if I see the snake I’m going to blow it’s head clean off

With the great food source here in Puna we may have a new invasive foe. The Brown Tree Snake.

The Lack