Burl… You Have More Balls Then Me! Or Should I Say Superferry Balls


The video I pulled off my blog… Burl has posted!

I have to say this is pretty cool, considering, I think he is one of the more respected writers in the state and has published some of the more famous pieces in the last few decades.

I wish some folks… would get a grip at times and realize that I only posted it because of the parody in it.

I rescinded it because one person complained about it.

I won’t do that in the future about pulling blog postings.

Today’s Council Meeting to Be Live Streamed, Tweeted, Then Clipped and Archived on the Internet… WE ARE WATCHING

I just noticed that Margaret Wille’s Blog will be attempting the first ever live stream of a County Council meeting to the public tomorrow.

I love it… what the county won’t provide… the people will!

I have to say props to local company AMARAK.TV who appear to be the folks providing this service.

I have also contacted RJ Mendoza and if he is going to be at the meeting, then he will be providing some twitter coverage of the meeting at the top of my blog.

I appreciate all of those that are working to make our government more open and transparent to all of us… Even if our own government won’t do that for us.

Also, don’t forget to check out Big Island Video News for continuing coverage of events that are rarely ever covered by anyone else on this island.

If a single picture is worth a thousand word then what is a video worth?

Here’s just some of his recent clips:

VIDEO: Sights, sounds of Hawaii canoe championships August 3
VIDEO: Puna skatepark blessed before King of the Vert August 3
VIDEO: Elmo at Hilo Imiloa Astronomy Center August 3
VIDEO: Hilo hospital wins Heart Association award August 3
VIDEO: Hawaii welcomes Washington D.C. halau August 3
VIDEO: George W. Bush presidency evaluated in Hilo August 3
VIDEO: Last leap of summer at Coconut Island August 1

Whoa… Thanks RJ

I just noticed that Brooklyn Born New York Kanaka AKA: BKNYKANKA AKA: O/S Hawaii AKA: RJ Mendoza, was at the July 22nd County Council meeting and tweeted the following comments from the meeting.

(I was in California and had I known he was going to be at the meeting, I would have just posted his direct feed to my blog at the time)


  1. Naeole: any member who wants to reorganize has that right.11:23 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  2. Goodenow: reccomends a special council meeting.11:17 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  3. Ford: “it would be nice if any reorganization legislation would wait for two weeks. “11:12 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  4. Yoshimoto will draft a resolution that voids the 200 and 201 returning the council structure pre-6/16/09.11:11 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  5. Ashida: “I believe in my heart of hearts that the sunshine law violation was inadvertant.”11:04 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  6. Naeole: ” we’ve been talking to too many people…..”11:01 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  7. So why didn’t Fresh and Ikeda go to Keauhou?10:57 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  8. Ashida: “my job is to advise you on your worst day. “10:54 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  9. Ford : “if we need to do a reversal to clean this up then we should. “10:46 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  10. Brenda Ford asking for Ashida’s opinion on suspending rules.10:41 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  11. (I can’t wait to have Lincoln Ashida this fall!!!!)10:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  12. Ashida: the TRO prevents the council from moving forward as the 6-16 reorganization.10:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  13. Ashida: whatever council member wishes to propose a restoration to the council pre-6/16/09 can do so next meeting.10:28 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  14. Bigislandchronicle.com is in the house!!10:21 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  15. Naeloe: to Dominic “please don’t use me as an example”10:18 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  16. Yagong: Who initiated the affadavit?10:16 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  17. Yagong calls out Ashida and Hilo cheers!!!10:15 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  18. Yagong: “….flies in the face of preferential treatment. “10:13 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  19. Yagong: I’m only commenting that it’s absurd that mr Hoffman didn’t give an affadavit because it was opposite of Yoshimoto.10:11 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  20. Yagong “I’m sorry Mr. Hoffman I think you’re being too much of a gentleman here!”10:10 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  21. Ashida ” my job is to defend the council. “10:06 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  22. The only sworn statement suitted to OIP was J. Yoshimoto’s.10:03 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  23. Affadavits were filed only if they were corroborated by another council member.10:02 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  24. Hoffman: I have a significantly different recollection of my meeting with J. On 6/10/09. J. Yoshimoto filed an affadavit but Hoffman didn’t10:01 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  25. Now iwill tweet Act 2 of this show via tweetdeck.9:49 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

  26. Ikeda needs 15 minutes to read documents from Lincoln Ashida.9:41 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  27. No motion to go into executive session.9:37 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  28. Most testimony has been in favor of keeping comm 439 in open session.9:33 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  29. Margaret Wille: “…I ask you to rescind the two resolutions and return to the previous leadership. “9:29 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  30. Dr weatherford: ” ….make null and void certain actions that took place or else a court will…”9:26 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  31. Kona: ” I ask that you denounce this alogarthy you’ve created. “9:24 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  32. Y-mea:” moving forward with the council as is jeopardizes the future”9:23 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  33. Hilo testifier is calling them out!!!9:21 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  34. Hilo test: ” we should convince UH polisci dept to hold symposium on sunshine law”9:19 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  35. Hilo test: ” is this communication in fact a privileged communication?”9:17 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  36. Kona test : “…the business of this council cannot be conducted outside the public view. “9:16 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  37. Y-mea testimony: “I feel the action taken by the council was to punish other members..”9:13 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  38. Testimony:”a secret session would only be a second step down the wrong path. “9:11 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  39. Certificate awarded to Kona Visayan Club by Brenda Ford.9:04 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  40. Invocation time.9:00 AM Jul 22nd from txt

  41. At the county council room in Hilo. Donald Ikeda and Fresh are present!!!!!9:00 AM Jul 22nd from txt

Today: “Da Orange Morning Show” on UHH Streaming Radio From 8 am – 10 am

If you haven’t checked out the BKNYKANAKA’s “Da Orange Morning Show on UH Hilo’s Radio Station, now is your chance to check it out live.

Oh yeah… BKNYKANAKA is RJ Mendoza over there on my ‘Roll, and I gather BKNYKANAKA stands for Brooklyn New York Kanaka.

He’s a pretty outspoken guy on his blog to say the least, and listening to his radio show a couple weeks, he doesn’t hold back much there either.

You can listen to it live on the internet by clicking HERE or if you’re still living on the low speed end of things you can click here.

“Helping A Braddah Out Foundation”… New Blogger on the Big Island: BKNYKANAKA

RJ Mendoza, Aka  Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli, has cracked me up enough for the day that I just have to add him to my ‘roll.

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I don’t necessarily have to agree with anything he says… or for that matter anything anyone says… but the dude has cracked me up enough to make me spit up Gatorade.
I noticed a “link” coming into my blog and I just had to laugh when it was the guys “About Page” and I read the following at the very bottom:

Timeline of BKNYKANAKA’s Internet Life

  • 2009- Uncertain-but-hopefully-turned-friendly *tit for tat* blog posts (yes, I did instigate, so what?) draws attention of local Big Island blogger Damon Tucker. Rebuttal message post increases traffic to oshawaii.net As a result google ads increase from $0.09 to $0.10!!!! ((keep clicking them ads, readers…baby needs some plastic surgery!))

So just to let Mr. RJ Mendoza know that I have no hard feelings to him and even though he gave shit to my “Damon Dollars” despite having his own “Help a Braddah Out Foundation“… he does admit instigating something he shouldn’t have started… and in the future… I hope he knows not to talk about other bloggers children or the possible future education of that bloggers child without hearing some sort of reaction from that blogger!

He writes in his About himself column that he contributes to the UH Hilo/HawCC student paper Ke Kalahea.  If he digs around the office… he may find some of my old layouts I did while I was the Lay-out Editor.  I also ran a column for the paper called appropriately “Have you heard of this?”. Heck… if he looks deep enough in the offices of that Campus Center dungeon office, he might even read some articles about me when I was a Senator there. :shock: :oops: :lol:

So to give an up and coming student a break… just as I have gotten throughout my career… I’ll add this buggah to my blogroll.

I’ll be watching his blog closely and one wrong word out of this young punk and I might have to break his neck.

So go check out RJ Mendoza’s Blog the Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli that’s attending Hawaii Community College now.