Holy Crap… Drama at the District 5 Forum

A forum was held at Pahoa High School and fireworks happened.  I’ll just let the two videos speak for themselves (video by Big Island Video News).

Candidate Hampton:
Candidate Edwards Hunt:


Man Whose House Was Set on Fire Last Week… Announces Run for Governor

Last week the infamous “House of Cards” in Seaview here on the Big Island was burned to the ground in what the Big Island Police have described as an arson.

The "House of Cards" in Seaview

The “House of Cards” in Seaview

The house was owned by Charlie Collins and he could be seen walking around today’s Pahoa Spirit Day parade talking to anybody that would talk or listen to him.

Candidate for Governor Charles Collins and County Council Candidate Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Candidate for Governor Charles Collins and County Council Candidate Tiffany Edwards Hunt

He walked up to me and he said are you with the media or are you just taking pictures… well I really didn’t want to be bombarded by him at the time and I just told him I was taking pictures.

He was talking to folks and handing out literature to anyone that would listen to him announcing his run for Hawaii State Governor.

I’m not sure what platform he’s running on or what political party.  District 5 County Council Candidate RJ Hampton did say that he was a good friend of hers.

Charles Collins and RJ Hampton

Charles Collins and RJ Hampton

Look out Abercrombie… you got competition!

Big Island Resident Len Horowitz Responds to the Wakefield Autism and Vaccine Fraud Claims

Autism study and research efforts into vaccines are nothing new – as concerns about Autism have always been linked by concerned parents. Today though, an investigative journalist says the former physician whose study purported to find a link between autism and toddler vaccines created an “elaborate fraud…”

Read more here :

Autism Study: Autism Study Determined to be “Elaborate Fraud”

Horowitz actually tries to still defend his claim… even though the facts have now shown that this is a big fraud!


In the following video… we see former County Council Aid RJ Hampton talking with Horowitz about vaccines… I can’t believe so much wasted time and county money has been spent on this fraud so far!

Former Councilwoman Naeole’s Aides Causing Troubles With Obama’s Security Detail? RJ Hampton and Sativa WTF!!!

Well the legislative aides to former councilwoman Emily Naeole, RJ Hampton and Sativa Jones Sultan,  sure caused a problem with President Obama’s Secret Service detail today!

According to KITV News 4:

“…OK, you know it Obama we’re OK with you, you OK with us,” Hampton said on the tape, provided to KITV. “We just wanted to get a glimpse of you but we’re moving on because this is a private street and we don’t want to make anybody nervous. Aloha!” She waved to the Secret Service agents at the barricade as she climbed back into the car…

Sativa then allegedly had her finger damaged by the door KITV Reports:

“…He grabbed it out of my hand and then he slammed it on top of the car,” Jones said. She said the camera was damaged – the automatic lens cover no longer worked.

Jones’ fingers were gashed by the sharp edge on the camera mount. She said the officer appeared shaken by what he’d done and courteously showed her how to complain, writing his name and badge number on a card with contact information for the Honolulu Police Commission…

So much for Obama being your “Wizard of Oz” RJ!


…Asked if it was legal for police officers to stop someone from videotaping an officer in a public place, the department said citizens are allowed to video in public places.The Secret Service Office in Honolulu did not respond to telephone and e-mail requests for comment.


I don’t want to sound like Hampton and Sativa were causing troubles by the “Headline”… Only wanted to say they, Hampton and Sativa, were giving them (the secret service) grief.  Grief at times can be a good thing from a public’s perspective.  I just believe there is a time and a place for it.

Hampton and Sativa are two former government workers who I believe should know better then to try and approach the POTUS in this manner.

To be quite frank… why would these two from Puna on a complete different island here in Hawaii, make an unsolicited attempt to meet with the president?

What group are they representing?  I’ve never heard of this “We Are Change Hawaii”… When did this start up?  I mean they were just legislative aides until recently?

Trust me… I’ve still got people out there trying to line me up with a chance to at least see the president this weekend… but I’m not about to go driving up to his private residence with camera in tow!

Wordless Wednesday – County Saves $24,000 on District 5 Office Relocation


Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide RJ Hampton Talks About Her Recent Washington DC Trip… Video


American Idol Part II: Legislative Aide RJ Hampton Does the Obama Inauguration Rap

Earlier today at the PCMC grand opening, 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole’s Legislative aides RJ Hampton and Sativa pulled me aside to let me know that RJ had a little “Gift” if you will. I was a bit hesitant, but with RJ and Sativa you never know what you are going to get. So they pulled me aside and this is what I videotaped:

She’s quite a talented legislative aide I must say. I also joked with them for a moment or two and I had to explain how I found the video with RJ singing to Presidential Candidate Kucinich.

I’m not sure which is better?