Pacific Aviation Museum Worker Describes Today’s Horrific Reno Airshow Tragedy

Reno Airshow Crash

Reno Airshow Crash

A pilot lost control of his vintage plane during an air race over the skies of Reno, plummeting toward thousands of spectators before narrowly missing a grandstand and slamming into box seats.

At least two people died and 54 people were transported from the scene with injuries, officials said shortly after the crash Friday at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show.

Pacific Aviation Museum worker Greg Mills was attending today’s airshow in Reno, Nevada and he described today’s tragedy as following:

Another witness, Greg Mills, added that the pilot “didn’t have enough altitude to pull up,” with the aircraft shuddering before slamming to the ground about 50 to 75 yards from where he was standing.

“We got showered by little stuff,” said Mills, who works at the Pacific Aviation Museum based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, describing a chaotic scene afterward. “Everybody was running.”

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You can view the clip of the crash here: