Wordless Wednesday – The Red Bull Media Pass and Signature Cards from the 2010 Cliff Diving Championships

I was honored to be given a media pass at the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship World Series that ended in Hilo, Hawaii this year.  I realized that I took over 850 pictures of the event.  I wonder what the percentage of them had a Red Bull Logo in them?

So here is the “Media Pass” they gave me:

The staff of Red Bull had the same pass except it said Staff instead of Media

On the final day after the Cliff Divers had finished getting their awards they started giving out packs of cards for folks to get autographs of the divers that looked like this.

The top one is what it looked like on the front of the cards

I didn’t want to put the signature on these cards like everyone else… I wanted something a bit more memorable so I had them sign the back of my Media Pass!

I got all 12 divers to sign it!

I had a great weekend and I’ll never forget it.  I sure hope they make a decision to come back here again some day.

The Big Island very rarely gets events like these.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Hilo Stop Overview

Someone asked me to post a link to all of my Red Bull Cliff Diving posts on one page so here it is:


Results of the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Today was the last stop of the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships here in Hilo, Hawaii.

The event began with the pohaku that the divers had chosen last night being laid out at the top of the cliff as the rocks would be returned to where they initially were picked up from.

Kuhao Zane and others then prepared a little ceremony to return the rocks to the land.

Then a CRAZY kumu actually went out on the Red Bull Platform and blessed the actual event.

The competition then began in the jumping order that was chosen by the pohaku’s that they had chosen the night before.  The order of the first jumps is from top to bottom, but after the first round, the person with the lowest score jumps first in the next round and they go in reverse order all the way until the highest scored jumper has jumped.

Orlando Duque, dominated the first round of dives.

The next round of dives Gary Hunt did an incredible dive that shot him from 8th place into 1st place.

Going into the final round, it was a real close race between Russia’s Artem Silchenko, Columbia/Hawaii’s Orlando Duque and Great Britains Gary Hunt.

Orlando Duque pulled off a fricking nuts jump on his final dive that gave him the close win over Hunt who place 2nd and Silchenko who got 3rd.

However this year’s overall 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving Series Champion was crowned today… and as expected Gary Hunt walked away with it.

Here are the final results:

Hilo, Hawaii Stop Results

1 Orlando Duque COL 396.90 pts
2 Gary Hunt GBR 387.30 pts
3 Artem Silchenko RUS 380.10 pts
4 Eber Pava COL 303.90 pts
5 Kent De Mond USA 281.45 pts
6 Michal Navratil CZE 251.40 pts
7 Steve Black AUS 301.05 pts
8 Slava Polyeshchuk UKR 299.50 pts
9 Hassan Mouti FRA 280.90 pts
10 Alain Kohl LUX 274.50 pts
11 Cyrille Oumedjkane FRA 273.90 pts
12 Andrey Ignatenko UKR 86.40 pts

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final Standings

1 Gary Hunt GBR 109
2 Orlando Duque COL 94
3 Artem Silchenko RUS 80
4 Kent De Mond USA 56
5 Hassan Mouti FRA 41
6 Steve Black AUS 38
7 Eber Pava COL 34
7 Alain Kohl LUX 34
9 Michal Navratil CZE 32
10 Cyrille Oumedjkane FRA 25
11 Slava Polyeshchuk UKR 23
12 Andrey Ignatenko UKR 7

There were rumors that BJ Penn would make it to this event, however, he got caught tied down at a birthday party and didn’t make it until the event was over and he was quite sad that he had missed it, however, I walked him over to Orlando Duque and they had a short little conversation while I snapped these pictures of them together.

I actually heard that BJ wanted to jump off the platform but the Red Bull Liability factor wouldn’t allow.

As I rode to the top of the cliff with this years champion, Gary Hunt, I asked him how it felt to be the world champion and he said… “You know… it hasn’t really sunk in yet!”

As usual you can click on the picture below for a larger version:

Hassan Mouti Draws Pohaku Number One for Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships Today

The Red Bull Cliff Diving “Draw Party” was held last night at “Da Shack” with Kuhao Zane presiding over the presentation.

The divers all drew rocks from a Sig Zane bag and then all opened the tapa cloth around the rocks to determine the diving order for todays competition.

The tension rose as the order of the divers can  play a crucial part in the contest.

Cliff diver Hassan Mouti from France drew the rock that told everyone that he would be the first diver.

Hassan Mouti has the Tapa cloth with the 1 inscribed on it.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below to make them larger.

Of course it wouldn’t be a good party without a little bit of a food fight between Columbian divers Orlando Duque and Eber Pava.