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    December 2018
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Hayden Gets His First “Razor” Shave

I took my son to the school parking lot today so that he could practice riding his razor scooter that my  half brother gave him when we were in Compton.

I’ll just let him explain what happened:


The victim:

razor accident 001

The “Wounds”

razor accident 002

The Damages:

razor accident 003

Needless to say, my wife was not happy about any of this… and good thing she planned ahead of time and had purchased an extra pair of glasses just in case something like this happened.  (I hope she paid extra for accident insurance)

Boys will be boys and I’m just glad he’s ok with a little bump on his head and wants to get back on and try to learn how to  ride it again ASAP!

It was very scary watching it happen and then running to his aide… I was so worried that he was going to be a bloody mess… as I myself took a fall off a bike at about his age which left me with a scar above my eye for the rest of my life.

Minor scrapes… no real blood… a big goosebump… and a big scare… but my son is ok!