UH Coach McMackin’s Apology and What is a Faggot Dance?

FootballMany people are fired up about Coach McMackin’s “Faggot Dance” comment that he made about the Notre Dame football teams team dance.

Hawaii Warriors football coach Greg McMackin used the word “faggot” three times when discussing rival team Notre Dame at a media preview on Thursday, then turned around and asked the press not to use the word in quoting him because he didn’t “want to…have every homosexual ticked off at [him]…”

Big Island resident Wayne Joseph had the following to say in his blog post “McMackin Discolors Rainbows“:

…I am ashamed to be contected to the Warrior football team.  After these slurs lets prove that football isn’t homophobic by giving the UH team back their true name – Rainbows – for which we can all be proud…

Here is his apology that he made on ESPN today.

I’m still trying to figure out what a “Faggot Dance” is?

I typed in “Fag Dance” at youtube and this is what came up: