Google Glasses Winners Announced – List of Winners

Well I feel very fortunate to be one of 8,000 Google users to be selected to try out the new Google Glasses.

Here is the tweet that I tweeted that landed me this privilege:

Winning Tweet

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You can view the full list of winners here:  Google Glass First Wave Recipients.

This is what I said in my winning tweet:
#ifihadglass I would show the world what Hawaii is like as a resident and not just as a tourist.

I’ve Been Selected to Try Out the New Google Glasses!!!!

Oh my god!  I just got selected to be one of the BETA users of the new GOOGLE Glasses!!!

Google GlassOf course I will have to fly to the mainland and sign off on a bunch of things before I become one of Googles Testers!!!!

I hope this isn’t a joke and will keep folks updated!

Mahalo Google and Project Glass!

Many folks on the internet are considering this the same thing as winning the “Golden Ticket to the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory”.

I’m totally stoked and will learn more about what I need to do to get these glasses.

From my current understanding… I will need to pay my own way to the mainland to get them… but it’s so worth it!!!!