The Pahoa Recycling and Transfer Station Blessing

The newly upgraded Pahoa Recycling and Transfer Station was blessed today.

More people showed up then expected as trash and recycling seems to be a hot topic these days.

It began with Kumu Moses Kaho’okele Crabbe circling the Pahoa Transfer Station and tossing salt in all corners of the transfer station


Mayor Kenoi was on hand as well as his assistants.  Desiree Cruz opened the ceremony by thanking the community for showing up.

Mayor Kenoi was announced and he ran to the microphone to say a few words about how Puna has needed this for quite some time now.

Pahoa’s Council Representative, Fred Blas, thanked the businesses and individuals throughout Puna for assisting with volunteering their time and food for projects throughout the community as well as former 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole for getting the ball rolling on the project.

Environmental Management Director Frank DeMarco welcomed folks to the transfer station and mentioned how this was one of the nicest ones.

Kumu Moses Kaho’okele Crabbe then blessed the Transfer Station with a Hawaiian Pule (Prayer)

And then assisted with the untying of the maile lei.

The total cost for the project was $3.9 million dollars and folks were saying the place was so nice… that they could have a luau up there!

I wouldn’t suggest it, but if I were to have a luau here… I’d be certain to use this part of the facilities!

I just wish that the HI-5 Redemption center here was open more then just weekends… I mean they have a nice new office for it!

I mean technically they even have “Recycling” before the word Transfer in its own title!

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below for a larger image: