Premier of South Australia’s Message to Me… Banning Plastic Bags in Australia

Just yesterday, I mentioned how Australia’s Government Officials were going to be using Twitter to announce official Government Business.  Well it looks like the Australian Government Officials actually communicate with the people on Twitter.  I’m not even an Australian resident and he’s twittering with me.  (Don’t think Barack, Lingle, or Kenoi… would ever do the same and they are local officials)

Australia is a leader in Zero Waste policies.


South Australia’s Premier Mike Rann (like a Governor I guess?) just tweeted me the following message:

@damontucker We have Zero Waste here. My Enviro adviser is from Hawaii. We’re banning plastic shopping bags here.

I hope I can continue this dialog between me and Premier Mike Rann.

I just sent him the following message:

@PremierMikeRann That is great news.The shopping bag ban is going through some heavy fights here in Hawaii… But Hopefully we get em banned