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Countdown: Mars Food Mission Researchers Return to Earth

The countdown has begun.

Six researchers who have spent more than 100 days inside a remote habitat to simulate a long-duration space journey are finally returning to Earth.

HI-Seas photo by Angelo Vermeulen

HI-Seas photo by Angelo Vermeulen

About 700 applicants vied for six spots in the HI-SEAS mission, which began in April and will conclude on August 13.  These Earth-based researchers have been living and working like astronauts, including suiting up in space gear whenever they venture outside a simulated Martian base and cooking meals from a specific list of dehydrated and shelf-stable food items.

HI-Seas Crew Photo by Ian

HI-Seas Crew Photo by  Sian

The HI-SEAS study, led by Cornell University and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, is analyzing new types of food and novel food preparation strategies to keep astronauts well-nourished for space exploration.  The work is funded by the NASA Human Research Program.

Food inventory by Sian

Food inventory by Sian

The food study is designed to simulate the living and working experience of astronauts on a real planetary mission and to compare two types of food systems – crew-cooked vs. pre-prepared – as thoroughly as possible in the context of a four-month Mars analog mission.

Add ins for Tsampa photo by Sian

Add ins for Tsampa photo by Sian

“One possible solution to handle menu fatigue would be to allow astronauts to cook their own food instead of eating pre-prepared food day after day,” says crew member Angelo Vermeulen, one of the six researchers inside the HI-SEAS habitat, which is located on the Big Island.

Night Light Dinner photo by Sian

Night Light Dinner photo by Sian

At the end of the study, researchers will announce the winners of the HI-SEAS recipe contest.  Winning recipes in a number of categories will be featured on the HI-SEAS website.

Four Wheeling photo by Sian

Four Wheeling photo by Sian

The public is invited to follow along with the “Meals for Mars” videos, researcher blogs, and test recipes featured at http://hi-seas.org/ or on Twitter (@HI_SEAS) or Facebook.


Pride of Puna – Pictures, Videos and Results

Last night at the Akebono Theater in Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, the first ever Pride of Puna “Fight for Hunger” all ages kick boxing event took place to a sold out crowd.

A packed Akebono Theater

The event began with some youth fights that were well appreciated by everyone in the crowd.

Promoter Serge Mamone proud of his son Ricky

Here are the results from the youth fights:

  • 65 lbs – Ricky Mamone defeated Derek Romero
  • 70 lbs – Elija Apao defeated David Martinez Jr.
  • 95 lbs – Kaleo Apao defeated Damien Romero
  • 115 lbs- Trent Saragosa and Micah Castro had a DRAW
  • 125 lbs – Avery Sanchis defeated Ethan Ramos

Then the Open fights began with a women’s fight featuring Riechelle Silva vs. Kehaulani Rodrigues.

Riechelle Silva

The fight was an exciting fight that saw Silva dominating Rodrigues for the majority of the fight and winning in the end.

Then the Open Mens fight began:

Koa Lopez and Roy Fukushima had a three round fight:




The judges declared Koa Lopez the winner

Koa Lopez gets his hand raised

The next bout featured Paul Abiley versus Cameron Sylva.


The judges declared Cameron Sylva the winner after this third round.



The next fight saw Patrick Torres defeat Josh Sosa and then Mathew Majamay took on Kevin Silva:



In the end the judges declared Majamay the victory.


In the final Open fight, Conrodo Martin Defeated Keola Arakaki.  The night then moved to the Semi-Main Event which featured Petey Vital “3” defeating Donald Gonzales.

Petey Vital “3” was victorious in his Semi Main Event match and said later on at the Pahoa Village Club that he was ready to take on the UFC!

The Main Event saw Riquo Abadilla defeating Justin Yamauchi.

Trophies and Medals were given out to the victors

It was a great event that was put on and lots of food was raised. *UPDATE* 403 pounds of food were raised!

2010 Merrie Monarch Parade… The Pictures

Today was the 2010 Merrie Monarch Parade and of course the rain came and went as usual.

It’s probably one of the most unique parades in America.  Of course it wouldn’t be a parade without the politicians having to show face.

Mayor Kenoi was the first in the procession.

Lingle didn’t make it… but Lt. Governor Duke Aiona did.

As well as Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman.

And of course it wouldn’t be a parade without Councilwoman Naeole-Beason.

Of course there was Miss Aloha Hula

But the one thing this parade always seems to be known for, is the beautiful equestrian units.

And of course the best part of the parade… was seeing the Pahoa High School Boys Division B State Champions parading down through Hilo!

Fred Blas and Hunter Bishop showing their Pahoa Pride.

You can click on the pictures below to open them up to larger pictures: