Sudden Rush Has a Polynesian Party at the Lava Shack in Pahoa

Sudden Rush performed last night at the “Lava Shack” in downtown Pahoa last night.

Members of Sudden Rush take time to give aloha outside the Lava Shack in Pahoa.

Members of Sudden Rush take time to give aloha outside the Lava Shack in Pahoa.

The Lava Shack is the place formerly known as the Pahoa Village Club/Cafe and they now have new owners.  This was the first time I have returned to the place since I was beaten-up by the cops after the last time covering a show.

Lava Shack is the former Pahoa Village Cafe/Club

Lava Shack is the former Pahoa Village Cafe/Club

Here are some of the pictures I took last night (click to enlarge):

Sudden Rush 050


Sudden Rush 049

Sudden Rush 047

Sudden Rush 046

Sudden Rush 045

Sudden Rush 044

Sudden Rush 043

Sudden Rush 042

Sudden Rush 040

Sudden Rush 039

Sudden Rush 037

Sudden Rush 036


Pahoa Village Club Goes BOOM With Go Go Dancers

The place formerly known as the “Pahoa Village Cafe” in Pahoa, has changed its name to the “Pahoa Village Club” and it appears that on some Friday nights they have what is known as “Boom” nights where they bring in Go Go Dancers!

I talked with club manager Jose and he mentioned that it’s been going on for a while now.

Club Manager Jose with the Go Go Dancers

For those that know Pahoa… it may seem a bit out of character to bring in Go Go Dancers to this area.

Go Go Dancers at Pahoa Village Club

I asked these girls where they were from and they said they were from the San Francisco area.

Go Go Dancers

I got there pretty early and the crowd was just starting to pick up as folks settled in before the show.

Hanging loose at the Pahoa Village Club

“DJ Supa Fly” was spinning the vinyl last night!

"DJ Supa Fly"

You can contact the Pahoa Village Club at 808-965-1133 to find out more information on upcoming shows.  I’m not sure exactly how often they bring in the Go Go Dancers… but I’m sure its a great hit!

A lucky club patron

Click pictures below for larger version… :roll:

Hawaii Electronic Music Festival Kicks Off Tonight at the Pahoa Village Cafe

The 2011 Hawaii Electronic Music Festival kicks off tonight at the Pahoa Village Cafe.

I made it to the 2009 festival and may drop by tonight’s festivities.

Former Councilwoman Emily Naeole made it to the 2009 Festival

“The Hawaii Electronic Music Festival is a gathering of creative minds who share our love for the Island and our passion for life. It’s a place for those of us, who dance to a different beat. Embrace the world and follow your dreams. Bring an open mind, a good attitude and a smile on your face.”

Here is a short clip from the 2010 HEMF that was held at the Palace Theater.


Pato Banton Rocks Pahoa Village Cafe!

Reggae Superstar Pato Banton rocked the Pahoa Village Cafe last night!

Councilwoman Emily Naeole and Pato Banton give aloha to the Pahoa Village Cafe



It was a great concert and I had the pleasure of talking with their social media guru and pianist Antoinette Hall!

Tonight they will be performing in Kailua-Kona and according to their website it will be at “Boardriders”.

Of course… it wouldn’t be a reggae concert… without someone lighting up a joint in the place!


Pahoa Village Cafe Manager "Jose" tells folks to cut the crap and leave the pakalolo outside of his club


It’s been pretty cool having so much amazing talent come out to Pahoa lately.

As usual, you can click on the pictures  above or below for a larger version.

Pato Banton to Rock Pahoa Village Cafe Tomorrow

Reggae superstar Pato Banton will be performing at Pahoa Village Cafe tomorrow night – Wednesday, Oct. 13th.


Pato Banton



Saturday – The Art of Sinsation at the Pahoa Village Cafe

Labor Day Weekend Kicks Off at Pahoa Village Cafe… Naeole Gets Electric

I touched his bike!!!!

Well Labor Day is upon us and Pahoa Village Cafe was the happening spot last night.

As usual on Labor Day Weekend… the bikers were out in full affect.

I arrived about 9:00 without my camera… and I was kind of bummed.  So what did I do…  I asked a police officer for a ride home so I could go get my camera because even though I just lived a few minutes away by foot… it was raining pretty hard.  Mahalo to the police officer that gave me a ride home and back to the club… you know who you are.

Of course it wouldn’t be an event in Pahoa without Councilwoman Emily Naeole making an appearance.

Councilwoman Naeole with Lt. Governor Candidate Steve Hirakami

Even though there was a slight rain, there were still about 40 -50 bikes in all.

Of course I liked the latest bike built by Big Island’s own Lloyd Enriques:

Of course Jarret Enriques has a solid bike as well:

But the real highlight of the evening… had to be watching Councilwoman Emily Naeole doing the “Electric Slide”


“Sex Party” at the Pahoa Village Cafe

Friday night, Pahoa Village Cafe had their first ever “Sex” themed party.

Of course most of the ladies dressed up sexy…

But I don’t know what some of the guys were thinking

At least some were on the right path

Pahoa Village Cafe is quickly becoming one of the “go to” spots for night time entertainment.  You can click on any of the pictures below for a larger image.

Tonight – Marty Dread to Rock Pahoa Village Cafe

Marty Dread will be playing tonight, Friday July 23rd, at Pahoa Village Cafe.  Door open at 9 pm, tickets $10.00!

The Green Rocks Pahoa Village Cafe

A few members of "The Green"

The reggae group “The Green” rocked Pahoa Village Cafe last night.

Here are some pictures from last night.

This Thursday – Pahoa Village Cafe Welcomes The Green

I’m wondering if Anuhea Jenkins will make a special guest appearance with The Green as she has been touring a lot with them of late.

Anuhea Jenkins and members of "The Green"

These pictures were taken of her at the Na Hoku Awards Festival with “The Green” escorting her on her big night of winning two Na Hoku Awards.

Getting interviewed by Lina Girl

So come check out Pahoa Village Cafe this Thursday night and hopefully we will be treated to a nice little surprise!

Cas Haley and Josh Heinrichs Tear It Up at Pahoa Village Cafe

Cas Haley and Josh Heinrichs ate at Luquin's Restaraunt in Pahoa before the gig

Last night I had the opportunity to see Cas Haley and Josh Heinrich play at the Pahoa Village Cafe.

They didn’t actually play together other then a simple mic check at the beginning of the show.

Sound Check

I must say that this was probably one of the best concerts that the Pahoa Village Cafe has put on in recent months.

Josh started the show about 9:30 and played for about 45 minutes.

Josh Heinrichs Jamming

Then Bradda Jake from Native FM introduced the crowd to Cas Haley and he played for about an hour.

A Jake Break with Cas Haley

Cas Jamming

This Saturday, June 12th at 8:00 pm, the duo will also be playing along with Paula Fuga and a few others at the Honokaa Theater.

Just Cas

You can click on any of the pictures below for a larger view:

America’s Got Talent’s Cas Haley Coming to Pahoa!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at the Na Hoku Festival where I got to meet Cas Haley (Runner up in America’s Got Talent).


I later learned that he was coming to the Big Island to do a show at Honoka’a theater.

This weekend I learned that the Pahoa Village Cafe is going to host a special concert with Cas Haley and Josh Heinrichs on this coming Wednesday night, June 9th.

Here are some other pictures I was able to capture of Cas at the Na Hoku Festival:

Cas getting interviewed

Local Celebs and Cas

So come check out Pahoa Village Cafe this Wednesday night!

Marty Dread was rocking Pahoa Village Cafe at this same time last year

Cruz Ohana Rocks Pahoa Village Cafe… Tonight Prime Rib Dinner With the Ohana

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Last night at the Pahoa Village Cafe, the Cruz ohana rocked the house to a full house.


Tonight at 6 Pm, the Cruz family invites folks to a Prime Rib All You Can Eat Luncheon and concert at the Pahoa Village Cafe.


The place was truly rocking last night and the Cruz ohana put on an excellent show as usual.


And in case you didn’t know it… The several members of the Cruz family are very active in Social Media even having Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Uncle Tweeting?

Uncle Tweeting?

I wish that I had looked at the settings on my camera as I didn’t have them on the right settings.  I actually took quite a few pictures… but I’ve only compressed about a third of them.

Naeole w/ Uncle

Of course Pahoa always has it’s usual folks that tend to take up the dance floor all to themselves at times.


You can click on the images below for a larger view and don’t forget about the Prime Rib dinner and concert tonight:

The Pahoa Gym… It’s No “Gold’s Gym”

Well I will file this one under the learn something new everyday category.

I made it into the Pahoa Village Cafe today to talk to Jose the manager about some upcoming stuff that was happening, like tonights Cruz Family Party that will be happening.

Cruz Concert

Anyrate, as I was leaving, I noticed the following sign on the gate between Pahoa Village Cafe and the Sukothai Restaraunt:


So I scoped out the place from a distance…


And then decided to check it out by walking down the corridor between the two restaraunts.


I went past the doors above and then to the left was a door that was cracked and had the following sign on the door.


Well I didn’t want to work out and I just wanted to check out the place and since the door was opened… I walked right in and found this.


It was actually quite a decent little facility with free weights and all


It was weird that no one was around and so I snapped this final picture before going to the front to ask the bar manager about the place.


What Jose informed me was that the “Gym” was not affiliated with the restaurant and that the hours were from 8am – 8pm Mondays – Fridays.

He believes the monthly membership cost was about $20- $25 a month, however he was not sure.

There were no contact numbers and I was amazed that I could just walk in the place like this… But you know, this is Pahoa.

The Proof is in the Pizza

The other day I blogged about Pahoa Village Cafe having a happy hour between 3 – 6 pm where they gave away free pizza and allowed people to play free pool.


So I decided to check it out today and sure enough there was free pizza…


And just as advertised… Free Pool.


I’d say there was about 15-20 people in the place for the short period of time I was there.


The pizza was good, the pool tables are great and as Bar Manager, Jose can tell you… they have great Beer as well.


I was actually there to order food and take out and had forgotten all about the happy hour until I showed up there!

Free Pizza and Pool in Pahoa

I just noticed the following sign outside of Pahoa Village Cafe.

I don’t know what the catch is, as I was in a hurry to get to my son’s swim lessons.
2009 07 07 10 31 46

Another Rocking Friday Night at Pahoa Village Cafe

The Pahoa Village Cafe has quickly become the place for Puna residents to go at night.

pvc 036

Last night was no exception as the group “An Den” rocked the cafe.

pvc 001

I’d like to say a special thanks to Jose for allowing me to come in and take pictures of some of the happenings at the place.

pvc 006

I’d also like to thank the bartenders for all their hard work and keeping the crowd happy.

pvc 041

If you haven’t checked out Pahoa Village Cafe recently, they are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

pvc 039

People of all ages come to the Cafe to enjoy the music and relaxed atmosphere.

pvc 013

The acoustics in the place are great as well.

pvc 026

It’s great that Pahoa now has something to do in the evenings.

pvc 008

You can click on the pictures below for a larger pictures:

“An Den” on the Big Island

An Den started as a power trio. Damien Awai, Brian Haia and Roy Kato were working venues in the Lahaina-Kaanapali area.

” ♪♫♪♫…Moved on up on the west side… ♫♪♫♪” Damien and Brian were looking for a bigger, badder sound with more musicians to amplify their feel and effect. We got something: Damien Awai, Brian Haia, Roy Kato, Ivan Yadao, and Rick Bodinus. This made An Den complete.

Next they started recording debut album Housekatchafaya which features some of Hawaii’s top musicians: Mitch Kepa, Mark Kalawaia, Tom Mamuad, Dave Varde, Jason Donez, Albert Kaina, Wilson Kanaka’ole, Alan Veleren, Dave Choy, and K-Avi. Recording with Roy Kato on bass and introducing Eddee Sebala to our live show. Eddee is now our steady bassist.

Housekatchafaya delivers something fresh and new to the Hawai’i music scene with radio friendly tracks like “Dream Girl”, “Housekatchafaya” and “Wett Dreams.” An Den also delivers tribute versions of Beres Hammond’s “They Gonna Talk “ as well as Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and “So Much Trouble.” This album also carries a political message in songs like “Unite”, “Nation in a Nation”, and “Funk da Bush”. Finally the mellow side of Housekatchafaya brings to light Hawaii’s cultural diversity with ethnic puns, like Popolo Pete, Fredo Macadangdang and Da Podageez from Up Country. Thanks for having a sense of humor.

Big Island schedule for the next three days.

Jul 3 2009 12:00P
Jul 3 2009 9:00P
Jul 4 2009 2:00P
Jul 4 2009 8:30P
Jul 5 2009 12:00P

Here is a youtube teaser of their debut CD, Housekatchafaya.


Video From the Hawaii Electronic Music Festival – Pahoa Kick Off Party

Here is a video I hadn’t seen before from the Hawaii Electronic Music Festival that had their opening night kick off in Pahoa (Yes that is our Council lady Emily Naeole in there screaming her head off at the 5:29 mark!):