Call for Submissions – “She… On The Tip Of Her Tongue”

“She… On The Tip Of Her Tongue” is gearing up for a February 2013 Big island performance.  They invite bold, motivated female performance artists of all ages, cultures and creative mediums, to audition for the upcoming “SHE 2013”.

Submissions for “SHE 2013” are open NOW and close Dec 7, 2012.  You may submit up to 3 ORIGINAL pieces (song, poem, dance, rant,etc)  They will be accepting 10 solo artists and 5-10 groups.
You can record yourself via YouTube and send links to

We will also host LIVE AUDITIONS at The Pahoa Museum on the following dates:

  • Monday, November 26th 1-5pm
  • Friday, November 30th 1-5pm
  • Saturday, December 1st 1-5pm

All auditions must be stage-ready.  Live auditions will be videotaped for review. Selected performers will be notified by December 15th via phone and Facebook announcement.

SHE 2013 performers will be selected by a panel of past SHE participants.  Selected performers must commit to 4-6 mandatory meetings / rehearsals, including photoshoot(s), between Jan 1 and the performance, as well as dress rehearsal.  Email questions

Keep updated on SHE events and live audition dates by liking our facebook page.

Pahoa Museum Presents New Exhibit Which Depicts Hawaiian Royalty

Media Release:

The Pahoa Village Museum is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings honoring the life of this land by artists Alan Fine and Barry Wilkinson. Fine’s art, which has been exhibited at Hilo’s Palace Theater, depicts Hawaiian Royalty. Wilkinson’s paintings depict an intimate and beautiful reflection of Hawaiian life.

Opening reception is Saturday, October 30, 5-8 pm with live music and refreshments. The show runs through January 16. The Pahoa Village Museum hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5; admission is by donation.  The museum is located at 15-2931 Pahoa Village Road (across the street from the Akebono Theater).

“Mauna Kea: The Temple” Featured at Pahoa Museum

Hat tip to Big Island on the Cheap

The Pahoa Museum

The Pahoa Museum

The Pahoa Museum’s new exhibit “Mauna Kea: The Temple” opened on Monday, June 15, 2009 and runs through July 30th. The museum is open from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and admission is free.

More info Here

Tonight: Alohi at Pahoa Museum With Special Guests

alohi june 09

Tonight: First Saturdays Soiree at the Pahoa Museum

soiree general-1

Thursday Nights at the Pahoa Museum


Singles Parties Starting Up at the Pahoa Museum

I just saw this interesting tweet come across the “Pahoa” feeds of Twitter:

Singles’ party at the Pahoa Museum every 3rd Saturday of every month. Raising money to keep the Museum going.

I’ve got lots of blog posts on the Pahoa Museum.


Great Places to Eat in Pahoa

On the Big Island, there are not as many restaraunts to choose from on the East Side of the Island compared to the West Side.  (Hilo = East / Kona = West).

Were lucky that in Pahoa, we have quite a few good restaurants to choose from.

If you want Mexican Food you can eat at Luquins which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner:


There is also a couple smaller hole in the type of restaurants like Nings Thai Cuisine:

restaraunts 007

Nings is primarily open for dinner and was closed when I went by during the lunch hours today.

restaraunts 008

Ning’s can be found on the main drag of Pahoa next to Paolo’s Bistro where they serve all kinds of Italian dishes and specialty “Pizza’s”.

restaraunts 009

Pahoa’s most upscale restaurant is probably Kaleo’s.

restaraunts 006

You will often find Pahoa business people in here having there salads and other specialties during lunch.

restaraunts 001

This group of tourist from Anchorage, Alaska were definitely enjoying their time at Kaleo’s.

(L-R) Colin Bonfield, Alisha Silverstein, Brandon Maurer, and Mike Courtney all said their highlight of the Big Island so far was seeing the "Clothing Optional" Black Sand Beach known as Kehena.

(L-R) Colin Bonfield, Alisha Silverstein, Brandon Maurer, and Mike Courtney all said their highlight of the Big Island so far was seeing the "Clothing Optional" Black Sand Beach known as Kehena.

Of course Pahoa has a Subway as well located in the Pahoa Market Place

restaraunts 016

And of course, if you don’t know… Pahoa now has it’s own L&L.  If your looking for the “Pahoa Chop Suey” … well L&L has it’s old location and “Pahoa Chop Suey” is no more unfortunately.

restaraunts 011

The food is sold both Ala Carte and by the plate, and they also have a pretty reasonable catering menu.

restaraunts 012

Of course in Hawaii, seafood is very popular and we have our own Fish Market.

restaraunts 015

Where they also serve a very reasonably priced plate of Fish and Chips as well.

restaraunts 017

The Pahoa Museum is also opening up an “All Natural Cafeteria” in the next few weeks.  The name has not been decided yet.

restaraunts 010

Of course the gathering place in the morning times if it’s not Luquins, tends to be “Black Rock Cafe” where you can find many of our elected officials having their breakfasts on a regular basis.

restaraunts 013

Probably one of the best deals in Pahoa, is at the Punatic Cyber Cafe, they give free internet access with the purchase of your meals (See Cafe for details).  They sell great coffee, sandwhiches and even ice cream!

restaraunts 018

And well if you’re still hungry after all that… we even have our own Pooki’s Cookies cookie shop/bakery that sells everything from Breakfast Bagels to Haupia (coconut) Pie.

restaraunts 019

There’s a couple other restaraunts such as Boogie Woogie Pizza where you can get pizza by the slice or by the pan and Sukothai which happens to be very popular, however, they weren’t open at the time I drove by.

Of course these aren’t the only restaraunts in Puna… these are just the ones in Pahoa.

Keaau, Volcano, and Kalapana all have at least one restaraunt and you can often find lunch wagons just set up along the roads.

So come on out to Pahoa and grab a bite to eat the next time you’re on the Big Island!

Successful Soiree

The Pahoa Museum had another successful “First Saturday Soiree” last night.

Here are some pictures from it:





You can check out these soirees yourself on the first Saturday of each month at the Pahoa Museum located in Downtown Pahoa.

Click pictures below for bigger picture (Sorry about the lighting… forgot to change the lighting settings)

Saturday Pahoa Museums “First Saturday Soiree’s” Continues


LAST MONTHS Flier (Time has changed)

The Pahoa Museum is hosting its second First Saturday Soiree this Saturday, show starts at 7.  $10 at the door, $5 if you are seriously dressed your best.

Click on here for images and video from the last soiree held last month:



Pahoa Museum Featuring First Saturday Soirees… Murals to Be Painted on Garbage Cans


The Flier from the First Event

The Pahoa Museum will be hosting First Saturday Soirees at the beginning of each month. They will also be hosting a variety of workshops, groups, classes, lectures, etc…

The museum is putting together a video show, to be filmed on location at the museum on Friday nights, from 8-11…its a dress up dance party with live music and a dj.  The museum is working to set up a digital archive resource center.  Their goal is to facilitate humans being at their best, quality cultural programming, village beautification.  Next week the Museum will be painting murals on the town trash cans.

To see pictures from the Grand Opening and the most recent First Saturday click here.

First Saturdays Rocking at Pahoa Museum

I just got back from the Pahoa Museum where they are celebrating their grand opening with a “First Saturday’s” kick off party.


The place is packed right now and it’s still early in the evening.


The owners let me know that they are planning on doing this every first Saturday of the Month, and I’ll be receiving more information on it soon enough.


The place is filled with people of all ages…


And people were dressed up in their latest Puna Fashions:


And people were dancing to the music that was playing wherever it may have been playing.


The Milk and Honey Cafe was a great place to grab a quick drink.


And just stepping outside for a quick breath of fresh air every once in awhile was in order.


The music was great and people were jamming.


So if you’re looking for something to do in Pahoa on the first Saturday’s of each month, check out the Pahoa Museum.

Do you see yourself in this video?


Don’t forget that they have the Merrie Monarch exhibit being featured just in time for the Merrie Monarch.

Click on pictures below for larger images from tonights festivities:

Pahoa Museum Featuring Hula Exhibit… Merrie Monarch Coming Up

Just in time for Merrie Monarch, the Pahoa Museum is featuring an exhibit that features the history of Hula.


The Kent Ghirard collection is currently on Display provided by the  Hula Preservation Society.


Kent Ghirard, Photo from Honolulu Preservation Society

Kent Ghirard, Photo from Honolulu Preservation Society

Kent Ghirard was born in California and became fascinated with hula at the age of 12 when his family visited Hawai`i on vacation. He received his first hula lessons from Marguerite Duane, professional dancer and friend of Hilo Hattie. After he moved to Hawaii in 1947, he studied with Alice Keawekäne at the Bill Lincoln Studio, and he later taught privately and also held classes at the Betty Lei Studio. He learned several kahiko from Mary Kawena Puku`i but concentrated his hula efforts primarily on `auana (modern) hula for tourist audiences. His dancers were known for their perfect grooming and professionalism, and he was regularly hired by the Hawai`i Visitors Bureau. Kent considers his hula style as simple, utilizing only basic hula steps. His “Hula Nani Girls” dance troupe became the first Hawaiian group to tour Japan in 1955.

Inside the museum, you will see a wall of his works that are truly works of art.



You can learn more about Kumu Ghirard and see more of his photography work here.

The museum has also opened a small coffee/snack shop called the Milk and Honey Cafe.


Which features a little indoor dining area and a few seats outside as well.


So while you’re in Pahoa for the Merrie Monarch, stop on by the local community museum in Pahoa to see some of the History of Hula by Kent Ghirard.

Artist Recognition: Katie Burk… Pahoa Museum Facelift

The other day I mentioned that the Pahoa Museum got a face lift on the exterior of the building.  I didn’t know who the artist was at the time, otherwise I would have given them credit.

Unfortunately, I have a crappy little camera and the picture that I showed did not really give justice to the beautiful job that was done on the exterior.

Here is a much better picture submitted by Martin Wink:


The artist that designed the exterior is Katie Burk.

Katie Burk sitting just to the left of the table and the rest of the crew

Katie Burk sitting just to the left of the table and the rest of the crew

When you get the chance, I do urge everyone to check out this unique Museum located on the main drag in Pahoa Town.

the artist “Katie Burk” She is setting just to the left of the table, this is her Master piece

Pahoa Museum Gets Facelift

In case you don’t get the chance to drive through Pahoa Town very often, the new Pahoa Museum has a brand new look to it.





Another “Damon Dollar” Arrives!

I didn’t check the mail all weekend and I finally got around to doing it today.

I wasn’t pleasantly surprised that I got another “Damon Dollar“.

It came courtesy of two places: The Pahoa Museum and “Jomama’s Hostel“.  (I guess they each put in $.50 ;) )


Of course I blogged about the Pahoa Museum a few times…but only recently had I heard of “Jomama’s Hostel” in Pahoa.


Of course after receiving this dollar, I had to check out their website here.

It looks like a really nice place and the rates are also very reasonable.


You can contact JoMama’s here for more information.

Mahalo Pahoa Museum and JoMama’s Hostel!