Before, During and After… Opala in Paradise – Battery Removal

On Saturday a member of the newly formed Opala in Paradise group posted the following on facebook:

Our Postal carrier just advised me that someone dumped 8 batteries by the mailboxes at Papaya Farms Road….about 1/2 mile WaaWaa side of Four Corners.

Where the batteries were located via my Facebook "Check-In"

I knew that I would be in the area today so I went and checked it out and this is what I found:

Opala in Paradise


There were actually 9 batteries that were here and they weren’t just the standard car batteries they were the larger ones that can power things like golf carts and some of the batteries actually stated that they were golf cart batteries.

I loaded the batteries into the back of my car as my son just stood there astounded that someone could dump all these batteries on the side of the road like this.

Opala in Paradise


As I was driving back into Pahoa I noticed one more of these batteries at “Four Corners” in Kapoho so I stopped and grabbed that and put it the front of my car.  I thought my tires were gonna pop my car was so weighted down!

We drove the 8 miles from the location to Pahoa Battery and Propane and I dropped them off there free of charge.

Opala in Paradise


So folks that don’t know… you don’t need to dump your batteries on the side of the road illegally.  There is a place that will take them and I’d like to thank Pahoa Battery and Propane for providing this service.