Honolulu Residents Facing Fines for Bulky Items at Curbside Pick-Ups

The City Department of Environmental Services (ENV) is placing ads in both the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and MidWeek during the week of March 11 to educate Honolulu residents about the bulky item rules, routes, schedules and enforcement action that will begin May 1.


“We now have the fines and appeals processes in place and are educating residents before implementing the whole system,” Lori Kahikina, director of ENV, said. “Many residents are aware of their setout schedules for bulky items, but this is a little reminder educating that fines will be levied to those who don’t follow the rules.”

Both ads will provide sector breakdowns with respective schedules, highlight the appropriate schedule/time to place bulky items curbside and discuss what types of materials are collected as bulky items.

Further, the ads will discuss property owner responsibility and penalties for violators of the City Ordinance.

The City also sent out in mass mail letters to all Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) who oversee multi-unit dwellings on Oahu informing them when enforcement action will begin.

For more information on bulky items or refuse-related questions, logon to www.opala.org.


Wordless Wednesday – Where Do Things Go?

A YouTube channel has been devoted to cleaning up trash and recycling here in Hawaii called Opala Hawaii.

Hawaii Theater for Youth brings trash cans to life to help us sort it out! See Opala.org


Department of Health Cites Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling for Permit Violations

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) has filed a notice and finding of violation and order against Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling. The violations were found during a routine permit compliance inspection, occurred at 30 Hobron Avenue in Kahului on Maui, and involved multiple and significant violations of the facility’s solid waste management permit.

Tires on the side of the road from "The Big Clean Up… Take a Stand for Your Land – Hawaii Ocean View Estates"

Violations found at the facility included the failure to take measures to prevent the discharge of fluids (such as used oil and gasoline) or to assess and mitigate the release of fluids; the failure to construct and operate the facility in accordance with application materials, operations manual, or permit; the improper storage of unprocessed vehicles; the improper storage of waste tires; the improper storage of lead acid batteries; the improper storage of waste fluids; and the failure to prevent mixing of waste streams with other material.

My son and I pick up huge batteries that were disposed on the roadside

The DOH has imposed a penalty of $73,900, suspended the facility’s solid waste management permit, and ordered the facility to cease operations. The penalty takes into account the extent of deviation from the law and the potential for harm. Kitagawa Towing and Metal Recycling may request a hearing to contest the allegations or order.

The DOH Solid Waste Section regulates standards governing the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of solid waste disposal, recycling, reclamation, and transfer systems.

Such standards are intended to prevent pollution of the drinking water supply or waters of the state; prevent air pollution; prevent the spread of disease and the creation of nuisances; protect the public health and safety; conserve natural resources; and preserve and enhance the beauty and quality of the environment.

Hawaii Parkour Awarenesss Park Clean Up Month – Ala Moana “Leave No Trace”

This is pretty cool!  A group of Parkour enthusiasts on Oahu have taken their love for jumping over things to a new platform by jumping over things… and picking up the trash where they are jumping at!

Parkour Hawaii


For the month of Sept we are holding a Parkour Awareness, Ala Moana Leave No Trace Month.

Leave No Trace

All for the land, for the art, for the people.  More info at Hawaipk.com

The Big Clean Up… Take a Stand for Your Land – Hawaii Ocean View Estates

"Nine sites were cleaned in all and about 62 tons of rubbish and scrap mental and 16 cars and about 60 tires... " Starsha Young

Today marked another day that folks around the Big Island came together to help clean up some illegal dump sites.

Today’s target was 9 dumping sites of MANY illegal dumping sites in the Hawaii Ocean View Estates area.

I’d like to personally thank the more then 70 volunteers that showed up and participated in this clean up that was partially funded by the County of Hawaii.

I’d like to say thanks to the following businesses, groups and agencies that were here this morning: Office of the County Prosecuting Attorney, Hawaii Police Department, Office of the Mayor, Prevent Illegal Dumping Task Force, Goodfellow Brothers Inc., Pacific Waste Inc., Superior Sanitation, Ocean View Auto Parts, Big Island Scrap Metal, Junk Yard Dog Towing, Arrow Hawaiian, Precision Construction, The Opala in Paradise Facebook Group, Kolohe Auto Repair and Big Island Gear.

A very special mahalo to Cynthia “Starsha” Young of Keep Hawaii Beautiful and to Mark Dubois of Atlas Recycling Centers for really stepping forward and getting this coordinated.

Also, to all those kind folks that showed up from The Kau Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You folks really came out in numbers and the support was certainly appreciated.

I’d also like to personally thank Kevin Dayton of the Mayors office for taking video of it and submitting it to some of his contacts.

It’s not over… this was just the first step of several community clean-ups down there. Dubois then showed us this HUGE Lava Pit that is quickly getting used as an illegal dumpsite that will need to be taken care of with some heavy machinery.

As I was leaving… I noticed many more illegal dump sites in the area.  I’m not sure what is going on in that area… it is good to hear that they finally got a “Temporary” transfer station put in there a year ago so maybe this will stop a bit.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below for larger images… if your eyes dare:

Before, During and After… Opala in Paradise – Battery Removal

On Saturday a member of the newly formed Opala in Paradise group posted the following on facebook:

Our Postal carrier just advised me that someone dumped 8 batteries by the mailboxes at Papaya Farms Road….about 1/2 mile WaaWaa side of Four Corners.

Where the batteries were located via my Facebook "Check-In"

I knew that I would be in the area today so I went and checked it out and this is what I found:

Opala in Paradise


There were actually 9 batteries that were here and they weren’t just the standard car batteries they were the larger ones that can power things like golf carts and some of the batteries actually stated that they were golf cart batteries.

I loaded the batteries into the back of my car as my son just stood there astounded that someone could dump all these batteries on the side of the road like this.

Opala in Paradise


As I was driving back into Pahoa I noticed one more of these batteries at “Four Corners” in Kapoho so I stopped and grabbed that and put it the front of my car.  I thought my tires were gonna pop my car was so weighted down!

We drove the 8 miles from the location to Pahoa Battery and Propane and I dropped them off there free of charge.

Opala in Paradise


So folks that don’t know… you don’t need to dump your batteries on the side of the road illegally.  There is a place that will take them and I’d like to thank Pahoa Battery and Propane for providing this service.

Why Can’t the County of Hawaii Have Roadside Pick Up of Garbage?

The Big Island does not have curbside pick up of garbage and we have been having a major problem with illegal dumping going on.

As the Big Island grows, I would think we would start thinking more about having the county provide garbage pick up in at least some parts of the county.  A truck could drive by an area once a week and pick up bags by residences that don’t have the means to take their opala to the transfer stations.

Kauai has it (http://www.kauai.gov/Government/Departments/PublicWorks/SolidWaste/RefuseCollection/AutomatedRefuseCollection/tabid/359/Default.aspx)

Kauai County Website

Maui has it (http://www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?NID=763)

Maui County website

And of course Oahu has it (http://www.opala.org/solid_waste/curbside.htm)

Oahu County website

So my question… why can’t the Big Island have it provided by the County?

Cleaning Up the Rubbish Dump Road – Opala in Paradise

Yesterday I wrote about the illegal dumping along the Pahoa Transfer Station road, today with help from a few folks from the group Opala in Paradise we were able to make a huge difference in the area.

Kevin Dayton and I haul off one of the couches that we disposed of PROPERLY today

Starsha Young recorded the following:

We Picked up 2-couches, one dishwasher, 11 bags of rubbish, one paperhanging, one unit for water cooling, old parts of a bathroom facet, recyclable copper, oh and one tiny kitten, Kevin found in the bushes, Shelly found a new home for him right away. It took about 2-hours with travel time and 3 truck loads …that is $126.00 “If we got paid” But we didn’t, and we did a good deed, thanks guys…

Starsha missed a couple things on her list such as a mattress and these stereo speakers:

It didn’t take that long and its nice to see folks make comments like this on facebook shortly after we did it:

Just came from the recycle center (no more truck only car:( ) Road looks great! Mahalo nui loa all you guys!

I’d like to thank Kevin Dayton, Starsha Young and Shelly Stapleton for taking time out of their weekend to help clean up the area.

Pahoa Trash Dump Road TRASHED! Opala in Paradise

Well I went to the Pahoa Transfer Station today and I was stunned to see all the garbage that was tossed along the road on the way there.

Opala in Paradise

The look on this dolls face says it all!

There was literally a two piece couch set that looked like it belonged to each other at one time.

Opala in Paradise

Two couches less then 50 yards away from eachother

Anyone recognize these couches (Click on the small pictures to enlarge)

Notice the tire behind the couch in that bottom picture?  I must have came across at least a dozen tires!

Opala in Paradise

What do we do with tires?

Recently the group Keep Hawaii Beautiful received a mini grant of $1,700 to help dispose of these tires properly but that will run out quickly… just look at all these tires?

I even found a mattress along the side of the road.


I couldn’t figure out what this was…

What the ???

So I flipped it over and it turned out to be a dish washing machine.

Ah poor ting... someone is going to have hand wash dishes now.

All of this “opala” (garbage) was found within a mile of the transfer station and most of this stuff except for the tires could have been taken there.

Opala in Paradise

Geez! Tossing away garbage cans and all!

Opala in Paradise Members Take on Kapoho Dump Site

Eric Young hauls off a bag of rubbish as "Buddy" finds a way to recycle a slippah. (Photo courtesy of Starsha Young)

Today, some members of the Opala in Paradise group, tackled an illegal dump site that was located on “Red Road” in Kapoho.

Opala in Paradise

A few of us gathered at the spot on Red Road known as “Four Corners” to meet up and figure out exactly where the illegal dump site was.

Hunter Bishop, Kevin Dayton and I get read to tackle some garbage in Kapoho

Starsha Young had already located the site that we were going to take on and it consisted of lots of bags of illegal dumped garbage bags and a huge pile of construction material.

Ed Miner of Kolohe Auto Repair backs his truck up so we can load another load

Altogether five truckloads of garbage and construction material removed and Ed Miner went out on his own and picked up a couch that had been sitting off of the Pohoiki Rd. for sometime.

Yeah we blocked the road for a few minutes to pose for pictures.... lol

We didn’t find anything real disgusting like we found during our last clean up and I managed to make it through without gagging this time.

This rubbish didn't even stink this time!

This is what it kind of looked like after we started in.

Starting in on the Opala. (Courtesy of Starsha Young)

The site looked 100% better when we left the area nearly two hours later.

After the clean-up

The next Opala in Paradise clean up will be a short Fireworks clean-up of the Pohoiki area the day after the 4th of July.

A Big Screen TV, A Barbeque Grill, and a Pig… Sounds Like Fun!

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton and I remove a huge television from a pull-off on the Puaianako Extension (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the first Opala in Paradise clean up and it was quite successful!  About 10 folks showed up to participate in this clean up..

Kevin Dayton,  an Executive Assistant to the Mayor’s Office suggested that the first site that we tackle as a group was a corridor along the Puainako extension that he and his son often work to clean up on… but recently it’s just gotten out of control.

The first site we tackled was about 3 or 4 miles up Puainako where Kevin knew there was a big screen TV and some glass that needed to be cleared out.

I was pleased to see Hunter Bishop from the Department of Environmental Management show up on his own time using his own truck… but what was even more hilarious… was watching both Kevin Dayton and Hunter Bishop getting down and straight up nasty with a dead pig carcass that needed to be removed.

You can just look at the expression on their faces as to how stink this dead pig carcass was!

After the pig was moved to a place where it would rot away without stinking up site too much, we then were able to pick up about a half a barrel of broken glass.

We drove down Puainako a bit and at the next pull off we tackled, we found all sorts of stuff including a barbecue grill that looked like with a little fixing up… it might still be usable.

We were fortunate to have folks like Ed Miner from Kolohe Auto Repair come out and volunteer his truck and time for this project.

I was pretty amazed at some of the stuff that was just dumped on the side of the road.  Everything from a set of tires to condoms to dead animal parts.  My mom found this skull.

All together we cleaned up about four pull offs and the area right next to Puainako and Komohana Street in about two hours of time.

I’d like to thank the following folks for showing up.  From the County, Kevin Dayton, Hunter Bishop and Bobby Jean Leithead Todd.  Individuals Starsha Young, Larry and Diane Czerwonka,  Ed Miner, Kevin Dayton’s son and his friends as well as my mom Su Tucker.

Need tires? Kevin Dayton sits on a pile of four tires pulled out at the corner of Komohana and Puainako Street (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)

Opala in Paradise – Group Clean Up Tomorrow

Recently Kevin Dayton, from the Hawaii County Mayors Office, emailed Tiffany Edwards Hunt and myself  an e-mail entitled “You guys up for a challenge” about the possibility of starting up a Facebook group that would be used for Big Island residents to post pictures of illegal dump sites.

After thinking about the concept, I set up the Facebook page called Opala in Paradise (Opala is the Hawaiian word for garbage). With the intent of the group to:

use the site as a tip line, asking our “Friends” in that area to offer any tips they may have as to who might be responsible. Periodically we select one of the nominated sites for a cleanup, post the cleanup location on the Facebook wall, and bring together our “Friends” to do the dirty work…

I’m quite pleased that the site has really taken off and the first project that we will take on tomorrow is some of the dumping that has been going on at the Puainako Street extension at the intersection on Komohana.

I’m amazed as well at some of the other projects that have been happening around the island that I never even new about as well… and this is all because of this simple facebook site I set up.

But what I’m even more amazed and just can’t believe at times… is some of the pictures that are getting submitted!


So if you have any spare time tomorrow around 10:00 AM, we will be meeting at the Puainako Extenision off of Komohana to clean up some stuff in that area.  Also, if you are a Facebook user feel free to join the Opala in Paradise group and be sure to “like” the events that are going on so that they will get more publicity.

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Puainako+and+Komohana,+Hilo+Hawaii&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.66491,86.572266&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=W+Puainako+St+%26+Komohana+St,+Hilo,+Hawaii,+96720&ll=19.693277,-155.090492&spn=0.009475,0.021136&z=14&output=embed&w=425&h=350]