My 4-Year Old Playing the ‘Ohe Hano Ihu: The Hawaiian Nose Flute


Here is a short clip of my son showing how to play the “Nose Flute” otherwise known as the ‘Ohe hano ihu that him and his mother made this weekend. (Volume a must)


Ohe hano ihu in Hawaiian means “bamboo, breath, nose.” It is made from a single bamboo node with a hole at the node area for the breath and three holes for the notes on the top side of the tube. It was often used in conjunction with chants and song. The Hawaiians believe that the nose is pure and innocent unlike the mouth which can say many things. So the breath entering and exiting the ‘ohe hano ihu is purer than the mouth. In olden days a man would serenade his sweetheart with the nose flute in order to woo her heart and win her affections.

I said it before… I don’t know where he gets the talent for these things, as it certainly is coming from me.