Black Friday Craziness and Occupy WalMart Protestors Arrested

So its been my belief ever since they started these Black Friday sales that its just not worth the hassle of trying to shop on these days at these big stores where folks line up for hours and days just to get that one item that is on a super sale.

And just to see how insane things were… here is what it looked like at the Pearl City Walmart:


This was at about 11:50 pm and the guys just ripped the wrapping off and just started to grab stuff cause they didn’t want to was till 12am. It was just crazy!! If u look in the back u can see guys throwing stuff to other ppls!!

Many folks took the opportunity to show their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by protesting at WalMart stores around the country.  I haven’t heard of any occupy protestors here at the WalMart stores on the Big Island.

According this MSNBC report, 16 folks were arrested at Occupy Walmart Protests today across the nation today.

Here was the scene at the Walmart on Keaumoku street in Honolulu.


Occupy Art at the Volcano Art Center

Volcano Art Center and Donkey Mill Art Center open their hearts, minds and walls to residents and visitors inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York City on September 17, 2011 and has since swept across many states and countries. These partnering arts organizations offer a place for healthy communication about socially relevant issues, using art as a vehicle for expression.

To provide a venue for creative and peaceful responses to this movement, people of all walks of life and arts experience are encouraged to submit heartfelt and artful contributions to be exhibited.  At Volcano Art Center, “OCCUPY ART,” exhibit and “Zero Currency Trade Event,” will be open to the public December 2-9, 2011, with intake beginning at the end of the November.  In Holualoa, The Donkey Mill Art Center will host a sister exhibition called “BEYOND WALL STREET” December 20, 2011 through February 11, 2012.  Intake for this exhibition will be December 9-10, 2011.

Together We Find Strength

According to the unofficial de facto Occupy Wall Street (OWS) website,, “OWS is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions brought together by their intolerance for the greed and corruption of the 1% of money earners and the desire to restore democracy to America. The OWS movement empowers people to create real change from the bottom up and encourages the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”

Open Call for Art from the Heart

An open call seeks responses to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Global citizens of all ages, arts experience and backgrounds are encouraged to participate.  Original art work in all media may including painting, sculpture, photography, sketches, poetry, writing or performance.  Artwork must be complete and ready to display (on hangers or in frames, etc.).

All types of work accepted.  Art work for the Volcano Exhibit can be dropped off November 28-29 between 2-6pm to Volcano Art Center in Volcano Village.  Alternate Hilo drop-off is Stairway to Art Gallery, from 10am-4pm on the same days, at 336 Kamehameha Avenue, Hilo (upstairs from Reuben’s near the farmer’s market).  Artwork for the Holualoa exhibition “BEYOND WALL STREET” can be dropped off at the Donkey Mill Art Center on December 9th and 10th.

Upon closing of the art gallery exhibitions, artists are encouraged to mail their artwork to one of their US Senators or Representatives as a visual representation of constituents’ perspectives or to identify locations in their community to display their artwork publicly.

Zero Currency Open Mic Nite

Volcano’s exhibit opens with a “Zero Currency Trade Event,” at VAC’s Niaulani Campus on Friday, December 2 at 7PM.  Poets, singers, musicians, comics, sketch artists, improv acts, magicians may come and perform on this inaugural, OWS-inspired Open Mic Night.  Acts up to 5 minutes may sign up upon arrival on a first-come, first-served basis.  As a “Zero Currency Trade Event,” there is no admission or entry fee and guests are invited to bring their own pupus, snacks, drinks and items to share or trade.  This is sure to be an eclectic and memorable evening.

5,000 miles from Manhattan

Volcano Art Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 1974 that promotes, develops, and perpetuates the artistic, cultural and environmental heritage of Hawai’i people through the arts and education.  VAC’s Niaulani Campus is located at 19-4074 Old Volcano Road in Volcano Village. Call Tanya for more information at (808) 967-8222 or visit

The Donkey Mill Art Center is located at 78-6670 Mamalahoa Highway and is the home of the Holualoa Foundation for Arts and Culture.  The mission of this non-profit charitable organization is to enrich the lives of persons of all ages and abilities through arts and culture. Their vision is to provide a stimulating environment that helps individuals discover, develop, and expand their artistic abilities.  For more information, call 322-3362 or visit

The opinions and ideas presented in the OCCUPY ART and BEYOND WALL STREET exhibits do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Volcano Art Center, Donkey Mill Art Center, their respective staff, boards or members.




November 28-29, 2011 from 2pm-6pm at Volcano Art Center

or – Stairway to Art Gallery, from 10am-4pm at 336 Kamehameha Avenue, Hilo

(upstairs from Reuben’s near the farmer’s market).


December 9-10, 2011 from 10am-4pm

Opening Reception:


December 2, 2011 at 7pm, Volcano Art Center

A Zero Currency Trade Event with no admission or entry fee

Guests are encouraged to bring their own pupus, snacks, drinks and items to share or trade.


December 20, 2011



December 12-16 from 9am-5pm, M-F

Makana Occupies APEC World Leaders Dinner… With Aloha

I’ve asked Makana Cameron to respond to some questions I posed to him about his protest song that he sang in front of the APEC 2011 World Leaders last nght… and if he is even as close to tired as I am… I don’t expect him to return my answers anytime soon.

Makana Cameron Occupy With Aloha

Makana Cameron "Occupy With Aloha" at the APEC 2011 World Leaders Dinner

In the meantime… the following video is going viral and when I have his direct comments posed to the questions I asked… I will post them later.

I find it interesting that they weren’t allowing filming with phones at the time considering the day before I was taking video and pictures of the luncheon with the world leaders.

Here is the actual video taken on 11.12.11 in Honolulu on the grounds of the highly secured Hale Koa military hotel and facility in Waikiki:


Makana writes:

My guitar tech shot this with a camera phone during my performance for the World Leaders Dinner at APEC, which was hosted by the First Family.

He had to be extremely discreet as Secret Service had warned those on site that any phones used to capture photography or video would be confiscated. Since he has a guitar tuner app on the phone we were able to justify having it out, but grabbing video was not easy. We were under constant surveillance. Personally I like to have video of every performance. It’s my art and my right.

About an hour into my set of generally ambient guitar music and Hawaiian tunes, I felt inspired to share some songs that resonated with the significance of the occasion.

I sang a few verses from “Kaulana Na Pua” (a famous Hawaiian protest song in honor of the anniversary of our Queen’s passing), then segued into Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”, Sting’s “Fragile”, and finally my newest song “We Are The Many”.

My goal was not to disturb the guests in an offensive fashion but rather to subliminally fill their ears and the entire dinner atmosphere with a message that might be more effectively received in a subconscious manner. I sweetly sang lines like “You enforce your monopolies with guns/ While sacrificing our daughters and sons/ But certain things belong to everyone/ Your thievery has left the people none”. The event protocol was such that everyone there kept their expressions quite muffled. Now and then I would get strange, befuddled stares from heads of state. It was a very quiet room with no waiters; only myself, the sound techs, and the leaders of almost half the world’s population.

If I had chosen to disrupt the dinner and force my message I would have been stopped short. I instead chose to deliver an extremely potent message in a polite manner for a prolonged interval.

I dedicate this action to those who would speak truth to power but were not allowed the opportunity.

Me ka ha’aha’a,


Here is the full video of the song that he sang that he uploaded a few days before the APEC 2011 Concert:


Big Island, Hawaii in Conjunction with a Global Solidarity Rally… “Occupy Wall Street”

KONA: Today, Saturday, Oct. 15th Kona will show its support for the Occupy Wall Street movement from 2-5 PM on Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy between Henry St and Nani Kailua.

HILO: in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” and Hilo Peace Vigil – 10/15, 10am-noon Sat. – World Unites Day at ML (*and starting 10/24 EVERY Mon. 4-6pm, in front of Merrill Lynch, 1437 Kilauea Ave.)

WAIMEA: 10am – noon in front of the Waimea Foodland – Mamalahoa Highway and Lindsey Rd. (Parker Ranch Shopping Center)


*Also, Maui, Kaua’i, and O’ahu


For the safety of participants and the driving public, please stand back at least 10 ft. (if possible) from the white line demarking the highway.  In addition, please be aware of whether you and/or your sign are blocking the ability of the driving public to see other signs.