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Series of Puwalus Look Toward Improving Fishing

More good news for the fishing industry:

Throughout the Hawaiian islands fishermen, Native Hawaiians and the public are coming together to share their knowledge of the sea. These statewide puwalu (unions), hosted by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, are aimed at developing best practices in the marine and fishing communities based upon traditional resource management systems.

Kicking-off on Moku O Keawe (the Big Island) with stops on Lanai, Maui, Kauai, Oahu and Molokai, the series delves into the subjects of adaptive management and regulation, code of conduct, community consultation, local and visitor education, and criteria necessary to be eligible to make decisions regarding natural resource management.

The findings will be presented to WPRFMC members and be used to implement the council’s Hawaii Archipelago Fishery Ecosystem Plan, which includes enhanced community involvement in the fishery management decision making process.

The series of puwalu are just part of the WPRFMC provision to support and sustain indigenous and other fishing communities in the U.S. Pacific Islands. The council was established under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976, which was reauthorized in 1996 as the Sustainable Fisheries Act and most recently reauthorized in 2006…

…Joining the council in this endeavor were the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, the State of Hawaii, the Hawaii Tourism Authority, and a number of other community organizations throughout the state…

More here: Series of Puwalus Look Toward Improving Fishing

The 2010 Aloha Festival Parade… Where Did All the Floats Go?

The Aloha Festival Parade in Waikiki is normally one of the most colorful parades in the nation, but this year… I have to ask… what happened to all the floats?

Last year there were 14 floats according to the Star-Advertiser.  This year there was only 5!

I have to wonder if the economy is taking away from this parade as it does cost a lot of time and money to put together a nice float. 

The Star-Advertiser said there was 5 floats… but as I look back over my pictures… I think they may have mistaken a few pooper scooper’s as floats.

Of course there was lots of equestrian units as well!

While the horse were adorned with much flowers… I had to feel sorry for them a bit as it was a hot day!

While I felt sorry for the horses… the folks I really felt sorry for… were the kids in all the marching bands that walked from Ala Moana Park all the way to Kapiolani Park!

I couldn’t imagine carrying this thing for nearly 3 to 4 miles in the blazing sun!

Feel free to click on the pictures above or below for larger images:

Video: Tree Crashes on Car on Oahu

This has been a bad week at this corner on Oahu:

Clip 1:


Clip 2:


Ehime Maru – 8 Years Ago

Yesterday, marked 8 years since the Ehime Maru incident off Oahu waters that left 9 crew members dead including 4 high school students after the submarine USS Greenville slammed into it as it was rising to the surface of the ocean.

The Ehime Maru before being hit by the US Submarine Greenville.

The Ehime Maru before being hit by the Submarine USS Greenville

The following is from a Japanese newspaper out of the Ehime Prefecture:

MATSUYAMA, Ehime Pref. (Kyodo) About 340 people offered silent prayers Tuesday for the nine people who died eight years ago when a U.S. submarine surfaced under a Japanese fisheries high school training ship off Hawaii.

At a memorial service at Uwajima Fisheries High School in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, students, family members and teachers rang a bell recovered from the sunken Ehime Maru nine times at 8:43 a.m. — 1:43 p.m. Hawaii time — the exact moment when the 499-ton ship was struck from below by the USS Greeneville.

“Tremendous anger and grief have not gone away even after eight years. It is our duty to learn the lessons from the accident,” said Shinzo Imaoka, principal of Uwajima Fisheries High School.

In Honolulu, 60 people, including relatives of three of the victims, held their own memorial ceremony Monday.

“I don’t want to bring back the memory of the accident, but I really appreciate so many people attending the ceremony every year,” said Tatsuyoshi Mizuguchi, who lost his 17-year-old son, Takeshi, in the accident.

Mizuguchi’s son is the only victim whose body was not recovered.

Hawaii’s Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro produced the following Ukulele Song for the people of Ehime Maru and entitled it appropriately “Ehime Maru”:


Here is a clip of the salvation mission under sea:

Some shots of Canyon’s XL-16 and Quest ROV during salvage operations of the ‘Ehime Maru’.


Lingle Releases $833,00 for Advanced Traveler Information System for Oahu Travelers

Governor Linda Lingle has released $833,000 to implement the first phase of an Advanced Traveler Information System for H-1, H-2 and H-201 (Moanalua) Freeways to help motorists avoid traffic and reduce their commute times

More Here

“Eggs ‘N Things” Moves to New Location: Re-Grand Opening Soon

Waikiki’s infamous restaurant Eggs ‘N Things restaurant is moving to a new location.

This is the old location at the bottom of McCully Street in Waikiki:


Photo from: http://onokinegrindz.typepad.com

If you haven’t ever eaten there, I highly recommend the salsa that they provide for the eggs!

I used to live within walking distance and I used to eat there all the time.  The place would literally have a line-up of tourists waiting to get in the place all the time.

I’m assuming this new location will provide more seating and less wait time.

Eggs 'N Things New Location

Eggs 'N Things New Location

The grand re-opening of Eggs ‘N Things is scheduled for February 2009, just in time to celebrate our 35th anniversary! Our new location is 343 Saratoga Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815. We are looking forward to opening our restaurant doors to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming eatery and the traditionally delicious food you’ve come to love…

More Here

Honolulu City Council Passes Bill Banning Text-Messaging While Driving

From KITV:

The Honolulu City Council has passed a bill banning Oahu motorists from text-messaging on their cell phones and playing video games while driving.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann hasn’t decided whether he’ll sign the bill. He’s concerned the measure will be difficult for police to enforce.

Council member Charles Djou introduced the bill after a city bus driver was suspended for playing a video game while driving a bus.

Rotary Club of Honolulu and Palama Settlement Create ‘Giving’ Library

Reading is cool! That’s why 48 Honolulu Club Rotarians spent their Saturday (January 24) constructing bookshelves and sorting thousands of books recently donated to the Palama Settlement-7,000 to date.

“These books will soon be off the floors, out of boxes and onto shelves ready for kids to browse and read,” said Rotarian Kirk Hovious, coordinator of the construction project for the Rotary Club of Honolulu.

Everything about this hands-on Rotary Cares project is unique.

It’s the first library–and a dream come true–for Palama Settlement, a century-old community organization serving individuals and families in the Palama, Kalihi and Liliha neighborhoods of Oahu.

It’s “non-traditional”-books will be conveniently located throughout the Palama campus-children’s books on shelves near the preschool area, teen reads at the activity center for youth and literature of all sorts at the adult education center. And, it will be a “giving” library-you can keep the book if you want it.

The message is one of literacy.

“By spreading books out in different locations, we encourage people to take and use them and share them with others,” said Jan Harada, Palama Settlement executive director, who worked with Rotarians on the concept. “It just seemed more practical.”

The project is also a double win for Honolulu Club Rotarians. By doing the work themselves, the club qualifies for a $10,000 grant from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. This year the funds will go to Catholic Charities Hawaii for its senior citizens transportation program.

Surfings Darkside on the North Shore – New York Times NEW Video


Many people still remember this beat down by a famous local surfer that is featured in this NY Times piece:


Here is the movie trailer to “Busting Down the Door”


Hawaiian Ultra Running Team… 100 Miles of Craziness Being Completed Now!


I got to give props to members of the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT).  I could never do a Marathon less yet run 100 miles in the conditions that they are running in right now.

They are currently finishing the race now as I blog this.

The results are being posted here (Click on View Runners Table for current results).

Their name implies exactly what I would be feeling if I tried to do some of the runs these buggahs do.  I would be “Hurtin and Hurling!”.

If anyone has ever driven around Tantalus, they know how extreme this little run could be.

There are three legs to each lap of the course that surrounds Tantalus Mountain on Oahu.  You can see the actual course here.

For more info on HURT check out the blog here.

This video trailer shows a small piece of the 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Trail Race. The H.U.R.T. 100 is conducted each January on the Mauka Trail System above Honolulu, Hawaii. Heather Spencer and Don Fallis captured the race featuring pre and post race interview.


Governor Calls for Contraflow and Other Road Projects… Puna Left Out of This Batch of Projects

This hurts!

I’ve been trying to suggest contra flowing H-130 since I started on this dang Highway 130 Project and now Oahu seems to be able to get one with no problems at all.

We get $56 Million for 11 miles of widening and beautification for the H-130 Project that will take 10 – 20 years, and they get $40 million for 5-6 miles of contraflow that will be done in a few years.

The state Transportation Department is asking for $40 million to build an afternoon contraflow lane on the H-1 Freeway west-bound…

…Construction would start in January 2010, and wrap up within 12 to 18 months

…The afternoon contraflow lane, which would extend for a 6.2-mile stretch, is expected to save west-bound commuters about 5 to 10 minutes, the DOT said…

More Here

From Lingles News Release today:

Governor Linda Lingle, Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, Rep. Marilyn Lee and the state Department of Transportation (DOT) unveiled two major initiatives today aimed at easing traffic congestion along the most heavily traveled corridor in the state.

“Traffic congestion has a significant impact on the lives of our residents as well as our overall economy,” said Governor Lingle.  “My Administration is committed to continuing to work with the Legislature, our federal and county partners, the private sector and the community to develop transportation solutions that will ultimately improve the quality of life in Hawai‘i by allowing residents to spend less time in traffic and more time at home with their families.”

PM Contraflow

The first project focuses on improving the westbound afternoon rush hour commute on the H-1 Freeway from Honolulu to Central and Leeward O‘ahu by adding a 6.2-mile contraflow lane starting at the Radford Drive overpass and ending at the Waiawa Interchange (H1-H-2 merge).  The PM Contraflow Lane is expected to increase westbound capacity by about 17 percent during the afternoon rush hour commute, which translates to a five- to 10-minute reduction in average commutes…

More Here

Historic Kaiser Estate Put on Blocks for $80 Million

The Kaiser Estate, a 5.4 acre waterfront estate steeped in the history of Honolulu, has been put on the block for a whopping $80m (€57.6m), according to a report in the International Herald Tribune…

More Here

The Honolulu Advertiser ran an article on his Hawaii Kai home selling for $15.9 Million here in 2007.

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

Hawaii County Storm Drainage Standards Over 38 Years Old and Based on Honolulu County Model

I was just looking at the counties website and something that stood out to me after these recent storms, is that the Storm Drainage Standards for Hawaii County are more then 38 years old!

How many times does Bayfront need to get flooded out before the “standards” get changed?

The document is dated October of 1970! I know we are on Hawaii time here folks, but come on now!

The thing that stands out the most is this:

…The Storm Drainage Standards of the City and County of Honolulu dated March 1969, has been used as the basis for these standards…

So not only are the standards outdated… they aren’t even based on the Island of Hawaii!

How Hawaii Protected Obama During the Power Outage

Just noticed that Time online ran this interesting article:

How Hawaii Protected Obama During the Power Outage

…Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann ordered the Honolulu police department to beef up patrols in the area around Obama’s beachfront compound while the Hawaiian Electric Company sent a portable generator to the home to ensure that Obama’s family and staff were powered up. “We understand he’s okay in his compound,” said Hannemann, speaking Friday night. “Where he is staying has to be one of the most secure spots on the island.” Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle said an undisclosed branch of the military provided communications equipment to Obama’s security detail while state Civil Defense worked to ensure the generator was operating by 11:30 p.m. Friday night. “We stayed until we were certain that he was all taken care of,” said Lingle…

More Here

Lucky We Live on the Big Island

I’ve been following Twitter updates over the last 18 hours or so of people on Oahu who have lost there power and are staying updated on things by battery operated radios, cell phones, and online Twitter messages.

It does seem very strange to me that Oahu keeps having these extended power outages when the Big Island is actually known for the rolling blackouts.

Even during the October earthquake, Oahu lost power for about 8 – 10 hours while the Big Island continued to have power… and the actual earthquake was off the Big Island… not even around Oahu.

Last night on the Big Island, we had torrential rains and pretty strong wind.  Lightning was booming less then 3-4 miles away from where  I live, yet we never lost power at all.

I did lose internet service from about 9:00 on or so, but because I use Roadrunner, I’m just assuming for now that this may have been related to Oahu problems or something else.

We did have some flooding in downtown Hilo, however, folks down there are pretty much used to that now as it seems to flood down there at least once a year.

We are so fortunate to live on the Big Island.  I was reading the following from the Advertiser and I couldn’t help but laugh:

Waikiki Plunges into Chaos

…As for those on foot, the busiest areas were the front doors of Waikiki’s ubiquitious ABC Stores, where customers were being allowed two to four at a time to purchase what provisions were left…

Come on folks… the world is coming to an end if “provisions” at a friggin ABC store are getting depleted!

Lucky we live on the Big Island

My favorite line I heard this morning was in an email:

…Obama is reportedly safe and with power…

Where’s The Beef? Wendy’s Closing Shocks Oahu Store

I love Wendy’s.

I’m saddened to learn that one of their locations is closing on Oahu.

I hope this doesn’t mean that more of the Hawaii locations close… Especially the ONLY ONE we have on the Big Island!

…Workers at the Wahiawa Wendy’s were shocked by the fast-food restaurant’s abrupt closing on Saturday.

They say some of them were told to sign a contract, promising they wouldn’t sue. Some employees we spoke to had worked there for nearly 14 years. They say the layoffs couldn’t have come at a worse time…

More Here

“Got Barf Bag”… Hawaii Superferry Forced to Return To Port… Video

I just noticed these youtube clips of a trip on the Superferry from two days ago,  where the superferry actually got turned around because of rough conditions.

If you look around the 1:20 mark of this video… you see some scary stuff!

“My superferry ride from 12/11/08 – I uploaded this from my phone so the video sucks but the audio should give you the idea of what was going on. This is the first SF voyage that was forced back by weather. 25′ waves will do that…”


Part 2:

“…Continued from part 1: After five minutes of beating the crap out of the boat and passengers, the captain gives up and heads back to port…”


Around 1:20 mark… captain gets on loudspeaker to explain to customers that there trip has been canceled and the Ferry is turning around.

More Hawaii Flood Videos… “Lucky We Live in Paradise”

I posted a blog earlier with three videos on them of the last 24 hours of flooding.

More videos are starting to show up that really show how devastating this latest storm actually was:






Video Clips of the Flooding Going on Now… Schofield Barracks Flooded

Seems like about once a year here in Hawaii we get a real good dumping of rain. Looks like it’s happening now on Oahu.

Here are some random clips from the last 24 hours of flooding going on throughout Hawaii. It hasn’t rained too much where I’m at in Pahoa, but the neighbor islands are getting soaked and there is a current flash flood warnings going off.

Makaha Valley:
Another example:
Schofield Barracks:

Hawaii Proposal Calls For 100 Wave-Energy Conversion Platforms to Be Built 15 to 25 Miles Off Honolulu

A Seattle company is hoping to convert the motion of the ocean into electricity.

Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permits to harness energy from waves off the coastline of six states.

In all, the company would build seven harnessing sites — in federal waters off California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island — each covering about 100 square miles…

…The Hawaii proposal calls for 100 wave-energy conversion platforms to be built 15 to 25 miles off Honolulu…

More Here