Local Beer Company Starts Interesting Blog

Even though I don’t drink anymore… I still love reading blogs about all different types of subjects.  Especially when the subject matter is of a local nature.


Local Brewing Company Sunset Amber Ale has an interesting new blog that talks mostly of course about their beers, but they also seem to have a keen interest in the Matterhorn.

In todays post, entitled Why Do We Love the Matterhorn they make the following parallel between the Big Island and the area of Zermatt:

In my mind, the Big Island of Hawai’i is the only place that can compare in beauty to the Zermatt area.

Physically, both are high valleys set amid mountain ranges. The Big Island of Hawai’i is comprised of five volcanic mountains…


…Two of our Big Island mountains are internationally famous. Mauna Kea, home of Hawaiian Snow Goddess Polihau, hosts astronomical observatories from many nations. Kilauea, home of the Hawaiian fire goddess, Pele, hosts Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park…


Similarly, although Matterhorn is the iconic mountain of Switzerland, it is everything around the Matterhorn that makes the area so spectacular. The Swiss have named many of their ski areas with superlatives: Sunnega Paradise, Rothorn Paradise, Schwarzsee Paradise and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise…

So go check out the blog yourself for an interesting read:

Sunset Moment

I don’t put commercial product blogs on my ‘roll, but if they keep writing excellent posts, I might have to reconsider.