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2012 Floatopia Hawaii Gets Deflated, Party Moved and Police Follow

Floatopia Hawaii 2012 was expected to draw more then 1,200 folks today at Magic Island on Oahu and the cops were well aware of it this year:

The biggest spring break party in Hawaii is less than two days away and while law enforcement and city emergency officials have not officially been invited to Saturday’s rager, they are well aware of it…

Well the cops showed up in full force at Magic Island… only to be outsmarted by the “Floatopia” who moved the party to an undisclosed location.

The cops show up in full force to a party that never happened. Photo Courtesy Scott Rasak

A brief scan of the Floatopia facebook and twitter feeds shows that the new location was suppose to be at Kaimana Beach.

Well now nearly 4 hours after the huge event was supposed to happen it looks like less then 100 folks actually got out in the water.

Floatopia moved to Kaimana Beach... but that didn't stop the cops from following the party.

Hawaii News Now reported:

…This year, police, ocean safety lifeguards, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources and Emergency Medical Services personnel were all at Magic Island, with police telling would-be partiers to party responsibly, and particularly not to drink on the beach.

“Part of this is part of an educational and an enforcement site,” Borges said. “We’re gonna talk to them first and let them know what the laws are. And if they don’t comply, then we’ll take appropriate enforcement action.”

Some who arrived at Magic Island were disappointed with the police presence. “Yeah, especially if they’re driving up behind you and warning you already, I mean, when you haven’t done anything,” said Krysta Seiwert-Vassallo as she scanned the empty beach…

I got the pictures for this post from the Floatopia 2012 Facebook page and as you can see… It wasn’t nothing but a “G Thang”.

The cops moved in.... BUTT, the party must go on

Sunday Soiree – A Magic Island Party in Honolulu (Floatopia)

*Update* I’ve now learned this was part of a “Floatopia 2011” party!


This video is impressive to me for some strange reason.  I used to live on Oahu for nearly a decade and I have never seen a beach this  packed… like this!


This reminds me of the video I took of the drunk guy on Waikiki Beach a few years ago that ended up doing a faceplant! :roll: