Haters… Go Away!

Recently received an anonymous email:

“Why did you copy and paste Lincoln Ashida’s Blog to your site”

Get a grip… can you make a comment on Mr. Ashida’s site?  I posted the whole thing here so that the community can make comments on what Mr. Ashida said since obviously he won’t let  you make comments there if anyone wants to comment on it.

Do I support his opinions… Get a grip… I reposted something I saw so that others that may not read something important that is going on with our County Council now and people can make comments on it.


Are you an enabler… or are you a controller?

At least I don’t post thing like some folks do on Public Message boards without giving a link to the site.

There is a term for that…  I won’t go into it.

But if someone would realize that it’s not cool to post a message from “The Kohala Blog” on their message board without even giving a link to “The Kohala Blog“…  that’s messed up.

We bloggers strive for readers and it sucks when someone would just steal what you would say … and only say “The Kohala Blog” said this… w/out giving a link to the actual “Kohala Blog“.

The name of a blog often isn’t even what it can be found under.

Control freaks… pfft… give credit where credit is due.

If you don’t have the ability to hyper link… at least give the URL out for your information you are trying to give out.

Pfft… Control:


Sad that not once… has a direct link been given to anything that Margaret Wille has done for our county.