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Idea Improv – Bring Your Own Questions

Got questions about running a business, recording an album or publishing a book? Then you won’t want to miss this one of a kind event. Think TEDx meets Improv. No scripted talks. No PowerPoints. Just you (the audience) asking questions (about anything) and receiving solutions and ideas (that will amaze you). Each of our speakers brings years of expertise to the stage and a willingness to share their knowledge with others. Join us for an evening that will be entertaining as well as educational.

Click to learn more

Click to learn more

If you live on the Big Island, you won’t want to miss this event.

TechConKona 2012 Helps Small Business Owners Learn Tech Solutions

Teaching business owners technology solutions to boost their triple bottom line is the goal of TechConKona, a unique, one-day, four track business solutions conference being held on August 2, 2012 at the newly renovated Sheraton Keauhou Convention Center from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

TechConKona is a small business focused event that addresses questions about emerging technology trends and how attendees can implement these solutions in their business endeavors. Panelists will lead discussions on computer technology, digital marketing technology, sustainability/renewable energy, and promote ideas on innovation and start ups on the Big Island.

Keynote speakers, Paul Hawken, author of “Natural Capitalism” and the founder of the first natural food store in the U.S. and Dustin Luther, Head of Social Media at Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corporation will address the expected 400 attendees at the conference.  Mr. Hawken will address business sustainability issues and Mr. Luther will discuss “Social Media Optimization” and tools to listen to and engage clients to help drive sales.

At TechConKona attendees will learn how to:

  • RAISE funds to start a business
  • MARKET their business with online tools
  • ACCESS data from anywhere, anytime, securely
  • GENERATE business through online search
  • INCREASE income by lowering energy costs
  • MASTER the “Top 10 Apps For Small Businesses”
  • UNDERSTAND the power of mobile tech and tablets.

Tickets to the event are $75 before June 29th and $100 after that date. Ticket holders will receive lunch, a post event networking reception and access to exhibitors. An open discussion forum to learn specific topics of interest from the speakers and other business professionals is the projected highlight.

“Small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs and future business owners can’t afford to miss this event”, stated Guy Toyama, Executive Director of Friends of NELHA, a key organizer of the event. “They will learn about specific and affordable tools and technologies to implement the day after the conference. At TechConKona, our presenters AND other business owners will show attendees how to use technology to boost the bottom line using affordable, and often times FREE, tools such as mobile apps, social media, email marketing and energy efficiency information. TechConKona is an exciting networking, educational and synergistic event which we are proud to sponsor.”

NELHA, Hawaii Community College, the County of Hawaii, the Small Business Development Center, Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union and RevoluSun are presenting sponsors.

More information and how to purchase tickets can be found at www.TechConKona.com

Exhibitors and sponsors are being sought before July 1. Visit the website or call Julie Ziemelis, at Ziemelis Communications at 808-854-6769.

A Big Screen TV, A Barbeque Grill, and a Pig… Sounds Like Fun!

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton and I remove a huge television from a pull-off on the Puaianako Extension (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the first Opala in Paradise clean up and it was quite successful!  About 10 folks showed up to participate in this clean up..

Kevin Dayton,  an Executive Assistant to the Mayor’s Office suggested that the first site that we tackle as a group was a corridor along the Puainako extension that he and his son often work to clean up on… but recently it’s just gotten out of control.

The first site we tackled was about 3 or 4 miles up Puainako where Kevin knew there was a big screen TV and some glass that needed to be cleared out.

I was pleased to see Hunter Bishop from the Department of Environmental Management show up on his own time using his own truck… but what was even more hilarious… was watching both Kevin Dayton and Hunter Bishop getting down and straight up nasty with a dead pig carcass that needed to be removed.

You can just look at the expression on their faces as to how stink this dead pig carcass was!

After the pig was moved to a place where it would rot away without stinking up site too much, we then were able to pick up about a half a barrel of broken glass.

We drove down Puainako a bit and at the next pull off we tackled, we found all sorts of stuff including a barbecue grill that looked like with a little fixing up… it might still be usable.

We were fortunate to have folks like Ed Miner from Kolohe Auto Repair come out and volunteer his truck and time for this project.

I was pretty amazed at some of the stuff that was just dumped on the side of the road.  Everything from a set of tires to condoms to dead animal parts.  My mom found this skull.

All together we cleaned up about four pull offs and the area right next to Puainako and Komohana Street in about two hours of time.

I’d like to thank the following folks for showing up.  From the County, Kevin Dayton, Hunter Bishop and Bobby Jean Leithead Todd.  Individuals Starsha Young, Larry and Diane Czerwonka,  Ed Miner, Kevin Dayton’s son and his friends as well as my mom Su Tucker.

Need tires? Kevin Dayton sits on a pile of four tires pulled out at the corner of Komohana and Puainako Street (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)

Former BJ Penn Instructor Tom Callos Featured at Todays Big Island Internet Society Meet Up

The Big Island Internet Society has grown to about 100 folks and the meetings have been moved to the third Saturday of each month.  Today’s meeting was a potluck held at the societies founders house Larry Czerwonka.

Today, a group of about 20 of us met to listen to Tom Callos discuss how he has used the internet to help his business in general.

Larry Czerwonka talks to Tom Callos about the internet

This months format took a different twist as Larry interviewed Tom which was video taped and then others had the chance to go forward and give a “Born/Raised” presentation on where they were born and raised.

Larry interviews Sherry Carden

Here is part of the interview with Larry and Tom.  For those that don’t know… Tom Callos is the guy that basically taught BJ Penn much of what he knows as he was one of BJ’s first instructors.


…At his school’s peak in the late 1990’s, Tom taught about 200 Hilo residents both stand-up martial arts (taekwondo and kickboxing) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Before Tom started his school in Hilo, in fact, on the first day he and his bride to be Kathleen Harris moved from Kamuela to Hilo, Tom put up fliers in local gyms looking for judo players and wrestlers to train with.

The next day BJ Penn’s father called Tom and said his boys were interested. Coincidently, Tom had met JD Penn the day before, as he was leasing one of the Penn’s rental properties on Kauila St.

BJ Penn, his brother Reagan, and a number of their friends started meeting Tom two to three times a week at the Waiakea Recreation Center. Tom taught BJ and “the boys” what he knew, as he had just started training in Jiu-jitsu a 18 months before, and BJ became Tom’s 5th degree black-belt-test training partner.

“I’m going to guess that I have tapped out BJ Penn more than anyone in the world, “Said Callos in a recent interview. “Of course, that was in the first three months of training with him, because after a few months, BJ was a formidable and eventually an unbeatable opponent.”

When Callos’ instructor, Ernie Reyes, Sr. was having his 50th birthday party in 1997, Tom suggested to JD Penn that BJ could go to San Jose with him. Tom offered to introduce BJ to his former teacher, Ralph Gracie (the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu pioneered the worldwide popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

Shortly thereafter, BJ’s father arranged for BJ to live near –and train with — Ralph Gracie’s Academy. Two years later BJ would earn his black belt (normally a 5 to 8 year process) and win the world championships, earning him the nickname, “The Prodigy”…

More Here: What is Tom Callos to BJ Penn

Branding Myself and the New Header?

So this past weekend at the Big Island Internet Society meet up that was held at Big Island Pizza, the topic that Larry Czerwonka talked about was how to brand yourself.

Members of the Big Island Internet society discuss among other things... the internet

The biggest thing that he mentioned… was using your own name to brand yourself.

Unlike companies which have to come up with a name, a logo and a catch phrase for their products, you were born with all that built in. From the moment you were born you have had your own unique brand and as we transition from the Industrial Age into the Information Age be very thankful for that uniqueness… http://bialoha.ning.com/profiles/blogs/branding-you

So with that, I thought about things and I decided to change my header from the Pahoa sign to something that I thought represented my blog in general.

Besides that Mike Hale started up another site called Pahoa Online that used a very similar picture to the one I took… so I didn’t want any confusion going on as his site becomes more popular.

So what do you think of my new blog header picture?

Happy Birthday Larry Czerwonka

We here on the Big Island are blessed to have one of the greatest online coders in the world living here on the Big Island.

Happy Birthday Larry Czerwonka!

Thanks for inspiring me… some day I’ll be able to learn more then I already know and I appreciate all the guidance you have given me.

Happy Birthday… what??? 32?

Breakthrough to a New You

Spend half a day with 3 of Hawaii’s most inspiring speakers in an intimate setting. Do more than listen, participate in the discussion and leave with a game plan and new ideas for your life….

steve snyder

michael benner

larry czerwonka

Saturday September 5th
9am – 1 pm
Hilo Woman’s Club
7 Lele Street, Hilo, Hawaii

Click Here for more information:


Second Big Island Geek Up Scheduled

Big Island tech guru Larry Czerwonka has set up the second meeting for Big Island residents wishing to meet and greet with Big Island folks that enjoy the internet in one way or another.

Let’s Meet Big Island Internet Fans

Saturday, Aug. 8th 1:00 pm

At Big Island Pizza


In case you missed the first one… You can see pictures from that event here on my blog, as well as at My Hawaiian Home.

Let’s Meet Up @BigIslandPizza

Big Island Pizza

Big Island tech “Guru” Larry Czerwonka has put the following together for this Saturday:

Come Talk Story With Your Internet Friends

This Saturday July 11th at 1:00 pm we will be getting together at Big Island Pizza to meet In Real Life and Talk Story.

If you are in town come on by and join us. We will also have wifi so we can surf the web.

If anyone wants to meet and talk story with some of the key players of Big Island’s internet and social media industries… come on down.

who’s coming (so far):

@larryczerwonka +1







@myHawaiianHome +1



who may show up (so far):

@broaloha +2


Mr. Czerwonka only thought of this a few days ago and the group is looking for other people that enjoy the internet.

You don’t have to be a Twitter User to attend either, if you want to sign up and you don’t have a twitter handle, simply write your name in where it say’s your Twitter Name and you’re still welcome to stop by and talk story.

Of course if you’re in the area… feel free to stop by as well.

You can see Mr. Czerwonka’s invitation here.