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Today’s KO

It’s been a while… Audio a must:


Today’s KO


Todays’ KO

I’ve missed a few days on my knockouts, so I’ll give you a compilation of a few in a row.


Today’s KO

Audio a must:

Today’s KO


Today’s KO


Today’s KO: Another Mauna Kea KO


Today’s KO

The Power of Prayer


*Update See Below* Today’s KO: Mauna Kea Sledder Hits Rocks

Just noticed this harsh clip that was posted earlier.

Snow on top of Mauna Kea is great… but you have to watch out for those random rocks!



Andrew Cooper knows where this location is.

He recently blogged:

…I recognize the spot where this sledder is coming down, the side of Pu’u Hau Kea. Considering you have to hike up the side of the slope (no road) at over 13,000ft altitude, that is a lot of effort for a very bumpy ride! The slope is very steep, which explains the sledder’s speed and the result.

Probably a safer ride today, enough snow to bury those particular rocks.

Today’s KO


Today’s KO

Back by popular demand… Well the truth of the matter, I’ve just been too sick to look for these of late.

Warning Graphic:


Today’s KO


Today’s KO: How to Render a Coqui Frog Unconscious and Then Bring it Back To Life

Why this person just didn’t kill the damn coqui is the real question?


Today’s KO

Since I missed another day of KO’s yesterday…

I’ll give you a couple, if I had my choice… my vote would be for the last one:


Today’s KO

Another reason why were not winning this war on terror:


Today’s KO

Ever heard of a “Trust Fall”:


Today’s KO

Nothing like a good old school dance:


Today’s KO

Don’t ask:


Today’s KO

Why I don’t ride scooters anymore… GRAPHIC!


Today’s (Strip) KO