Working With Special Kids… Everyone Should Do It

Part of my new job, is that I’m rotating between many different classes and subject matters. I’ve gone from some of the things that are easy for me like Language Arts and Literature, since I have a little background in writing although you wouldn’t know it by reading my blog, to subjects that I never in my lifetime thought I would be teaching like MATH!

Anyone that knows me, knows I suck at math and really basically FEAR it. I mean I can do the basics and what not, but when we start getting into the complex stuff… I’d just much rather stare out a window or something.

On occasion, they will have me substitute during a class period for “Special Kids” where I literally will monitor a child that needs a little more attention and I basically keep them on focus and give them a little more help understanding what the teacher is trying to explain to the rest of the kids.

The other day, my supervisor told me I needed to report to the “Band Room” where I would be assisting a “Special Needs” student with “Band Practice”. Anyone that knows me, knows that I also have no musical ability whatsoever and I doubt I could even play the friggin triangle if I wanted too.

I was dreading this class thinking that I was going to have to help this “special child” learn how to play an instrument. Man oh mighty, I was so pleasantly surprised by this child that they not only knew how to play their instrument, they new how to play it pretty good for the age of the student. This student even knew how to clean their instrument as well as tune it. I didn’t have to do a thing during the entire class. It was so enjoyable! I literally sat their and listened to the kids play music for an entire period. It was like listening to a symphony or anything great and most of the time, the kids were off on their playing… but it was so enjoyable.

Today, I also got the privilege to work with an Autistic child for about a half an hour. This child although he has the body of about a 13 – 16 year old, he is literally about the age of a 2-3 year old because of his Autism. This boy was so much fun to work with as I chased him around the school on his “GIANT TRIKE” that I just had a blast trying to teach him just the littlest things like GO and STOP… Things like Left and Right didn’t comprehend to him… but things like… Grass and Rain and other things did. While I understand that he probably didn’t understand much of what I was trying to say to him, I do feel that the little bit of talking I did with him … made his day… which in turn made my day.

Working with the special children is almost as fun as working with the other children. At least most of the Special Children don’t attempt to smart off on purpose!!!

Nice to Be Working… But These Damn Kids!

Well just got back from my first day back to work.  Only had to bring one kid to the counselors office and only assisted removing another from class.

I don’t remember kids being this hyperactive when I was in school…

Have a lot to catch up on… will write more later.

Keaau High School Wins State’s Consumer Competition

For the third year in a row, Keaau High School won the state title for the 5th annual LifeSmarts consumer education competition, which was held today at the State Capitol Auditorium. The game-show style competition tested students on their knowledge of personal finance, health and safety, the environment, technology, and consumer rights and responsibilities…
The members of the winning team, Keaau Mixed Plate, are: Riana Brown, Joseph Heck, Ricky William Tabandera, and Teleise Tino. The team was coached by Kathlynn Tabandera and Serena Fujikawa. The team may go on to represent Hawai‘i at the national competition in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 25 – 28. A total of 13 schools from O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i and the Big Island participated in this year’s competition…

More Here

Tonight: UH Hilo International Night

One of my favorite events that I attended at UH Hilo when I was living on campus, was the student run International Night.

2008 Opening - Photographer <a href=When I was attending the festival only happened on one night.  Now it has gotten so big that it covers two nights.

Samoa Club - Photographer <a href=

Tonight is 1 of 2 nights that will be filled with entertaining acts from throughout the world that the students put on themselves.

Philippines - Photographer <a href=I know that UH Hilo has a very  diverse student population with students from throughout the world so it really makes for a great evening of entertainment as well as education.

Native American - Photographer <a href=“…The countries or cultures to be represented will include Hawai`i, Ireland, Pohnpei, Native America, Palau, Okinawa, USA, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Brazil, Timor Leste, Japan, Philippines, and Chuuk…

South Korea - Photographer <a href=…International Nights 2009 is co-sponsored by UHHSA and Rotary Club of Hilo Bay. For more information about this event please contact the International Student Office at 974-7313…

Kosrae - Photographer <a href=…Tickets are priced as follows: $8 for general admission, $5 for seniors, $3 for students (schools and colleges) and children. For tickets, please contact the PAC box office at 974-7310.”

Japan - Photographer <a href=Personally, I think this event is probably the best event that UH Hilo puts on each year.

Marshall Islands - Photographer <a href=If you can’t make it to both nights, at least try to get to one of them.

You can see the UH Hilo Calendar here for more information on this as well as other upcoming events..

Mid-East and Ireland

Photographer James Rubio took these pictures that I lifted from UH’s Site. You can view his blog of the 2008 event here.

Here is a youtube clip from last years performance:


The Hilo, Hawaii Goju Ryu Karate Club performing the kata Saifa followed by Saifa bunkai for the 2008 U of Hawaii International Night.

Yes this is NOT the traditional bunkai, its performance bunkai. A little more flashy, music, and a couple moves from the kata are done twice with different applications. Remember, bunkai is just one interpretation of the kata. One motion in the kata can represent multiple techniques. The bunkai you practice may be different than ours.

Tomorrow: Department of Parks and Recreation Announces Track Meets

Media Release

The Dept. of Parks and Recreation has scheduled its 2009 Track & Field program for
February 7 & 21, 2009, at both East and West Hawaii sites simultaneously. The
Konawaena High School Track Oval will be utilized for the West Hawaii meets, while
the site for the East Hawaii meets will be at the Keaau High School Track Oval.
February 7, 2009, will be for the Age Group Track and Field meet. February 21, 2009, will be the All Comers Track and Field meet. The exponent meet will not be used this year.
1. Participants will be limited to 3 events, one of which shall be a field event. Relays
are included in the events. Be sure chosen events are listed in participants
division. Any participant competing in excess of three events will automatically
be disqualified from those events.
2. Once again only registered coaches and athletes of individual events will be
allowed on the track once the meet begins. Coaches will be given passes to enter
the oval. Passes must be turned in once the meet is over. 5 passes maximum. 2
coaches per event.
Enclosed in packet are:
1. Entry forms for girls and boys for the Age Group and All Comers Meets.
2. Waiver forms, which can be duplicated, for each participant.
3. Reminders.
For more information please call Mason Souza at 961-8735 ext. 25, or email at
Packets can be accessed by going on-line:

The Department of Parks and Recreation will be hosting its annual track and field meets for youngsters 6 through 14 years of age. The schedule is as follows:
Age Group Track & Field meet
Dates: Saturday, February 7, 2009
Sites: West Hawaii – Konawaena High School track oval
East Hawaii – Keaau High School track oval
All Comers Track & Field meet
Dates: Saturday, February 21, 2009
Sites: West Hawaii – Konawaena High School track oval
East Hawaii – Keaau High School track oval
Time for both meets:
9:00 am – Start of field events
10:30 am – Approximate starting time for track events. Track & field
events will run simultaneously.
All students should check with their school first to see if a track program is offered.

For More Information,  Sign Ups and Coaches Meeting information click here.

Inaugural Prevent Bullying Rally Held at Pahoa Elementary… Pictures

Pahoa Elementary was 1 of only 2 schools in the entire state that had an “Inaugural Aloha Rally  to Prevent Bullying”.  It was  held this evening in the schools cafeteria.

There was plenty of assistance on hand for those needing parking.

11 year old Richard Hatori manned the upper parking lot

11 year old Richard Hatori manned the upper parking lot

Koliah Hatori, 11 and Trey Guerra, 13 man the crosswalks

Koliah Hatori (10) and Trey Guerra (13) man the crosswalks

Vice Principal, Catherine McPherson oversees the action

Vice Principal, Catherine McPherson oversees the action

Inside the cafeteria people filed in for a night of fun.

Principal Marilyn Quaccia signs people in

Principal Marilyn Quaccia signs people in

Audience listens intently

Audience listens intently

There were many people involved in making this event turn out to be a great success.

Couldn't do it without them

Couldn't do it without them

Sue Labrantz, Big Island Anti Bullying Coalition (purple and teal mumu)

Sue Labrantz, Big Island Anti Bullying Coalition (purple and teal muu muu)

Throughout the school you will see pledge cards placed all over that read:


A video was played that featured 20/20 stories as well as other information on bullying.


Different grade levels performed skits about bullying.



A good time was had by all and I hope the kids learned a thing or two about bullying.


Click on pictures below for a larger view:

Pahoa JV Basketball Team Starts Off Season Undefeated

Pahoa High Schools Junior Varsity team has won an impressive 8 games in a row staying unbeaten at the time of this blog.  Tonight is their homecoming game against St. Joseph.


Tonight they are playing the always tough St. Joseph Team:


The game was just tipping off when I got there.


The game was close in the first quarter.


I left at the beginning of the second quarter but there was still lots of basketball to be played.


St. Joseph has always been known as a fairly good basketball team, I wonder what the outcome of this game ended up being.  It did appear the St. Joseph was taking the lead, but anything can happen in basketball and there was a lot of time left on the clock.


Win or lose tonights game, it doesn’t really matter to me.  The kids are all winners and the fact that they have started off the season undefeated should be recognized.  Congratulations Dagger JV Basketball Team.

Kamehameha School Student “…Detention for What We Believe In.”

I’m wondering about this recent tweet I just got.

It’s from a purported Kamehameha Schools “Student” who recently started a Twitter account.

There has been controversy about the use of KSBE on Twitter and people Hi-jacking the name and logo, so I can not necessarily believe this purported Tweet.

Capsun posted this the other day:

“Yesterday, Kamehameha Schools had a problem on Twitter.  It wasn’t that they have only a couple dozen followers….”

Ian Lind blogged:

“Check out the war of words (or Tweets) that flared this month on between the official Kamehameha Schools persona (@KSNews) and a cyber squater that has grabbed onto a related name (@KSBE)…”

I just got a “Follower” on my Twitter account from someone using the Twitter Account: @KSBEstudent.

In this tweet he says:

No longer allowed to bring homelunch, dentetion for defending what we believe in.

The Next American Idol

My 4 year old wanted to sing a song for everyone so here it is:


Mainland High School Kid Wrestles Under False Name at Iolani Classic

…Crater High School’s Greg Haga, the architect of one of Oregon’s most successful prep wrestling programs, has been barred from coaching by the Oregon School Activities Association for the remainder of this school year and all of the next.

At a holiday tournament in Hawaii, Haga allowed an academically ineligible athlete to compete under a false name, District 6 Superintendent Randy Gravon said by phone Tuesday…

…The athlete in question, who was not identified, was academically ineligible to compete at the time of the incident and was awaiting the beginning of a new term before being allowed back. He is eligible now.

Athletes raised money to compete at the Iolani Invitational, held in Honolulu from Dec. 29-31. The athlete in question traveled with team — not expecting to wrestle but rather to take part in team functions, Gravon said. Once in Hawaii, Gravon said, Haga saw that the tournament was not being run according to strict standards, and he registered the athlete under a false name

More here

Hawaii Receives East Side Entrees that Could be Tainted With Salmonella

east_sideEast Side Entrees is recalling a single code date of Peanut Butter & Jelly Meal BREAKS because a 2.2 ounce packet of peanut butter within the product could be contaminated with salmonella. No illnesses have been reported, according to the Woodbury, N.Y., company.

The code date of the recalled product is Use By June 24, 09, and the UPC number is 006 93392 61402 5. It was distributed in California, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Hawaii and Pennsylvania to schools and food banks through distributors and direct delivery. For more information, consumers can call 516-682-5494….

Grass Itch Answers?

My son has a great time at his school.  Sometimes he just has too much fun.

There is a grass hill at his school and the kids like to roll down the hill.

Problem is that my son keeps getting small little grass cuts all over his body which is making him itchy.

I’ve told the teachers not to let him roll down the hills like that… but boys will be boys and it’s not like the teachers can keep an eye on him all the time.

Anyone have any solutions for “Grass Itch”?

Rotary Club of Honolulu and Palama Settlement Create ‘Giving’ Library

Reading is cool! That’s why 48 Honolulu Club Rotarians spent their Saturday (January 24) constructing bookshelves and sorting thousands of books recently donated to the Palama Settlement-7,000 to date.

“These books will soon be off the floors, out of boxes and onto shelves ready for kids to browse and read,” said Rotarian Kirk Hovious, coordinator of the construction project for the Rotary Club of Honolulu.

Everything about this hands-on Rotary Cares project is unique.

It’s the first library–and a dream come true–for Palama Settlement, a century-old community organization serving individuals and families in the Palama, Kalihi and Liliha neighborhoods of Oahu.

It’s “non-traditional”-books will be conveniently located throughout the Palama campus-children’s books on shelves near the preschool area, teen reads at the activity center for youth and literature of all sorts at the adult education center. And, it will be a “giving” library-you can keep the book if you want it.

The message is one of literacy.

“By spreading books out in different locations, we encourage people to take and use them and share them with others,” said Jan Harada, Palama Settlement executive director, who worked with Rotarians on the concept. “It just seemed more practical.”

The project is also a double win for Honolulu Club Rotarians. By doing the work themselves, the club qualifies for a $10,000 grant from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. This year the funds will go to Catholic Charities Hawaii for its senior citizens transportation program.

One More Lie to the Parenting “Black Book”

I think most parents know that we are liars when it comes to raising our kids.

Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.

I found a new one for me today.

I mentioned earlier how my son came down with tonsillitis.  His pediatrician put him on a liquid pediasure diet and meds until the swelling in his throat goes down.

Here lies the problem… my son kind of picked up some of my eating habits and one of those things… is that if you don’t like something… you’re not gonna eat it no matter how much everyone tells you it’s good.

I picked up some of the Strawberry flavored Pediasure as I was coming home from the Doctors.   The buggahs are like $16.99 for a 6-pack of little bottles.


So when I got home, I cracked open the Pediasure and I made the fatal mistake of calling it “Pediasure”.

My son doesn’t know what “Pediasure” is, but he sure made up his mind really quickly that he didn’t like and WAS NOT going to have it.  I got pretty frustrated because as any parent knows, they only want their child to get healthy.

He hasn’t been eating at all in the last 30 hours other then a little soup here and there so it’s really important the doctor said to make sure that he gets the Pediasure in his system because that will at least provide all the vitamins and nutrients that he’s missing out on cause he literally can’t eat right now.

It is kind of weird that when you feel bad, or have a headache, or a soar throat… that know matter how much you think you should eat… you don’t really have an appetite.

So here comes the lie.  I know my son will drink Nestles Strawberry Quick… so what did I friggin do… after he woke up from his nap, I told him I went to the store and picked up some Strawberry Quick.


Sure enough… The buggah was drinking it down like it was nothing.

The lies we tell our children… they aren’t all bad are they?

Montessori Kids Get to Lift Off Weather Balloon

Part of today’s science field trip included a trip to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Data Collection Center at the Hilo Airport.

Everyday around 1:00 a large weather balloon is released into the air with instruments attached to it that take pictures back at the earth.


As it gets closer to lift off time, the technician calls the Airport Control tower to make sure that there are no planes in the area or scheduled to take off or arrive.


The kids gathered around as the countdown got closer to lift-off.


A few brave kids volunteered to be the releasers and right on time, the kids released the balloon into the atmosphere.


Unfortunately, today’s wind took the balloon right into the path of the sun and I was not able to take pictures of it as it lifted into the atmosphere.

Once the balloon reaches the right altitude, it takes pictures of the earth and the data is sent back to an office on the ground.  That data is then sent to the mainland where the data is collected with other balloons that were lofted today.


Here is a quick youtube clip of one of the technicians explaining what goes on with the data as the balloon is rising.

Of course I had to ask what happens with the balloon and the data box once the balloon pops.  The technician then informed me that there were parachutes attached to the data boxes so that they would land softly where ever they land.


I enjoyed the learning experience and this was the first time I had ever seen one of these balloons lofted into the atmosphere.

Montessori Country Schools Imiloa Field Trip

The kids of Montessori Country School got a special field trip today to visit the Imiloa Astronomy Center today.


Upon entering the center, the kids were greeted and told a little about the center.


The kids are learning about the solar system in their classes now and the planetarium was the perfect place to take the kids to learn even more about the solar system.


Once the kids finished watching the planetarium show, they had lunch and then were free to roam the astronomy center.  Inside, the kids had a great time playing with the many experiments and gadgets the center had to offer, many took part in a another movie.


It was a great time had by all.  I’m the glad that the kids are able to have these field trips.  Because of the rising costs of many things these days, field trips are often one of the first things cut from budgets, yet they provide such great learning experiences!

The kids I were watching told me they were “holding up the world” before we left.


Click on picture below for larger version:

More Classic Hawaiian Sesame Street

Yesterday I found some old classic episodes of when Sesame Street was filming in Hawaii. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with these old clips of Sesame Street other then the fact that I probably watched them when I was younger and never thought anything about them. But now watching them as an adult I realize just how advanced Sesame Street truly was even back in the days!

Big Bird and Snuffleafugus do the hula:

And more with the Beamer Family:


For a complete look at all of these clips you can check out the guys youtube site here

Waiakea High School Kids Head to Obama Inauguration

A group of Waiakea High School students are on their way to Washington D.C. for the presidential inauguration. In one week, we will have a new president and a group of Waiakea High School students can hardly contain themselves…

More Here

Wonder if they will be traveling with Naeole :oops:


Camera… Check, Voice… Check, Genes… Missing

I adore my son so much.  I’m not much of a singer or musician so he must pull the gene on the wifes side.

Here we are… The Children of the World:


Pahoa Biology Students Create Mitosis Video Influenced by Weird Al Yankovich

I just noticed this youtube clip by a Pahoa High Schools Biology class instructed by Mr. Banta.

Its a cross between weird al and weird science!

I like it guys!

In under 2 minutes, you’ll understand Mitosis! Art by Mr. Banta’s biology classes at Pahoa High in Hawaii.”