Mayor Kenoi’s Office Responds to Bayfront Tourism Signage Problem

The other day I posted a commentary from Sonia Martinez about the Bayfront area and when tourist get off the ships.  Sonia received the following reply from the mayor’s office:

Hike Into Hilo 2

Hi, Sonia,
Mahalo for the op/ed piece on Damon Tucker’s site, and thanks for all of those rides you have been giving to the wandering visitors.

We’re working on it. The county recently received a preliminary notice of award of a $345,743 federal grant from the National Park Service to complete another portion of the ongoing Hilo Bayfront Trails project that should take care of the problem. This section of the trail will link the canoe halau area at bayfront with the Mooheau Bandstand area, with a side loop through the mauka side soccer fields.

This will be a 12-foot wide, divided concrete trail (to allow for bikes as well as pedestrians) with signage and landscaping, and should be mighty hard to miss. The trail will cross the existing Kamehameha Avenue/Pauahi Street intersection, so it should pick up all of the traffic from the ships regardless of whether folks are walking along the shoreline or the highway.

It won’t happen tomorrow, though. We’re using a combination of contractors and volunteer labor to save money, and construction is expected to take 15 months, There have apparently also been some delays in obtaining final grant approval from the federal government. I’ll ask the parks team if it makes sense to post temporary signs at some strategic spots in the meantime.

Thanks again for your interest.

Kevin Dayton
Executive Assistant to Mayor Billy Kenoi

Officials Looking at Highway 130 Today

I just drove by Highway 130 and Kapoho Road intersection near Pahoa High and Intermediate School and I noticed a bunch of folks on the side of the road.

H130 Pahoa Map

I parked my car at the school and then crossed the street to ask what they were doing as they were obviously looking at the intersection and many of them had safety vests on.

At first I thought it was all State workers but then I noticed Kevin Dayton from Mayor Kenoi’s Office and I asked him what was going on.

State and County officials were looking at Highway 130 this afternoon.

State and County officials were looking at Highway 130 this afternoon.

Dayton said that the group was looking at the entire 9.5 miles of Highway 130.  He also once again mentioned the round-a-bout at Malama Market intersection and then mentioned something briefly about the Ainaoloa Intersection but I didn’t quite catch what he said.

I’m not sure why the State was looking at the Highway…. AGAIN!

I was with the KPAG group of COMMUNITY MEMBERS that did the Highway tour thing with State Officials a few years ago:  A Field Tweet Down Highway 130

Kevin Dayton Resigns From Mayor Kenoi’s Office to Return to Journalism

Mahalo Kevin Dayton for all your hard work with the Mayors Office and thanks for asking Tiffany and I to help start up the Opala in Paradise group.

Media Release:

Kevin Dayton, executive assistant to County of Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi, has resigned from his county position to return to a newspaper reporting position with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Kevin Dayton

Kevin Dayton interviews a member of the Hawaii Ocean View Estates community

Dayton, 52, served in the Kenoi administration for nearly three years. His responsibilities included communications and special projects. Before joining the Kenoi administration, Dayton was a reporter and bureau chief for The Honolulu Advertiser for 16 years, and was a reporter for the Hawaii Tribune-Herald for four years.

Kevin Dayton

Kevin Dayton worked hard on his off time helping clean up the islands garbage

“I would like to thank Mayor Kenoi for giving me an opportunity to develop new skills, to work with his excellent staff, and serve the mayor and the residents of the County of Hawaii for the past three years,” Dayton said.

Kevin Dayton

Making sure the camera is just perfect

“Kevin has been a valued member of our executive team, and he will be missed,” Mayor Kenoi said. “We all appreciate his many contributions to our administration, and we wish him success in his new job.”

Kevin and I carry remove an illegally dumped couch on one of our Opala in Paradise Cleanups

Kevin and I carry remove an illegally dumped couch on one of our Opala in Paradise Cleanups

Dayton will be be assigned to cover the Honolulu mass transit project for the Star-Advertiser.

A Big Screen TV, A Barbeque Grill, and a Pig… Sounds Like Fun!

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton

Deputy Environmental Management Director Hunter Bishop, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Kevin Dayton and I remove a huge television from a pull-off on the Puaianako Extension (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the first Opala in Paradise clean up and it was quite successful!  About 10 folks showed up to participate in this clean up..

Kevin Dayton,  an Executive Assistant to the Mayor’s Office suggested that the first site that we tackle as a group was a corridor along the Puainako extension that he and his son often work to clean up on… but recently it’s just gotten out of control.

The first site we tackled was about 3 or 4 miles up Puainako where Kevin knew there was a big screen TV and some glass that needed to be cleared out.

I was pleased to see Hunter Bishop from the Department of Environmental Management show up on his own time using his own truck… but what was even more hilarious… was watching both Kevin Dayton and Hunter Bishop getting down and straight up nasty with a dead pig carcass that needed to be removed.

You can just look at the expression on their faces as to how stink this dead pig carcass was!

After the pig was moved to a place where it would rot away without stinking up site too much, we then were able to pick up about a half a barrel of broken glass.

We drove down Puainako a bit and at the next pull off we tackled, we found all sorts of stuff including a barbecue grill that looked like with a little fixing up… it might still be usable.

We were fortunate to have folks like Ed Miner from Kolohe Auto Repair come out and volunteer his truck and time for this project.

I was pretty amazed at some of the stuff that was just dumped on the side of the road.  Everything from a set of tires to condoms to dead animal parts.  My mom found this skull.

All together we cleaned up about four pull offs and the area right next to Puainako and Komohana Street in about two hours of time.

I’d like to thank the following folks for showing up.  From the County, Kevin Dayton, Hunter Bishop and Bobby Jean Leithead Todd.  Individuals Starsha Young, Larry and Diane Czerwonka,  Ed Miner, Kevin Dayton’s son and his friends as well as my mom Su Tucker.

Need tires? Kevin Dayton sits on a pile of four tires pulled out at the corner of Komohana and Puainako Street (Photo Courtesy of Starsha Young)