Video: When Donkeys Fly… The Kona Waikoloa Nightingales and Update From Mainland Ranch

After a year of planning and hard work, 119 Waikoloa Nightingales, wild Donkeys, were rounded up and taken to Kona Airport.

There they were put into special crates, 6 donkeys per crate, and flown to LAX then transported to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.

Here are some youtube clips I have come across of the removal process:


Fast forward on this next one to the :20 second mark for the beginning of it:


Keith Dane wrote a thanks you letter to the folks of the Big Island that included the following thoughts on the transfer:

Dear Waikoloa Donkey Project supporter,

I wanted to provide you with an update on the great news from Hawaii – and California – about the success of our donkey rescue and rehoming project thus far.  To date, nearly 400 donkeys have been removed from harm, spared from the threat of starvation or lethal eradication – with over half placed in loving homes in Hawaii, and 119 transported to California, where Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue will care for them while they await adoption or transfer to permanent sanctuary, at Eagle Eye Sanctuary in Northern CA and HSUS’s Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in TX…

…In less than two days, on August 27th and 28th, 165 donkeys in total were processed, including 98 castrated jacks and 67 jennies.  They were treated for parasites, checked for health concerns, and those bound for CA were microchipped and had blood drawn for Coggins tests (a requirement for entry into the state).  The clinic went extremely smoothly, with a well-prepared team in place including over two dozen local volunteers and the vet/tech team from CA, which was happy to have had the opportunity to help with the project.

Following a couple weeks’ rest/recovery period, a total of 119 donkeys (77 jacks and 42 jennies) were transported to CA last weekend, on September 16th.  A massive caravan of trucks and trailers carted them safely to Kona International Airport (where they were loaded by groups of 6 into large animal crates for boarding onto the aircraft) and were met –  following an uneventful flight – at LAX by a similar caravan orchestrated by Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  The entire group is settling into their new surroundings, where they’ll await adoption to good forever homes, or transfer to sanctuary…

More here: Mahalo Letter from Keith Dane, HSUS

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